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  2. It's been decades since any retail business in the US checks signatures. That is obsolete in the US. Some business ask to see one's ID to make sure it is the same name as the name on the card, but that is all. I never sign the back of credit cards or any type of bank card in the US. Once I lost a credit card. Someone got a hold of it and made some charges. I reported this to the cc company. They were suspicious of me asking for a refund, because they compared the signature of those transactions with my signature for legit purchases and the scammer had taken the time to try to match my signature which I had signed on the back of the card. That was the last time I signed a card.
  3. They already taxed me on my income so I don't expect to pay anymore tax from interest earnings. Anyway interest rates here are peanuts, I would put my money somewhere else or invest if I have that much.
  4. I don't need your pity REALLY, if you want enlightenment (and I use that word loosely) give up the fantasy, the Universe and beyond is fascinating, it doesnt "care" about you at all, get used to it. Facts dont care what you "believe"
  5. Wow - that was a quick response - thanks Joe. I think that maybe I could do it in Yangon but the attraction of Savannakhet, Liverpool & London is that they do not ask for proof of funds or income. Looking at the link you sent it would seem that they may need some sort of "financial statement". I guess I need to find that out at the embassy in Yangon. PhuketShrew
  6. Yeah, I was thinking about that. Just wondering if the current temperatures are to high for it.
  7. If you decide to send your suitcase as freight, prepare for all kinds of drama with Thai customs. Seriously, that should be your last option. The Vientiane option with heavy luggage is never going to be hassle free. Although time consuming, if you do decide to minimise risk by using Vientiane, I would suggest crossing the border on the train. That involves very limited distances where you need to hump your luggage, and no need to try to get your cases on and off the Friendship Bridge bus. In theory, you could use an air courier to transport your luggage in person, but that is extremely expensive, even just from Vientiane to Bangkok.
  8. Did Ben Foden deliver the City teamsheet to the ref?
  9. Of course you cannot blame the politicians directly. But I do wonder how many of them, both for and against, explained the ramifications of Brexit on the Irish border to the electorate BEFORE the referendum took place. I doubt if many, if any did, especially the Brexit campaigners.
  10. america was even nearer,along with the majority of europe including the UK,that crisis has has very little to do with the EU,UK and brexit,all recovered more or less equally.
  11. I am soon to apply for the yearly extension to my retirement visa. Last year for the first time ever, I turned up at the immigration office and was told I would need a medical certificate to go with all the other paperwork which was all correct. Has anyone had to supply one of these recently? I might add it added 900 Baht to the process because it has to be done at the hospital and a chest xray formed part of the medical, hence the cost, anyhow never mind the cost, it was all the last minute running about that did my head in, especially after me checking with them the previous week as to the current requirement at which time they never mentioned the medical. I am hoping I don't have to do it this time.
  12. Back on 18.00 hrs Suthep. john
  13. "Outgoing" my backside. Who comes up with this nonsense?
  14. Well, here the three submarines would come in handy - if they had been delivered already.
  15. … and with a Thai person. That makes a lot of requirements
  16. That reminds me of one of my favorite movies when I was a little younger...
  17. not sure how you can say short term as the next GE could still be 2 years away then another 4-5 years of chaos at the very least,as for the EU it will out live the majority of posters on this forum,again i ask when are you expecting another nation to leave and when are you expecting the whole thing come tumbling down,an orderly disintegration would take 6-10 years imo from the day it was voted for/agreed to,so bearing in mind there isnt a sniff or a sketch of a plan to start the process you can add 5-10 years on to the 6-10,you can continue dreaming/hoping but thats the reality of the situation.
  18. Just back on here in nimman neighborhood
  19. There use to be a (very) small annual tax to be paid on land. Sometimes its frozen and paid only when land is transferred. Property tax, as known from many countries, have been suggested, but yet not finalized and imposed. The recent talk I've seen was about... Source: NEW PROPERTY TAX RATES PASSED BY THAI ASSEMBLY by Khaosod.
  20. Would you settle for a black and white bull from the grey Umfolozi river?
  21. Actually what's destroying conversation is most people are bloody boring. Escaping to the fake world of internetz is much more entertaining.
  22. This could have been written by Chad himself, not implying that it was but it is a possibility.
  23. You should be able to get a multiple entry non-o visa based upon marriage at the embassy in Yangon. Contact them about it. Info can be found here about a non-o visa. http://www.thaiembassy.org/yangon/en/services Getting another visa type or a visa exempt entry would not affect getting anonther non-o visa in Savannakhet.
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