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  2. I was told that when I finish my non-imm b, they will change it to an non o, without having to leave the country, as long as I have 400k I'm the bank and s letter of contact ending.
  3. Those idiots you mentioned were sent by your Govt. They are Brits. You start a stupid issue: WE against the Brussel's elite. That is nonsense. Your people are part of the Union and are part of all decisions in Brussel's.
  4. What the new PM could say, and what he could do, is a lot different. If any new PM could garner support for a no-deal right now, parliament would block it again.
  5. Well just wait and see how long it takes for the authorities to increase the fee to 1000 baht. Sent from my SM-C710F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. A reenactment is planned. Good. put him in place of her , tied up and on fire and see what he thinks.
  7. Good heavens! What happened to her chest? She's top-heavy. Is that why she's lying down? did she fall over?
  8. Urologist wouldn’t do a CT scan with me because he said 1 out of every 200 patients end up getting cancer from the high radiation levels from the scan, I can only get MRI on my pelvis, prostate and bladder. well at least your not giving up, I hope your wife is supportive, a lot of guys in your position would of jumped off the balcony by now but it’s good your trying to fix this. I do eat turmeric everyday and high antioxidant foods, foods that have an anti inflammatory properties, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, ginger, turmeric, fruit etc .. not sure if it helps or not though. I have flights booked to go to Bangkok on July 12, hopefully I’ll get the MRI before I leave. I’ll try and enjoy myself and take my mind off this pelvic stuff and have fun with the ladies with no pain hopefully, I’ll have a PT session before I go. If good news for all of us I’ll drink a cold chang to celebrate.
  9. To be fair they have not decided which camp to join. In Parliament this morning, the PPRP tried to postpone the election of the Parliament speaker because they have not got the Dem and BJT on board. However I shared your disgust with the Dem for their past alliance with the military. I hope they realized their folly and betrayal of their supporters now but I have very little confidence with them not bowing to the Prayut coalition.
  10. Thank you for making the remainer attitude so clear..... You used to be a decent remain poster pre the brexit result (IIRC). Has someone taken over your account?
  11. Could someone please translate the audio in the video "Wa Thang Kai Kap" etc.? Would really appreciate it. Curiosity, and I'm not a cat, thank you.
  12. It was a sarcastic comment. No need to spend how much time to post all those. Even I understand that between making attacks on Trump congress does pass some legislation.
  13. best would have been to make a u-turn somewhere flat if the u-turn is the issue. However, to me it seems a u-turn would have left the truck on the far side. My guess is that he misjudged the slant when driving in and could not accelerate fast enough to pull the trailer up
  14. Had mine broken in December. Yes they say it will not be 100% until 6 weeks. Thats why god made crutches and walkers for, <deleted>.
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  16. The fanciful nomenclature and faux mystique ensures a higher return for the vendor.
  17. Has anyone made anything half decent from local produce? Any shops where you can buy home brewing stuff?
  18. I understand recently there was an agreement between Barnier and Brits - without altering the WAG - to amend the political statement in respect of the Irish backstop to ensure the UK was not held in the customs union indefinitely. Possibly, a technical solution. If that is the case, it would make it far easier for the new PM to get WAG through parliament.
  19. I'm inclined to partly agree. But bear in mind that the 'youngsters' have absolutely no experience of life, or knowledge of how things worked pre eu. You can pretty much guarantee that many of them are still worried about how leaving the eu will affect their holidays .
  20. I'm in two minds re Boris. McVeigh, Mordant or Leadsum might surprize us but I wouldn't trust any of the blokes except perhaps Raab (but only if pushed). There is no stand-out leader in British politics at the moment and that is what is needed.
  21. Regarding the Price of Wine in Thailand: I really do enjoy - (love) - a glass (or three?) of decent wine. I refuse to buy it here in Thailand at their inflated prices. But - - if the rate of tax per bottle was dropped then I would start to buy some good wine. The Thai authorities would reap more in tax revenue because more wine would be bought. As it is, the price makes wine a prohibitive luxury item. Drop the expensive price (through reducing tax) and sell more wine and make more money in tax revenue. Geddit???
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