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  2. Jeez, sometimes you just have to open your mouth and stare in disbelief.
  3. Latest story in the (Liberal) Financial Review - Morrison's supporters were "Christians, non-university educated voters in lower income brackets" - the "Trump Australians" - https://www.afr.com/news/politics/national/scomo-wins-the-trump-australians-20190521-p51pia (probably behind a paywall)
  4. Was this a referendum on Trump? The Australian markets soared yesterday. People with money are more conservative, even the clinton loving internet billionaires....get used to it. He's buddies with Trump, too..might be kind of handy if Mohamed comes calling.
  5. Minimum cost from PEA 1) Single-phase 5(15)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 728 baht 2) Single-phase 15(45)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 4,621.5 baht 3) Single-phase 30(100)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 12,383 baht 4) Three-phase 15(45)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 16,004.5 baht 5) Three-phase 30(100)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 38,754 baht Though if you do not have 3 phase 220V outside your property you may have to pay for a transformer and cables and that can quickly reach into the hundreds of thousands. You will need a new 3 phase CU as you can't just reconfigure a single phase one.
  6. Probably was getting up the backside from the LB which is a massive risk Yes, he thought he obtained it from beef injections. But, the concern I guess would also be his activity with the BR workers and the possibility that he spread it.
  7. We like Thai Union canned tuna fish and are glad the whole fish is now being utilised. Thai Union's catch is skipjack tuna, a smaller fish with a short life cycle. That means little mercury contamination, though I'd like to see some numbers. Great for cooking, tuna sandwiches. We also like Ayam brand packed in EVOO is also skipjack. Villa doesn't have it, only some Tops. We'd sure like to see some of that wild tuna Omega-3 capsules on sale here!
  8. Why doesn't the Thai government just come out with a medical scheme they tried in 2014, or there abouts. It was a medical scheme for long stay expats and foreign workers using government hospitals . I think the conditions of joining was having a Yellow Book and you paid a one off fee after taking a medical including a chest xray. The government scrapped it some months later. Now I can't see why they can't reintroduce this again as a condition of living here. At the time I thought it was a brilliant idea.
  9. I'm not superstitious, but if I were in the market for a boat, I most certainly wouldn't consider that one. I remember the incident, but I hadn't realized until now that the captain and all the crew escaped unharmed!!! How the dickens does that happen? Passengers go down with the boat they they get away!?!?!
  10. They will let the Chinese to develop Sihanoukville above Pattaya and then nationalize it all
  11. About two weeks ago my long time gf received a phone call at 3am from an extended family member. The police stopped him on the way to work to another province and something was wrong and they only wanted to let him go against cash. So he called my gf, she asked me, and because I have a good heart I transferred 5,000B to the guy a couple of minutes later. He promised he will pay it back the next day. And the next day he promised he will pay it back end of the week. And then end of the next week. And now it's the end of the month. My gf calls him basically every day and everyday she talks nice to him. She is very upset herself about the situation because she promised me that this guy is reliable and sure would pay the money back... Now, after she was for about two weeks nice to him I asked her about other options. I.e. she should call him and tell him she will ask the rest of the family if they can help him to pay the money back. The idea is to shame him so that he is motivated to pay it back. But my gf thinks that is a bad idea. She tells me with pressure he will never pay it back. And I think without pressure it seems he also does not pay it back. I don't like 5,000B less in my pocket but it's not a financial problem. But obviously I still want it back. What is your experience? How did you motivate people to pay money back? Asking nice? Pressure? What worked? And yes, I know I shouldn't have done it. My gf does not work and I don't really blame her. I said yes and I knew it was my risk.
  12. Many condos in Pattaya also are allowing this all to occur but there is a reason. It brings in a lot of foot traffic and potential buyers. The Base is an example in Pattaya 1,000 rooms. Juristic told me as the Chinese and other ST renters came in many liked the place and have either been interested in, or have purchased units. Great marketing strategy actually.
  13. You are just piling cluelessness upon cluelessness. An Usufruct gives the right to use the property (including land). It does not give the right to own the land. The land, if inherited, needs to be sold. However, given the difficulty of finding someone to buy the land where someone has an Usufruct over it can be problematic. The land probably will be sold for a fraction of its value without an Usufruct. You have suggested no rational grounds upon which family (close or otherwise) could contest the will.
  14. Yes, I have a devil of a job to try and find old posts and threads and when I look at my avatar name, "xylophone" to try and find previous posts, I can only uncover two previous pages and that's it! Jeez, that will be a turn up for the book, although I have seen some Montclair branded wines in store from the likes of Australia's McLaren Vale and so on, and initially they were too highly priced, but I see they have come down in price a little. However they may have a problem with the brand, inasmuch as they will be trying to market a more upmarket wine on the brand-name "Montclair" which was always associated with a low quality fruit wine?
  15. Who decides what questions are featured in this section? Seems like this question is asked pretty well every other day and the answers remain the same. Don't people read other posts on the topic before opening a new post. its getting boring guys - lets have some new topics/questions
  16. Possible Intel about influence of this f****er's family background
  17. Far from a fan of that dummy Prayut, but anything will be better than letting any surrogate of Satan Thaksin back into power. An utterly repulsive figure, whose maxim in life has always been everything for myself and nothing for others.
  18. I just checked for my country: 678 people died in traffic in 2018. That means during the accident or in the following 30 days as a result of the accident. Thailand: 6129 dead in less than half a year (probably counted as died during the accident)...
  19. Hmmm, strange, i would disagree, her country is much safer than here, crime and road carnage is out of control here, not to mention violent gangs of youths, sure sth africa has its areas, but those areas are not advertised as a holiday area and there are warnings where to go and where not to go, i have family and friends in sth africa, they have no problems, beautiful beaches also, they have pride in their country. but thailand is supposed to be LOS all over, i find they have no pride or cleanliness, just greed and corruption and crime.
  20. when you move into an apt you take photos of everything with date stamp and lodge them with owner. when you leave you do exactly the same. This solves ALL problems. I would just ignore this tool and go on with your life.
  21. I'm a staunch Patriot & Leaver and proud to be so. I'm nit going anywhere, but here do you think I should be "away" to? The EU membership deal we still have is the one that the majority of the electorate has voted to reject. It is obviously not the best for us, but as an outsider you wouldn't even begin to understand that. There's no self harm here for the UK, but will it harm the economy of your own country? I don't really care it if does, but lots of Europhiles and Federasts do.
  22. Hi! Here is my favourite Tom Yum recipe: Ingridients: 1 quart low sodium organic chicken broth 2 stalks lemongrass 1 inch peeled galangal or ginger root, sliced 3 wild lime leaves 1 tomato cut into wedges 1/2 pound white button mushrooms, washed and cut 1/2 pound de-veined shrimp 2 tablespoons fish sauce 1 tablespoon chili-garlic sauce 1 lime juiced 2 chilies, stemmed, seeded and chopped 4 tablespoons cilantro leaves, chopped Steps: Step 1 Bring the chicken broth with added 2 cups of water to a boil over medium heat. Add galangal( or ginger) root, lemongrass and lime leaves. Reduce heat to medium-low, add the tomatoes and mushrooms then simmer about 4 minutes. Step 2 Place lime juice, minced chillies and cilantro leaves into a serving bowl Step 3 Add the shrimp or (cooked chicken) and cook until pink about 2 minutes Step 4 Stir in the fish sauce and chili-garlic sauce. Pour the soup into the bowls and serve This recipe I took from here: tom yum soup Enjoy)
  23. Thailand needs to start a Mayor Giuliani approach and start handing out fines for every infraction. Hardly anyone signals here. There's cars double and triple parked. I'd start dinging everyone for everything.
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