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  2. Fine; let's cross that one off the list. Only sixteen more to go.
  3. Looks like it will be played in terrible weather which doesn't fill me with confidence. What's the Gauntlet Rip?
  4. Why the hell would BJ need to collude with the US Embassy. He is not under arrest, or under court orders so presumably like any other Thai is able to submit an application for a VISA. Being head of the immigration in Thailand prior to his removal is a fairly high profile position in Thailand. I see no reason why BJ would not easily fulfill all requirements to allow him to be given a VISA to travel. How can anyone give you any comment on your friend when no one has a clue about them. People get denied VISAS to the US and all countries regularly. How the hell would anyone know why your friend was denied.
  5. I didn't ask directly, but everything I've read indicates that you lose your visa.
  6. What are you trying to reply to?
  7. We shall see. I think Bernie is the one and he loses by a wide margin.
  8. from my experience it DID NOT have to be same day . but i think we always have to acknowledge that there are times when the "unexpected" happens at immig. I never had a problem and think I usually got the letter and update day before I went. Also, things move faster lately at CM . This too could change , but reports from others here seem to say all goes much quicker if all is in order.
  9. "Among the most pressing issues awaiting the new government will be U.S. President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Trump's senior adviser Jared Kushner said on Wednesday it would be unveiled once the new Israeli government is in place and after the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, which ends in early June. The plan, Kushner said, would require compromise by all parties." Two things really obvious here! Firstly, Trumps "peace plan" is only intended to give the zionists ALL of Palestine and will never end the Israeli occupation. Secondly, as Kushner said, the plan would require compromise by all parties. But the zionists want they can steal ALL of Palestine and give the Palestinians nothing in return! Just like with every other farcical "peace plan", it is the Israelis who need to compromise!
  10. Not allowed to reply? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. The Democrats are only DOA if they embrace a candidate that isn't much different than the Republican candidate; like Biden.
  12. What's the chances someone doesn't know about this and thinks the world has gone crazy when asked?.............next it will be please register which hand you wipe your backside with before using the public toilets
  13. Every time I post information about immigration everyone asks what office. It is simple courtesy to list the office and makes Thai Visa more accurate and efficient and less of a rumor mill. I think it should be a requirement for any post about immigration information (my opinion).
  14. My understanding is that turmeric is not readily "bio available"; that is, the compounds in turmeric break down too quickly to be of value. There are studies that purport that adding black pepper, which contains the alkaloid piperine which inhibits the metabolic breakdown of turmeric compounds. Furthermore, fats and and oils added will facilitate absorption from the gut. I make a daily concoction using turmeric, black pepper and olive oil, adding boiling water. It's not unpleasant. I'm not neither a doctor or scientist, and can't offer evidence, but in my subjective experience after using this for two years, I no longer experience any discernible pain from inflammation in my knees and hips, something I've struggled with for years.
  15. I agree with that. Started to swing from South last week, but sort of stalled. Couple off weeks from South West then rains will start.
  16. 55Jay


    Are you suggesting Thais could be small brained and possibly racist? They are universally wonderful people and if you say anything to the contrary, you are the small brained racist. How could you say anything bad about these people? Look how lovely they are, always doing that thing with their hands, sweet gibberish language, always laughing and smiling, even when they rip you off or are being rude to you, they're sooooo nice about it!
  17. Research the "long con". I'd say run, but there's always an exception to every rule.
  18. I have been in Jomtien for 1-year retirement extension a few days ago and I asked when I can visit them to show the money in the bank as I will not be in Thailand on the due date in July. They simply said "LATER, when you come back", without any reference about fines or how many days later is allowed (you know the attitude they have in this office when you ask something....). My problem as some people already exposed is that I have a Kasikorn fixed deposit and the bank told me that it is not possible to get it updated every time (see a new printed out line), but I think a letter from the bank stating that the money is still there will be ok. For this reason, I think a normal book bank is better than a Fixed deposit for this issue. I can imagine the chaos in Jomtien with this new report as if today they have an average of "maybe" 200 1-year visas a day, later on, they will have to handle 400 people on the same day due to the 200 new money in the bank reports, and you know how small Jomtien office is. Regards
  19. Passport and wallet and it's across the border to Malaysia; only a 90 minute taxi drive to Alor Setar airport. It was the way I got to work when they occupied the airports.
  20. I am not familiar with all of the purposes, but for those that I do know, I believe you need documentation. That includes family support, education, payment for goods and services. Can "personal expenses" be transferred without documentation?
  21. Same here. I left CM, but not because of any new rules, but because of the pollution. I'm in Phuket at the moment, and completed a retirement extension with no problems.
  22. I looked it up on residency without marriage. Quick answer -- FORGET ABOUT IT.
  23. Anyone see any lemons around recently besides Rimping?
  24. My SMS says Social Security Administrator has transferred THB xxxxxx(USD xxxxxxxx - THB200.00) from abroad into my account XXXXXXXX is the 200 baht a charge from SS or Bangkok Bank?
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