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  2. I was talking about faux concern, as appears in your posts. The media's job is to report, not to be "really concerned". And yes, I get it the new deflection talking point is "the media". What about this. What about that. This topic is about HK. It's happening now, it's news, it gets covered. HK, by virtue of being a business hub, plus the China association garners more attention than other places. Nothing special about that. Didn't notice you were all that "concerned" about freedom and human rights media coverage when the Uighur issues were discussed. Funny that.
  3. And I totally agree. And for everybody reading this, please note, from the OP "Police used tear gas after some protesters threw Molotov cocktails and bricks and others tore...". Yes, police used tear gas after some protesters threw Molotov cocktails and bricks.
  4. it looked like there was stuff open last time i was in that area...
  5. It might be funny to make light of this now, but I would be seriously concerned if it happened to me. Someone, for some reason was scoping you out, whether it's for the purposes of burglary or some other nefarious purposes, I can guarantee you that it's not for something that you want to happen. Make an official report and increase your home security as much as you deem reasonable. I would put up some fake cameras with flashing LEDs and get a big dog.
  6. Only if you start your career with some BBQ chicken you'll have to prepare and sell with your Thai wife. And then.......
  7. Sounds quite professionally executed, compared to most news reports of similar attempts. And quite a haul at 60M.
  8. As I thought Poch is hanging Ericksen out to dry over this contract stuff. There’s no way he shouldn’t be in this starting side. Btw is that Andi Peters at left back ?
  9. And the "big money attempt to provoke the central Chinese administration to revoke the relative autonomy of Hong Kong", where do people reckon this money is from ? Who is the "real power" behind the demonstrations ? And, "The only people gonna lose in the poor traders in HK". This, I think, is very unfortunately true.
  10. You can only get an O-A from a Consulate in the US. I believe you can get an -O in a Consulate in a nearby country.
  11. Your very funny but I won't engage. There is no such thing as a "retirement visa" Enjoy dreamworld.
  12. Does your mate have four times the fun you have?
  13. Married, single, age? Which Visa do you require, O or O-A?
  14. The trend down started in earnest in 2004. And can most likely be explained by demographics, as is the case in most countries.
  15. Unless she has PR (or applying for PR), which she doesn't from the sound of it, then no.
  16. Non-immigrant O based on retirement, O-A and O-X. That's three. Many Thai don't have a clue about this and the woman OP mentioned didn't understand that the insurance are only for O-A. Maybe you can't read or don't understand what the OP was about.
  17. On their website it is indicating various unit layouts. Studios and 1&2 bedrooms from 25 till 80 sqm.
  18. If by They you are referring to the police officer who later lost his posting? No, because the follow up raids in that place found illegal sex work, didn't it? How does that relate to the point at hand? There are other Countries with corruption yet they manage to lower their death toll on roads. I still can't understand what corruption has to do with starting somewhere to begin the long jounrey to getting people to find that so many deaths per years is not acceptable.
  19. Bing Crosby the actor's house on a designer's tour in Hillsborough, California. I could hardly believe my eyes.
  20. I've covered a lot of your queries for applying for SETV from the London Thai Embassy on my own thread @baz69er and how I got around a lot of the requirements. In short, you don't need to supply an actual paid-for-flight confirmation, as I only supplied a quoted price confirmation with my name on it and still got my SETV. So long as the dates fall in line within the 60-days they won't question it. For more details, have a thorough read of my own thread. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1118112-my-guide-to-online-e-visa-applications-via-london-thai-embassy-60-day-setv-by-post/#comments I notice you didn't say how you intend to go about getting a SETV, whether that be from the London Thai Embassy or by a consular in person? Using the online process you first need to give them an address where you're staying as part of the application process. In your case it's a girlfriend's address, so you'll need to supply an invitation letter. The Supporting Documents state that if you don't have a hotel booking confirmation, then you need to supply an "invitation letter from family/friends in Thailand" of where you're intending staying. Again, I cover this in some detail on my own thread with regards to having only booked a 2-night hotel stay for the first few days. Where I go after, they're not concerned about. I got my SETV without having an actual flight booked (again see my own thread) but the only drawback I see about extending beyond the 60-days is the onward flight, which you're intending to do. It'll be down to the airline you choose whether they let you board if you don't have a return flight. Some will, some won't. But I'm sure you're aware of all that as you're a seasoned traveller.
  21. It's been through the Courts on numerous occasions. When it has reached the SC, they have always upheld born on US soil, you are a US citizen by birth. The courts have upheld that if you are born on a boat in US waters, you are a US citizen. If you are born on an Airplane in US airspace, you are a US citizen. And you can stop with the 'subject to the jurisdiction' line because anyone, with the exception of diplomats, IS subject to US law on US soil. Attempts at amending the birthright law have always faced a bipartisan failure and that is, in part, due to the fact that the politicians knew it would be challenged and would not upheld. Also, take a look into the situation with regard to Canada. Thousands of Canadian children have been and still are being born in the US. In the past the lack of hospitals/medical services in some of the rural areas, meant many crossed the border to give birth. Those children are all US citizens -- as determined by the Courts. People can talk all they want about the situation, but the point is the 14th Amendment is pretty clear and you're probably going to have to repeal and replace it. Courts are not generally inclined to reverse previous precedence. I am not particularly fussed one way or the other on the issue. Birthright citizenship has been altered in several countries. However, if you want to change it, just like the 2nd Amendment, you need to go through the legal process.
  22. The OP's desperation is really starting to show...
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