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  2. There is no limit. The UK doesn't have exchange controls. You will need to state the source of funds. Some UK banks may require to speak to the sending account holder before transferring this amount as a standard fraud prevention practice. You will have to declare the source of the funds.
  3. I totally agree that is most likely what happened. It also probably had nothing to do with the card being same day. I'm not going to hold a grudge. Their dish is too good for that, and no I'm not going to say which stall because they might be seen as naming and shaming, and even if that was OK to do, I wouldn't want to in this case.
  4. This is an old thread ... but for information my recent experience. I recently tested transferring Canadian $ from Canada to Thailand in Thai baht ( 65,500 Thai baht) to a Thai bank. The TransferWise fee was $28.05 Cdn. I conducted this such that there were no Canadian bank fees for this. The exchange rate was the 'spot' rate (i.e. best possible, 1/2 way between buy/sell). I have a Bangkok Bank Thai baht account, and also have a "premium" bank account with Bank of Montreal (i.e. BMO in Canada) in Canadian $, and I also have a TransferWise borderless account. I have TransferWise setup in my BMO account as a potential bill payment item. I have read TransferWise use BMO for their banking services. In my Transferwise Borderless account I initiated a transfer of Canadian$ to Thai Baht (to my Bangkok Bank account) of 65,500 Thai baht. The Spot exchange rate was 1 CAD = 23.76891 THB. In my BMO account I paid 2,783.75 CAD as a "bill payment", where upon receipt TransferWise subtracted $28.05 from that as their fee. Two days later, 65,500 was deposited in my Bangkok Bank account labelled as an "international transfer". There were no Canadian BMO nor Bangkok Bank fees. I deliberately selected 65,500 thai baht for this 'test' as it is representative of a 'monthly' income deposit from Canada. I believe for very large transfers of money (say $25,000 CDN or more) then a simple Cdn bank to Thai bank transfer may be better than TransferWise, but for something smaller like the 65,500 Thai baht ($2,755.70 before the $28.05 fee) then a service like TransferWise works well IMHO - and I believe is likely cheaper than bank only transfers.
  5. Money & power is n.1 here.. Really, i never heard that it was any different in other countries. Thailand will follow exactly the same steps of the "more developed" countries, that doesn't mean it will be perfect. The point i'm trying to make is, to get a better service, you need to pay more, i thought that was difficult to understand for some Thais, now i realise that it's difficult to understand for some foreigners too.
  6. never though i would say it, but i enjoyed the morgue
  7. I could be wrong, in fact I usually am, but I once heard that King Cobras only eat other snakes
  8. Actually it is possible to apply for a work permit with a visa exempt entry but it will not be issued until he has a non immigrant visa entry (category B). When the application is accepted and approved they will do a work permit application approval letter. Then it is possible to a apply for a 90 day non immigrant visa (category B) entry at a immigration office. That is what his new employer seems to be implying he should do.
  9. They probably made a mistake, tried to correct it, failed and didn't own up to it. Anything else is far less likely, and it would also explain their weird behavior.
  10. Sure, if you're going back anyway. To make special trips for that would be very expensive. May make more sense to go Elite.
  11. No no I need a strong Baht - am off on holiday to Europe soon !
  12. Yes! but he only wanted to borrow it
  13. Even Thais have to pay bribes. My Thai wife was educated at Stanford in the US and runs a multi-million dollar stem cell and anti-aging chain in Thailand. She has to pay bribes constantly to other Thais. This is how it works. Most of the medicine she uses is imported from the US and Germany because quality control in Thailand is absolutely horrid. Even Thais won't use or buy medicine that is made in Thailand. No one with an ounce of brainpower would touch medicine made in Thailand. It simply isn't' safe. How do you think the Thais get all this farang medicine into Thailand????? Custom bribes buddy. Who do you think the richest people in Thailand are? They all work at Thai customs. You hands down must pay for protection in Thailand regardless of being Thai or farang. The same rules apply to ALL business owners. Both my wife and I graduated from the number 1 University in the world: Stanford. We are both multi-millionaires. I think we would know what it takes to operate a successful business in Thailand.
  14. Hey I got a better Idea.... How about just shitcan the TM30 and 28 and forget the whole thing... I have never filed one in 15 years and have no plans to ever start...
  15. That's true. Nevertheless, being the optimist you all know me as, I must point out, that if it's Satan's dining table you have an eternal seat at, that perhaps Anthony Bourdain will be doing the cooking?
  16. Movie - Capernaum Thought this one was excellent. Summary: While serving a five-year sentence for a violent crime, a 12-year-old boy sues his parents for neglect.
  17. What was happening? Is it because the oil pump may fail to prime and leave the engine in a critical no lubrication situation? I've heard its nothing to worry about IF the oil is changed within a 10 minute time-frame.
  18. Sri Lanka hasn't ratified the UN Convention for Refugees. However, refoulement is considered a major abuse of Human Rights. In Australia it has been reported that forcibly returned Boat People have been subjected to abuse by security forces. In the bigger picture of torture and other human rights abuses in Sri Lanka I refer you to the latest US State Department Human Rights report which doesn't come across as a particularly good reference. The most significant human rights issues included unlawful killings; torture; sexual abuse; arbitrary arrest; lengthy detention; lack of property restitution by the military; and surveillance and harassment of civil society activists and journalists. Government discrimination toward and security forces harassment of Tamils and nondenominational Christian groups persisted. Same-sex sexual conduct was prohibited by law, though rarely prosecuted. https://www.state.gov/j/drl/rls/hrrpt/2017/sca/277293.htm
  19. Ouch that demo of the structures and restoration of the land is gunna cost em’
  20. Dumping "trump" is at the top of the list of what most democrats as well as many independents and traditional republicans want. By opening with a focus on why it's so important (white nationalists and an dictatorial president that panders to them -- BAD!) to do exactly that, Biden has framed his campaign powerfully. Everyone pro and con is paying attention. Dumping "trump" IS the top priority! Dealing with the negatives in his overlong history and fleshing out policies will all come and he is facing a test of fire. If he emerges, then he will be even stronger. If not, then hopefully whoever does emerge will be the one that can achieve the same highest priority.
  21. Here is a Thai facebook group dedicated to the model. https://www.facebook.com/groups/208344399583207/ In the old days (before facebook) there used to be a Thai magazine for Caribian owners. There are people who specialise in this car. It has a following in Thailand.
  22. Measles should be eradicated by now. Anti vaccination groups are both moronic AND evil. Good to see that Facebook and others are taking their communications down. http://vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/measles
  23. Jomtien Immigration is always as zoo in the couple of weeks before Songkran with the punters that arrived around Hogmanay suddenly doing all sorts of reports and extensions or others applying for re-entry permits so they can avoid Songkran. The latter demographic haven't returned yet. The office is always like a morgue post-Songkran,
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