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  2. Disagree with the intent of your comment, a comment which is unrelated to my post you quoted.
  3. 525,600 hit and run crashes a year? Anyway Thais manage to kill same number of people per month, consistently and with statistics cheating too!
  4. This sort of report just highlights that a compromise in the center political ground is needed on such an issue as there are obviously rabid advocates on either extreme for their BS ideas and if not put in check then chaos is coming. The US needs to secure it's southern border properly and discourage wanton illegal immigration, but also conversely, still allow valued immigration of the right people which it was founded on that complies with it's traditional values (free for alls are bad mostly). Problem is that now, the US is so polarised and the extent of the contempt for each party for the other is so total that this (and other BS) seems to be not about the issue anymore and just about hating the other side regardless ... no good will come of this and politicians need to focus on the country's problems and not just the hatred for their opposite number. As for the UK, it is in such a mess as it wasn't allowed to control it's borders and they wouldn't toss Cameron a bone or two ... just laughed at him told him to <deleted>&* off and there is a lesson to learn in all of that. You reap what sow.
  5. Working fine for me on phone snd laptop. @Delight You mention your wife visiting the UK with you, that suggests you're living in Thailand, if that's the case and you can provide evidence of your life here together, then that might satisfy the ECO of your wifes ties here.
  6. Young came in for a lot of stick a few years back for continually diving. Not been the same since.
  7. Everything. How much is the tax on wine from Australia? Hint it is 65% less than the tax on wine from France. How can you discuss Australian wines vs other wines available in Thailand unless you know the tax on both?
  8. I would guess on very short stays, yes? The OP will be staying a month each time. If flying into the bad-entry point airports (both in Bangkok), I would recommend the METV, to avoid potential issues. With 28/28 you should not have a problem with the METV. Also have proof of your job in your carry-on luggage to show, if asked, "Why you come so much."
  9. "Health condition and physique strong", i.e. "healthy"
  10. Everton 2 up[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. Ridiculous, golfing has no inherent value, it's not even much exercise, unless you're a fatty that does nothing else at all (and a lot of them use golf carts). Walking fills the day as easily as golfing, and it isn't wasting as much money or destroying as much of the local environment. And no need for me to wear clown trousers and a tank top.
  12. With the demand for water going up and up, expect the same problems in the future.
  13. Was it something that you regularly discussed before UKIP was born? I don't ever remember having a conversation about leaving the EU, not since the 70s anyway.
  14. Premature Sent from my SM-G920F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. Why would you need a WP for a business in the USA? Doubt very much TH authorities are interested in your business abroad. Or am I am misunderstanding your post? Have a nice Sunday night. MS>
  16. Has nothing to do with your walk. As I asked you: what you do then? Has to do with the bore of the place. At least golf fills days with an activity. There is nothing to do in PP unless like you say, one are into 50c beers. But, if that ones lifestyle justifying a trip there to drink as many 50c beers as possible, good luck....
  17. Yes, one of the problems that arises regularly is simple ignorance of how a 'Western' house looks and functions. For example, If you have builders or workmen who have only ever washed themselves by crouching down with a hose in the out-back dunny, then you may get the problem of leaks around a 'Western' shower because they haven't understood that a falang stands up to shower so water travels much further. I encountered that living in The Trendy building in BKK a few years ago on the 9th or so floor, where the shower was over the bath ... but no provision for the water spilt around the bath to run into the bath rather than across the bathroom floor. Similarly, little understanding of the need for so many electric power points in the kitchen, or indeed anywhere. And they often end up in strange places (like near the ceiling). Then there's the weird logic problem. Took 3 goes in our kitchen to get the marble bench top at the right height. Never occurred to the workers that, to accommodate the dishwasher, they could always lower the (concrete) floor under the dishwasher, rather than make the bench so high it was unusable by a small Thai and difficult to use by a falang.
  18. I got wines from my wife's company (F&B import) recently they cleared some of the wine stock and was getting mancura etnia 2015 merlot and shiraz too I think for 107 baht a bottle. The much better white sav-blanc I got for 300. Unfortunately one of the BKK sales girls sold the remaining 2k bottles to a wedding planner 2 weeks ago.
  19. Yesterday was 46 C real feel temperature in BKK? That is absolutely crazy.
  20. A global one..do not think Brexit is the cause. Greedy bankers causing havoc again. Want a new car..3 years interest free credit..mortgages.. interest only!!! These kinda people will always do ok..pity the man/woman on the street. All to fill the already wealthy few.. The euro..a false " political" currency..put poor countries like greece..spain..portugal in an economic straight-jacket. Unemployment in spain..poetugal..greece and italy an utter disgrace..especially for those under 30 years if age. Do the corrupt autocratic jobsworths in brussels care. Answerd on a postcard please. Going now..man u 's getting beat by everton just now[emoji2][emoji2] Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. Are you crazy? Do you think that is the paradise for stupid farangs like you? Sorry to broke your illusion. In a traffic you are second class people. You loose your care; no matter whos fault it is. Especially Roojai is the one to do whateven for not need to pay...because it is not their job. The job what they have is to get more profit, and you pay. Here is the speech of one layer; he know what he say, and he say that thing for people living in the states and having their courtcase in the States. Now we are in Thailand with Roojai. Be clever and dont buy the car, if buying so buy some toyota and repair it. Please, do not be as stupid as be...paid 250 000B for one wreck....had accident but no compensation. Do not think that you are somehow better than me. Also I had muted people, but that is also just bullshit. You pay
  22. The PI used to be 18 months, but I think it is up to 3 years now, w/o leaving, on a tourist entry (no advance-visa required). You may be asked to show an outgoing flight (by the airline and PI immigration) - I forget how many months into the future the flight can be. They also have long-stay options, but they don't try to force-feed them to you.
  23. This is a lost cause unless they force a standard building code something like we have in Australia in North Queensland there is a cyclone proof building code say 5 ,further down south the building code is a bit less say 3 cause no Cyclones ,further out west say a code 1. The building inspectors come and check during a building being build .... not up to the code it gets nocked on the head until its right ..... no tea money will work. try that you go to jail.
  24. if they arrive by boat, sure. but the days of air travel are numbered, much more so than many of the “general population” are even at all vaguely aware of. notice that coverage of the protests at Heathrow this weekend, even in the Guardian, never delved at all into why an airport was quite appropriate.... usually they would embellish a story that way... but not even a newspaper such as the Guardian with relatively balanced coverage of Climate Change would dare connect dots to air travel and carbon emissions in such coverage. so any efforts to encourage tourism with air travel involved... is gonna backfire rather severely, and not way off in the distant future either. at some point some dynamic will be crossed as a threshold and there will be a call to do things. air travel is not as essential as everything else we do and consume, all of which still involve carbon emissions also, and it would take decades to safety test and swap out air fleets even if emissions free aircraft were at all possible.
  25. he's an old dog and it sounds like he's had a wonderful life
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