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  2. i cannot possibly see what food the EU sell the US,a bit like what can the UK possibly sell the EU after brexit
  3. My owner also does not live in Thailand. She comes twice a year in tourist visa. But my agent takes care of TM30. No problem. Sent from my JKM-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Yes, this is a very popular place and even if the water level is low you can still swim, rent a bamboo boat and make a day out of it. Usually it's only 300 baht for a small houseboat (2-6 people) for a whole day but according to my wife, now is the busy season (kids are out from school) and they charge 100 baht per hour for the boats now. For this price they will tow you out into the lake and anchor your boat. For an additional fee they will give you a "tour" of the lake by slowly pushing your bamboo boat around from one end to the other (the reservoir is quite large). Very nice. It is a very beautiful and peaceful place and I have been there many times. You can order food and drink before heading out and they will deliver it to your boat when it is ready. They also have a few passing vendors selling fruits and other food from boats. BTW, you park very close to the lake and restrooms so you do not need to walk far at all. If the Mrs. needs to go to the restroom (when you are out on the lake) you simply phone the number on the boat and someone will come out to pick you up and then bring you back to your boat when you are done. I have yet to go to Phu Kradeung but Phu Rhua is nice for a cool breeze and a beautiful view. There are some waterfalls you can hike to at Phu Rhua also but they are mostly dry right now.
  5. That’s ur last post then in this thread.
  6. I doubt that they know anything about "gender". Perhaps what they know (and feel) about themselves is something "instinctive". Something before they are told what they ought to feel, what they should know and what they are supposed to be? Something yet to be suppressed, or coerced out of them, by others.
  7. Not healthy , the yoghurt they sell is full of sugar. They do not sell Yolida natural yoghurt, have to go to Big C or any supermarket for that.
  8. He was obviously a miserable guy, to have let himself go like that, and to be so rude like he was to the EVA flight attendants. Something tells me this was not his first or last time of being jerk to other people. Maybe now he can find some kind of peace...
  9. OK water and a banana , the rest of it is processed food and drinks.
  10. Not me. Ten years was enough. Now that I have some real money I am not spending it in Thailand. When you have lived in shit for many years I guess expats in LOS have just gotten used to it. They can take their visa rules. 90 day check ins and bad attitudes and .................. I have friends in Central America, Colombia and the Pacific side of Mexico who love it there. I am headed on a six month tour of great food,drinkable beer and margaritas. LOS has one of the three. See ya fellows.
  11. Yeap, a POTUS that knows no shame. A POTUS who can't be embarrassed even when his laundry is aired in full public view. President Donald Trump has evaded criminal charges — but special counsel Robert Mueller’s report is a brutal indictment of his campaign and his presidency. The first volume of the two-part, 448-page report details how Trump and his allies solicited, encouraged, accepted and benefited from the assistance provided by America's most storied foreign adversary as part of a multi-front assault on American democracy. The other lays out comprehensive evidence that the president may have obstructed justice through what Mueller described as a "pattern of conduct" that included firing FBI Director Jim Comey, trying to remove Mueller, publicly praising and condemning witnesses, and seeking to limit the scope of the probe. Taken in sum, Mueller's findings reveal three years of actions by Trump and his subordinates that critics say rattle the very foundations of the American system of governance, from the sacrosanct nature of democratic elections to the idea that no man, not even the president, is above the law. The story, in even its most sympathetic telling, is one of a president who used nearly every power vested in his office and his persona — including hiring and firing, the bully pulpit, party loyalty, private intimidation, and disinformation — to cover up ties between his campaign and Russia so that he could spare himself the public humiliation of having won an election that wasn't entirely on the level.
  12. Future Forward is popular with young people. So we need to stop a populist forward looking agenda. Nip it in the bud. LOS
  13. Your post should contain a lot more details for it to be of assistance to others. "Went to transfer" - where did you go to initiate the transfer? charge was 6,500 Baht - how did you determine exactly what the charge would be? "they won't transfer" - who is "they"? "checked with BKK" - what was the exact question and who did you ask at Bangkok Bank? My experience is pretty much the opposite of yours. I have a transfer order pre-prepared and on file at Schwab. I call them and request they transfer $xxxx.00 US dollars to my wife's Kasikorn account. After passing their identity verification the transfer is processed very quickly. It takes about 36 hours before the appropriate sum in Baht are available in Thailand. My Schwab account shows exactly the requested amount being withdrawn for the transfer. My wife receives the amount converted using the TT rate with the normal .25% fee being deducted.
  14. a sweetener in yer morning coffee ain't gonna kill ye...and fergit about the sugar, think about starches that can be converted quickly to glucose like rice, noodles, potatoes, and etc...those are the killers, not the occasional snickers chocolate bar... if you haven't already check yer blood glucose regularly to see how yer body reacts to different foods and then with that knowledge try to control yer diet accordingly...if you are a recently diagnosed diabetic it is imperative to control your blood glucose now to avoid the shit that comes later like erectile dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy, strokes and etc...take it from me who was cavalier about my BG when first diagnosed and then suffered for it later....
  15. i was under the impression that the renter (possessor) can file the tm.30 by mail within 24 hours of arrival.
  16. You would never meet the 24 hour deadline by having it sent from Taiwan. I would not consider that a viable option. It is my personal experience that anyone (other than the rightful owner of the property) who submits a TM30 to Immigration must also produce a signed P.O.A. (Power of Attorney form), a signed copy of the owner's Thai ID card (or passport for a foreigner) and a signed copy of the owner's housebook. I also had to submit a copy of my 1 year lease agreement (the first time). The owner's agent should be familiar with filing the TM30 and should be able to legally take care of it for you (hopefully). NOTE: Your mileage may vary according to location, date, weather, mood, attire, personal appearance, attitude, personnel, color of pen used, current moon phase etc.
  17. As we get older I can't stress enough how important it is with daily exercise and a change in the diet to a healthier lifestyle. When we were in our 20's and 30's we could eat and drink anything, and the body would tolerate it and heal you faster. Once we hit 40 and 50 , life is a lot more challenging and the most important thing is to have the determination to change your old habits and live a healthy life until old age. But first go see a doctor.
  18. Thanks to the person who recommended "Arctic". Excellent film. Mads Mikkelson fantastic, as usual.
  19. Maybe he was terminally ill and knew it so he wanted to make one last voyage, and that long flight was just a part of the "show". Now he probably enjoyed the last month in Thailand instead of spending his last days in a hospital bed.
  20. If you talking to me, I am happy with photoshop! I have no time to learn a new software! No reason to do so! Thank you!
  21. anyone posting on this thread that has not been to Sihanoukeville recently has absolutely nothing to contribute those that have been there recently thanks for the heads up - been there 4 times and last time was about 6 years ago, won't be going back
  22. Yesterday annual Doctors appointement. Verdict: Blood Sugar borderline. No more sugar in my cup of Coffee (no artificial sweeteners either). No more Beer, as it will be converted to sugar. So far so good, relatively speaking. - Today, at the Supermarket I started to read the labels. Hard to believe, but most things contain (added) sugar. Even fruit juices that contain natural "Fruit-Sugar" have added sugar!?!?. How in the h*ll is one to live "Sugar-Free" under these circumstances? As our food seems to be awash with added Sugar, I am starting to believe that my 2 spoons of Sugar in my morning Coffee are not going to make much of a difference. Same goes for my 2 to 3 afternoon Beer's. Right/Wrong?
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