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  2. That's good then. Having said the above, you can of course apply for sixth forms online nowadays; be sure to get in early.
  3. Republicans are stepping up as potential presidential candidates for 2020. Could there be some buzz within the ranks that the incumbent may be otherwise encumbered? Hey, there is no constitution! The Mueller report proved that. Oh wait, that was collusion. No matter, neither collusion nor constitution appear in the redacted report, so it's total vindication.
  4. She had a British passport, like all and sundry seem to have these days, but she was originally from Pakistan. Her name was Auj-e Taqaddas and she behaved like a complete and utter moron. She is an utter, utter disgrace to the UK and to herself and her family. She can barely even speak intelligible English, but she thought she could ignore the Indonesian immigration rules and then raise her voice and use violence to force them to let her off. She was also caught attacking security guards with a broom, so it's possible there are some mental health issues at play there. Quote: She was arrested before the trial in a shopping mall after failing to appear in court several times. "This is a sham court who was only listening to the dirty prosecutor who did not bring me to the court for six months," said Taqaddas. As she was escorted from court, she said: "Indonesia is a criminal country. Indonesian law is corrupt. Indonesian judges are corrupt. No lawyer was provided. Indonesian immigration is corrupt." She got a large fine and a prison sentence, I hope they throw away the key.
  5. Cases in point: 1) Last year - or the year before can't remember - VN celebrated the opening of (drum rolls please) its very 1st, bona-fide 7/11 store in HCMC. A news clip showing the first few moments was hilarious: customers and staff alike run around like chicken with their head cut off, someone had to shout out traffic direction at the soda fountain! Recently I happened upon a travlog on youtube done by a VNmese young man crossing the border from Laos into the metropolis of Mukdahan. After visiting the fruit market that sell "fruits so big and so cheap," then walking down the "big boulevard, wow, there are so many cars," next to the local wet market where his group was able to taste some Vnmese dishes, he then proceeded to take the viewer to one of the trip highlights: a visit to a 7/11 store - where "things are clean, of good quality, you don't have to haggle over price and there's air-conditioning!" 2) To those been spoiled by the abundance of spacious, well-maintained public bathrooms available in every nook and corner of Thailand, beware of the landmines that await you under similar circumstances in VN - that is if you can find one. You can thank me later for the heads-up.
  6. Ah, now I understand why people only talk but still stick around in the dump called Thailand. It is the cheap sex with young girls and the possibility of marrying one. Sent from my JKM-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. Not at all. It's fun making stuff up. You should try it. Truth gets dreary. Especially with Google everyone has access to it. But the make-believe world is boundless with possibility.
  8. I can't speak for what's up with your broker, without knowing which one is involved. But, in general, if your broker is sending funds directly to BKKB NY, they're probably doing a domestic wire transfer... If you have to call to request the transfer, it's probably a wire transfer. If you can do it yourself through online banking after having linked the two accounts via trial deposits, then it's probably an ACH. On the other hand, if they're sending funds directly to BKKB TH, then it's automatically going to be an international wire transfer.
  9. 18 is not normal and is a reason to worry even without symptoms. 14 too. There can be many different reasons for these values, it is impossible to tell from your post what's the problem. You cannot tell that he has HIV from this (actually, often leukocytes are low with HIV). The diagnosis of leukemia requires more than a simple blood test, this was maybe a misunderstanding. But his values definitely need a follow-up. He should visit a hospital, have a thorough examination and talk to a doctor.
  10. You have been quiet. Proper bricking it I'd guess....a derby is just what you don't want right now!
  11. And expats actually choose that place to live in. If a robber doesnt shoot you for a few pesos then earthquakes and typhoons will get you eventually
  12. Where is there anything in the news story about this being an immigrant family, legal or otherwise?
  13. Thanks for input T.G. John, helps a bit. I did call one of the brokerage houses a few hours ago and ask. They were as clueless as I was. They were like, "There's no reason what we've been doing before wouldn't work. No idea why they would send you a letter. Don't worry about it. But you will have to try it as the ultimate test, no guarentee what worked before will work anymore, but it should." I don't know if they are ACH transfers or not from my broker to BKKB New York. Though seems I recall being uncomfortable that an operator I was talking to about doing a transfer was calling what i wanted to do a wire transfer. The reason being that half the time the brokerage won't send me money I've requested because they say they won't do an international wire transfer. Seems i recall they said, "No, even just sending the money from the brokerage house to BKKB New York is a wire transfer, it doesn't have to be international to be called that." They have been happy with the loophole of sending money to BKKB New York, mostly, but seems like it is a grey zone to them whether that constitutes an international wire or not and some staff refuse to do it.
  14. coming from Iraq anything would be a major improvement. You sure you were in Vietnam? Thats the total opposite of my experience
  15. Surely once the pits are full, one has to set light to it to reduce the volume and make room for the next influx of rubbish ? How else can one run a refuse disposal enterprise ? Don't worry about the water. Most of it will soak into the ground and back into the Mekong. Job's a good 'un !
  16. I sincerely hope that no one was using the pool at the time. I'll just do one more lengthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  17. What you say is very true, however, was the truck so overloaded that it could not possibly make the gradient ? I have driven all around that area and I have to say that some of the inclines / declines are frightening, even for an experienced driver such as myself who happens to have developed Vertigo in later years, so I needed to concentrate on the white lane markers on the road and not the terrifying view over the precipice The OP states that the truck could not make the hill / incline and started to slide backwards, that would indicate overloading and a piss poor braking system. The driver should have tried to slow it as much as possible and engage all brakes, hand and foot, a low forward gear and switch off the engine to prevent it from moving.
  18. Ok, there are two possible approaches: Red: Danged Mexicans coming over to steal stuff from a white man's store. Granma, ma, son, ain't none of em straight. Toss em every last one of em back over the wall I say. Blue: A poor kid abused by his own family, which is in dire straits owing to the Trump Administration's cruel policy of not allowing anyone without papers to be gainfully employed. Moreover, Walmart's vulgar display of merchandise which such migrants cannot afford is nothing short of oppression and the store should be sued for the distress it has caused the Gonzales family.
  19. The "man" in the picture looks like he might be a teenager - "teen pats another teen's bum" would have been a whole different headline. There is also a big difference between a light tap, a playful slap or a sexual touch but I doubt the father stopped to ask questions or maybe just tell the kid off. I sometimes think you lot belong in the dark ages when boys were hung for stealing bread!
  20. You were doing great till your last sentence. But hey, its all right to be ignorant about American policing if you dont live there
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