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  2. "The arrests follows police receiving a tip-off that the suspect was illegally selling tour packages to tourists without a work permit" Why would the tourists have to have a work permit for being tourists? Maybe he should have sold the tickets legally? Off course was there no other foreigner involved who saw hos booking s going down the drain.
  3. No, I don’t know what you meant, and I don’t where I “LOST”. The only thing I can see is that you cannot answer my question.
  4. Not that it's any consolation, but at least United played better last night than they did against Everton, which wouldn't be too difficult anyway. City controlled the game just about from start to finish, and in the second half they controlled it so much that it looked a little embarrassing. I've said this before and it was very evident last night, if you look at the individual players in the City side versus the individual players in the United side, and there is no comparison, City win hands down every time. On individual performances, I thought Darmian played pretty well especially as he hasn't been given a run out for some time and Rashford tried like he always does, but gets terribly frustrated at the poor service he gets. Fred tried hard and apart from a few wayward passes, was okay, and Lindlhof was in his best position. Won't go into too many more, but there is something about Pogba's game which I've been looking at for a while now, and it's not only his body language when he's loping around the place, it's when a pass/move doesn't come off, or a player is not in a position to return the ball he gives, etc and he gets angry with the other players, as if, in his mind, they are not up to his standard and he shouldn't really be playing with them. He thinks he is superior to the other players out there, and I think that looks pretty obvious. The sooner they get rid of him for a nice lump sum the better. On the subject of De Ghea, considered one of the best keepers in the world, but after the last couple of games, his cloak of invincibility has fallen away and he now looks human, rather than superhuman, so if someone like Real Madrid were prepared to make an offer, they should accept it and either find another keeper or make more use of Romero, who is also a very good keeper. Martial and Sanchez when they came on were about as effective as turds in a bucket and Lukaku wasn't much better. So that leaves a bloody huge rebuilding job to be done, along with a big clear out.
  5. So ? ? When the Catalunyans want to break away from Spain ( and with an constitutional illegal referendum with a popular vote of 47,74%, but thanks to a seat-system the mayority in their Parliament and therefore cheered by so many Europeans), why the Scots could not insist for the same ? Wise ? ? That's another discussion !
  6. Where did you get them? Did you install or did you have a contractor?
  7. I've got one, but think it is wrong. I guess I could get another one.
  8. WELCOME TO HUA HIN MARATHON 2019 H.R.H. Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn’s Trophies Sunday 12th May 2019 Start & Finish @Wat Khao Krailart, Unnamed Road Hua Hin, Thailand For more information visit https://www.inspirehuahin.com/huahin/hua-hin-marathon-2019-sunday-12th-may-2019/
  9. "nobody is interested in according to the British way of democracy" Even those found 48%of non relevant to 52%..... no need for a 2/3 majority for the" Brexit saga " So the Scots can have my sympathy ...
  10. Last time it was a mystery tunnel, this time a mystery house. What's next? A mystery snake?
  11. bagi kalian para penggemar permainan judi bola anda harus tau kalau sekarang telah hadir situs sbobet jadi kalian akan bermain judi bola seperti di dunia nyata yang bermain menggunakan uang asli,jadi otomatis kalian juga akan mendapatkan banyak sekali keuntungan di samping kalian bisa menghibur diri kalian juga bisa mendapatkan keuntungan yang berlebih,di dalam situs judi online masalah keamanan para pemain adalah yang nomor satu.jadi tunggu apalagi ayo segera kunjungi website nya
  12. Two things I can't see are: One way valve to ensure flow only one way and A tank bypass with a stopcock (in case your power goes out or the pumps dies).
  13. Not So!!!... Get over to the Bank Of Thailand and load up all the foreign reserves up in a helicopter and seed the clouds with it... Planes, Trains & Submarines for all!... Make the BHT-USD go back to 40!...
  14. I agree except I don't have a cat. I would but the dog does not like them - puppy thing. When she was a puppy a cat attacked her.
  15. I though that Prison reform had already had a once over,( thanks Jared), and that he was tossing a bit of red meat into the cage to see if a greater level of reform was needed, prior to visiting in person..... a trial run, if you will
  16. unreported cases of sexual harassment remain rampant. If they are unreported, how do they know?
  17. So an international group of “property consultants” says tourism and business is strong. I totally believe this unbiased group’s conclusions and will immediately start buying a lot of property in Thailand. ROTFL
  18. Sometimes when people have no answer to a post they ramble and go way off topic. Sometimes they post meaningless but succinct gibberish. I must admit I prefer the latter type. Well done hugocnx.
  19. It is so an agent cannot put money in for a day and then take it out. Hope this helps.
  20. Shouldn't Thais be taught that driving requires concentration and being alert at all times? It is surely an essential and fundamental requirement. If they do those things then they don't fall asleep. How often do we read in other countries of drivers killing themselves and others by falling asleep at the wheel? I'm of a certain age and don't recall ever doing so. Here, we read of it at least once a day.
  21. Take your family and head to first world. Whats stopping you? The regular posters making the most noise have no intention of ever leaving because there is never ending list of cop out excuses. I have a dog I love lady boys, have a cat, condo, house, will miss soi 6, wife wont leave etc etc etc. JT in particular is all over the place like a crazy person when Swampy is so close for a quick exit yet everyone chooses to bitch but still stay in LOS of course
  22. Why on earth anyone would do this is beyond me. Retirement visa is so much simpler.
  23. There are serious health risks for adults, infants and pregnant women. For kids, it’s mostly just a week off school.
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