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  2. RE - I will stop laughing soon.!!!! * Have my doubts, but if then we may assume replaced with crying ...
  3. Oh Dear! How many times does it have to be said, please get a grip on the fact that representatives are not delegates, you even said it yourself - "Westminsters reputation to be the home of representative parliamentary democracy." MPs are not delegates, they are not servants required to carry out their work in a subservient obedient way to the wishes of some of their constituents (Often only getting 30% of the local vote). We elect them to represent us - we expect them to use their own judgement as to what is best for the country. The advisory referendum was idiotically simplistically worded, and as a result we have other posters here saying essentially "We just leave....simples". Duh it's not simple like that, as a primary school child should know. "well ask the people through an election; some claim that the UK should not after all leave the EU - well ask the people (again)!" Precisely - I agree 100% - ask the people again. However do it through a referendum that addresses the big question only - Brexit. A GE is supposed to be , and automatically will be, about many other issues as well, so it will ABSOLUTELY NOT be a sound guide to what the people feel about Brexit. For the Tory Tabloids it will be all about persuading the English working class that Corbyn is a commie, for example.
  4. A tourist visa gets you 60 days, plus the possibility of a 30 day extension. A visa exempt entry gets you 30 days plus the possibility of a 30 day extension. You don't go to a Thai embassy for it and has always been free to those nationalities that are eligible. As the names suggests, it exempts you from the need for a visa and is not a tourist visa or any kind of visa. A visa on arrival is only available to a few nationalities and is collected on arrival ( the clue is in the name ) at at the airport. It allows, I believe 15 days and cannot be extended. Not sure what the thirty day tourist visa you refer to is.
  5. That's not nice is it...... One should go through life minding ones own business, unless one were personally aggrieved...
  6. Nope, people sell pills with caffeine and other substances as ecstasy, but the ripped off people can hardly go to the cops, could they? Better to drink a few Espressos, methinks.
  7. Dont be too harsh. Hes had reduce his golf games to 4 times a week.
  8. Hey Rasmus, i’ Thomas Heddinge what are the pay? i understand its negotiable, but would be Nice with a “around” i’ currently based in Thailand , so send me a e-mail. Or find me on facebook last name and Hotmail . Com
  9. I used the 3 day free trial. Too expensive and account tied to a single device using their own proprietary apps that look a bit clunky. Works well tho, so maybe attracts some. Not me.
  10. I'm sure you get them cheaper, a Euro or so, when you buy more at the right address without middlemen.
  11. No wonder they will soon be bankrupt as long the first class is filled with members of the royal family and politicians flying for free.
  12. Inside they found the 500 ecstasy pills hidden inside packets of instant noodles. You've got to pay for stupidity. How can anybody send instant noodles to the Land of instant noodles having more than 15 kg of speed in his house awaiting the post delivery???? Ridiculous, he's right to hide his face behind something. The 2019 Wurlitzer prize goes to Mr. Italiano.
  13. Actually I think they cannot be above grade 12 secondary school Who can get child’s benefits? Your unmarried child can get benefits if they’re: • Younger than age 18;• 18-19 years old and a full-time student (no higher than grade 12); https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10085.pdf
  14. Yeah. Someone living there with a pill press could make a killing making fake ones with caffeine powder. 30 mins on the beach then run and hid back in their house for the rest of the night.
  15. Thanks for sharing with us that report about Hillary Clinton rumors. That you find them believable tells any reasonably objective observer all that's needed to know about where you're coming from.
  16. Sticky wicket you have the wrong attitude, 5 years overstay, i have to abide by the rules so does he and you and i. I would shop him as well.
  17. You shouldn't judge everyone on your criteria. I'm sure he can have his pick of air heads, perhaps her intelligence attracted him. She's not a raving beauty, but she's still attractive.
  18. Question, do you have 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) enabled on your Gmail account ?? I have 2FA on my Gmail account and never ever had a problem when traveling that my account had been locked ! What is 2FA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-factor_authentication Google Page about it: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185839?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en
  19. They cost 2 euro each in Holland. I don't know the RRP in KPG, but for proper E's in the land of dirty yabaa, perhaps 300 baht? 100k+ baht profit if so. Selling to backpackers at 500thb, 200k+ profit. If 1k baht, almost half a million profit. I don't know the RRP in KPG, but would wager it's not less than 300b, and more than likely quite a bit more.
  20. Nonsense, that is not mandatory. An investigation into whether it is feasible has been suggested, that's all. Seriously.
  21. Dunno but a well maintained rear drum will lock up the rear wheel and so why bother with disc conversion especially on a scoot.
  22. Separate tickets makes you vulnerable, when flying. My EVA flight was three hours late to VIE, they greeted us at the gate to make arrangements, but informed a group of Chinese with separate tickets to Poland, they were SOL. OP, are you saying they would not let you check your luggage through to cambo, when you first checked it in?
  23. Did you all this time have 90-day permissions to stay based on entries with non-O visas, or did you have one-year extensions of stay for the reason of being married to a Thai national?
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