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  2. Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows the Beatles' Twist 'N Shout. But do you know the original?
  3. Hi, If I enter Thailand by border with a SETV does that count towards "only 2 border entries per year"? I've done 3 consecutive entries to Thailand - via BKK Airport - with SETV. (Leaving only for 3 days). Last two times I was hassled quite a bit. I was told it was "a problem" coming this often, but I wasn't told that "next time you can't enter" (or things of that nature) and no special stamps/text was placed in my passport. As we now have several reports of people being sent back home with SETV from BKK Airport I wonder if its "smarter" to entry the country with a SETV from the border, instead?
  4. Then you do the oil change personally.....
  5. And how about those guardian angles for all those people who pray to god all the time and who are "good people"? How many of them die? How many are killed? And then, what is the reaction from other believers: Let's pray. Didn't they notice that praying obviously does not work?
  6. Umm ..., casll me stupid ..., lots of people do haha ... but I wouldn't want to test that theory
  7. Everyone knows Roberta Flack's Killing Me Softly With His song. But do you know the original?
  8. Next time look at this pinned topic where most forms are available to download with descriptions of what the are for.
  9. Since they are lenient on the 24 hours, they are saying "if you can't even get it done withing 4 or 5 days we will double the fine".
  10. Imagine people would grow up without any religion or superstitious ideas. They would learn about science, history, etc. And then, when they are grown up and after all that education, imagine someone would tell them about this all powerful god, praying, the guy who died and then made that trip to heaven, ... How many people would believe in god with these conditions? I am sure very very few.
  11. Ha. So Mr BJ was/could be just as crooked as the people he arrested. What's that word again... HYPOCRISY!
  12. Well I’m from the US and that’s the term we use. From the first results of a simple Google search: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/64840/where-does-the-phrase-no-skin-off-my-teeth-nose-come-from Feel free to use whatever expressions exist in your native lexicon, but please refrain from deigning to correct mine. Please don’t take this personally but if your aunt was named Bob and possessed certain male “accoutrements”, then we could all say “Bob’s your uncle.”
  13. Seems more likely they injected some nasty oils in it to make it look bigger then it went wrong and got infected so it needs to be amputated. Doesn't only happen in Brazil.
  14. Exactly. Corruption here is so deeply ingrained into Thai socioty as a whole, you'd have to be extremley naive to believe that one man is going to change that overnight.
  15. Over the years I have had many notes refused due to biro pen marks and tears etc. When I take cash from UK n2ow I always check the notes first.
  16. Black Mountain Water Park,Hua Hin is celebrating your special day. “Labor day’s special” Get 50% discount on ticket rate on 1 May 2019 Adults 300 ฿ Children 150 ฿ Play all day 10.00-17.00 hrs. For more information visit https://www.inspirehuahin.com/huahin/black-mountain-water-parkhua-hin-is-labor-days-special-on-1st-may-2019/
  17. Everyone knows Tainted Love by Soft Cell from '81. But do you know the original?
  18. Good on you ! And good luck with it. These kites are nice to see cruising about. Best is the crows all piss off and take their racket with em. lol
  19. Riding in Thai buses ... a death wish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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