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  2. The mixed fleet is no doubt the result of all the bribes paid, I have no other explanation.
  3. Nobody can say what would have been the outcome, had Trump been POTUS during WWII, "their region, their problem"… by the way how the new mantra applies to 9/11, the autors of the attack did not come from Minnesota..
  4. Giving the bank your tax ID number serves no purpose, the bank doesn't care whether you have a tax ID or not and file a tax return or not, they are in a different business entirely. Banks act as agents of the BOT and the Revenue Service, they take the steps they are asked to take and nothing more. The Revenue rules state that if you pay tax below the personal allowance threshold that money can be returned to you, when you file a tax return, a simple enough process in Thailand.
  5. I know several very expensive hotels (Sheraton, Hilton etc) on Sukhumvit road with girls in the lobby or at the bar. I do not believe that hotel management is involved. But I am sure the staff knows exactly what is happening.
  6. No thanks, I have enough headaches of my own worrying about how to bring my aged aunt here!!!
  7. Was that elimination of competition? Did anybody check the other hotels? Or were they owned by untouchable influential people.
  8. The local roadside garages near me charge 6k for a rebuild. Had my Honda Click (burned all the oil in 100Km) done, and it's been fine ever since. New valves, bearings, pistons, rings and a few other bits.
  9. Why are they going to be prosecuted and then deported ?? Surely they should spend a long time enjoying the hospitality of a Thai prison. should be able to do some romancing in there !
  10. Or sewage seeping into the sea ,piles of rubbish all over,pot holed roads,floods and rabid soi dogs roaming around
  11. Oh well, the info i got is there at the start of this Thread....take it or leave it. It may be of use to some members...
  12. I got this information from local brokers and I have elsewhere posted a copy of the form being used by Pacific Cross, it is almost word for word the same as the one for foreign companies. I don't think there isn't going to be flexibility, Imm is going to want standard wording and very short and to the point. The last thing they want is a lot of words explaining ins and outs of a policy (e.g.:" there is no separate limit for OPD, the USD 1 million limit apples to both combined..." "OPD visits are covered but only for conditions XYZ and post-hospitalization" "covered subject to a deductible of XX" ) etc though these things are in fact often the case with foreign policies. This as well as clarifying that Imm will accept foreign policies is the issue. Western companies tend to think very legalistically and literally and will not want to sign something attesting to immigration regulations they do not understand or that are not clearly spelled out, or that differ one iota from the exact wording of their own policies. They'll want to provide instead a summary of the policy benefits - if they are willing to pay attention to the issue at all. I forget now which thread but there was someone working on this with their insurer and they were asked to provide an English language copy of the Cabinet Resolution....! If the foreign policy is obtained via a Thailand based broker there is more chance I think. Broker, representing not one but many clients, is better positioned to explain the need to an insurance company and get them to sign. But last I heard even local Brokers did nto know if foreign policies will be accepted. Police order makes no mention.
  13. Yes Foyth and Lo Celso would be good to see making an appearance alongside our new teenager as well. We wait with baited breath to see the next episode!
  14. Thanks. I didn't realize that the agents have to do the 90-day. That makes things a lot clearer.
  15. OK, have read this bit but Can't find this bit quoted anywhere in the police order
  16. Definitely true. I have dealt with both Chiang Mai RAM and Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai and they both require letters of guarantee from my foreign insurer. The international insurance desk at Bangkok Hospital told me that they required the same from Thai insurance providers. David
  17. you are as old as the woman you are feeling and carry a bit of clout when it comes to standing by her at birth....bit of a rarety here in L.O.S.
  18. Do recall that Turkey gave tacit aid to ISIS, allowing free flow of those wishing to join across Turkish borders. Now reports are that the "militia" helping out the Turks has Al Q and ISIS members going about shooting civilians etc. "Our Turkish army didn't do that" will be excuse served up...
  19. That is not true.. other embassies like the Dutch one DO check and verify income. So your posting untruths.
  20. Until Thailand decides to make you pay income tax on your pension.
  21. Protest ok! Change, yeah, as long as they can produce facts that the substance is not dangerous. This is just the ordinary general protest that has it´s fondation in: I´ve always used this, and I don´t have a clue how to do things if you forbid me.
  22. I wonder what became of the statute of limitations? Does this apply to this type of case? Given this case has been an ongoing issue for several decades, it might be a little late to start this line of prosecution. You would think any number of previous governments would have looked into this avenue.
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