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  2. What ever happened to consistency? First it was the "visitor" Then it was the landlord Now everyone gets fined. Did they mention the various apps that are meant to make this fiasco easier?
  3. Who IS number one, then? Can you report him?
  4. No price tag,or wrapping,no problem Arriving -maybe some questions asked Departure- cant see you having any trouble Show them some photos Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  5. Really? Maybe a few % points fluctuating on Live Rates but Oanda show it as a straight increase. What source are you using?
  6. Yes, thousands, but they would all be termed deflections, off-topic, but-but-but, ad nausea
  7. What is he hiding behind the black core-flute that looks to have been hastily put in place?
  8. Correct. Any new car from a large company is going to be designed by computer, which is why they all look the same. Might be some difference in seating layout, and carrying capacity, but if you know what you want it for that can be simply ascertained by looking in one. Fuel economy and power etc are published in the specs. Just go for one that you like sitting in from a company that gives the best deal, servicing etc. PS I hate all new cars as they are identical soul less plastic <deleted> that can't be fixed by us anymore. The only difference is the badge and some of the plastic on the body. I have a 28 year old Honda Civic that I love. Still goes like a charm.
  9. That sounds like a smart idea! Thanks for that. I also have never been hassled at airport customs ANYWHERE I've ever travelled, including when I first travelled to Thailand with my bike as a tourist a couple of years ago. My concern though is that I think Customs may view somebody with a Tourist visa in a different light than somebody with a long-stay visa since it is obvious they are here for a short period. Furthermore, considering my trip will only be for a week, I think that's another red flag for Customs. I'm not sure what the duty tax would be on a 180,000 baht bike...but I certainly do not want to find out!
  10. It's not burning. If it burns you're doing it wrong. Paraquat also need petroleum. Like I said I don't expect old farmer to change their way. It will happen anyway and I put my money where my mouth is.
  11. Today I passed near the Dark red line along the Don Mueang tollway. Currently some work on the track doing some installation of wires but not the actual ones for supplying the electricity to the train. Any information when the first trials are about to start? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. I get confused every time I open my email. I'm working on four different colours in BKK plus a couple of systems offshore all with subtly different terminology (e.g. TIM, TVM, TMM, POM are all basically the same machine). Is it any surprise I sometimes get it wrong, usually in a management meeting of course
  13. I was just going to say the same thing Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. I don't know the answer to this myself but when I buy my next car, I will be looking for one with a better ride height. If your area is prone to flooding the last thing you want is water flowing into your new car because its too low, especially if it's your only car. It would also be easier to get into and out of.
  15. Link: Polls show Americans have come to support Trump's impeachment much faster than Nixon's or Clinton’s "For the first time, a majority of Americans said this week that they supported the impeachment of President Trump. Not just in one, outlying poll — in an average of all current national polls compiled by the data journalists at FiveThirtyEight. Trump hasn’t just crossed the 50 percent threshold on impeachment, peaking at 50.3 percent earlier this week. He’s gotten there faster than Richard Nixon — and, for that matter, Bill Clinton, who never got there at all."
  16. Yep "surged a whole 1%" to Bloomberg! Oanda has it at just over 38.8 to the ThB. krungsri on-line 38.51. In Jan-May this year it was between 40-42. Stellar
  17. This is true and why many of us have opted for overseas policies. there are some exceptions though. April Thailand will not raise premiums on an individual basis. Though April is not listed their plans can be used (provided include OPD) because LMG, a listed company, is the underwriter and will issue the certificate for Imm. However they enroll only up to age 65.
  18. Up to you. It's really no concern of mine what you take or where you take it. 555
  19. Won't Sinn Fein's endorsement of the deal means that the DUP has to be against it?
  20. A young man getting beaten to death is something we should all be thankful for! There’s very many more ways than violence to be tough.
  21. I have been here since 1981, married with a Thai got 2 kids and work here legally, pay my taxes (a lot), speak and read the language. What about your status, mister know it all?
  22. A word to the wise, never u-turn at a traffic police stop. The police take this seriously and will chase you down. In this case, lethal force was also used. RIP poor fellow!
  23. good question.. I think I saw one at the Interchange 21 building(the one ontop of the sukhumvit MRT station..
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