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  2. And its worth noting that Biden has chosen angry racist Symone Sanders as a top advisor and she's left CNN to do so.
  3. For you maybe. For many of us it is totally painless.
  4. "he was only there for the funky beats" they have got to be making this crap up. that is a solid line though i will give them that. too bad there has not been an actual quality funky beat in pattaya since its inception
  5. He made a short video with a soundtrack that sounds like 'Psycho' and failed to lay out any agenda he stands for. He is living in the shadow of Obama and it isn't enough.
  6. I have a similar sotry from 3 days ago. On my way from Hua Hin to BKK using Phetkasem road, got to where the toll road starts and at the toll booths was mr plod who stopped me, he showed me my number written by him on a piece of paper and intimated I had crossed some line in the road. Ive had them try this crap before here and once paid 500 baht and lost my licence for a week or so but after that got wise to this SCAM. Since the first time they screwed me for 500 baht I always stay in the left hand lane and NEVER change lanes near the toll booths in fact I find staying in with the large trucks faster. Anyway back to the story, so I pulled over and wound down the window, PLOD says in surprise "oh Falang" and he;s not sure what to do but i knew what was coming, he cant speak Engrish and I refuse to use any Thai as acting dumb is much better, he trys to tell me I did something wrong and I shrug and look confused, he's not sure what to do and walks round to my side of the car with a piece of paper which in English said " crossed line". Now I knew I had not and I also knew there are no lines on the road as they have been completely worn away, I point to the camera in my car and say "no way" he then looks shocked after me showing him the camera and goes off saying " go go go" This is just a scam for money at this toll booth as they have tried it before and I often see them there. This is where they always try this crap, I always now stay in the same lane and never change so I know they are trying it on.
  7. And when every drop counts, is that water running off the truck?
  8. Those figures are total tourists incl internal? I remember total in the 30 millions, foreign overnight arrivals as 21 million. The article skims the surface. What would be interesting is to know why they come to Thailand, where they go and what are they buying. Two female Chinese guests invited me to dinner. They had left husbands and children behind, they were not at the hotel every night they had booked and paid for. They bought me the most expensive dish on the menu, a seafood platter just because Id asked for fish. Throwaway remark, but food in mouth or not makes no difference to whether they talk - not congenial! They work at an internet company selling herbal remedies, one does the images and truly spectacular quality. Conversation was limited but I tried to find answers to above questions. They said several times with a slightly contemptuous sneer that "Thailand is cheap". I have no complaints about the Chinese, not really, because they present well though they seem to think they are the only ones on the street, and they do spend freely.
  9. The fact he did that in the first place says something. The witch hunt goes on and on.
  10. Liverpool won the FA Youth Cup with a 5-3 penalty-shootout victory over Manchester City after the final ended 1-1 after extra time at City's Academy Stadium. City beaten finalists in 4 of the last 5 finals.
  11. Today world is in an age of kakistocracy so you can’t change them so just go with the flow. You can complain or comment it doesn't make any difference.
  12. You'd have been pissed off too if there was a stick full of carrots and you couldn't quite reach them.
  13. Klobuchar is an unlikable person with a condescending attitude.
  14. Yes, JAG (above). Either way, the junta will 'win'. If the 'election' is revoked as illegitimate (which every sane individual knows it is), then that will give the junta more and more and more time to delay and delay and delay and delay the next 'election' (they still have the two 'very sad events' cards to play) - and to ensure a more convincing thumping great majority for themselves when that next 'election' comes. The junta are (at present) in a win win situation. Everything - and I mean, EVERYTHING - depends on the reaction of the Thai people to these events ....
  15. Gaff-tastic Right out of the starting box Biden says that he wants to "Make America Straight Again" You can't make this stuff up! 555
  16. If you are going to try and be an intelligent smart arse, try and include some smart arsed intelligence !!!... not trying to be a smart ass as u put it. just stating a fact no one in the village where i live does thing like this but then again price start from 10m up.
  17. Got some really old nominees and really young ones. And of course the level headed ones who check every box like klobuchar wont get any attention, but what the hell is new is US politics?
  18. This petition will fail for the simple fact the EC (although it is running around like a headless chicken trying to work out how to do its' job), has not actually allocated any seats yet, so any ruling would be presumptive of the EC making the wrong choice. Now, there is a completely different argument that says the EC is not competent, but that is a different barrel of fish.
  19. Thailand already has a form of dying a slow, painless death; it's called Getting a Retirement Visa.
  20. Hi - after some general advice. My father has passed away and has a Thai will stating that his property (condominium/apartment) and assets be given to me. He had the will written up and registered with a Thai Law firm and has them as executor of the will. Can anyone give me advice on what the process is here and what fees and charges I should expect? Thanks
  21. Didn't the same people also bring Thailand the Klong Dan project and the aircraft carrier? Times must have been good. With all that money sloshing about its no wonder the generals got upset and made a comeback.
  22. Where did they get that logo from, a pimp?
  23. -So why wasn’t Songkron on the island cancelled? You don’t have my sympathy.
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