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  2. Surely then in order to pay the fine, it will take him probably a week of driving illegally until he finds a first-time ferang he can take to Pattaya for 10,000 baht (plus tollway fees).
  3. Not been to Western Super Mare since I was a kid.
  4. I live in a 60 house gated village in Pattaya. Midway through the financial year 3 homeowners have not yet paid their annual maintenance fee. What action do other villages take to try to obtain these charges. 2 of the houses are actually rented out.
  5. Charming. An outright flame, followed by an ad hominem attack.
  6. What you want is a ref to Remain! You lost last time! The parliament of scum needs removing ! Too many cowards who want Ref before facing the electorate to answer for their actions ! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. Don't care anymore, took the plunge and transferred money over, and have a steady pension income, so whichever way it goes I win/lose. I'm now looking at a 2 year window for them to sort this mess out. I must say, it's been an eye-opener to me, like, the way politics works.
  8. I guess they’re called “sky” lanes as that’s where you’re likely to end up if you ride a bike here.
  9. Glad I read this thread as I automatically assumed it was the Perth/Phuket flight from the headlines!!
  10. On the other hand, don't the subsidies of almost 60% actually encourage current production and oversupply? In turn requiring more subsidies in infinitum. This approach has been Prayut's policy since 2014 and continues to prove itself to be an economic addiction rather than a cure.
  11. All women anywhere in the world can "get under your skin" if you let them
  12. "Marut Puangbanjong – not Marut Puangsombat, as consistently confirmed by Capt Suporn for the past year. “I am sorry. I confused the wrong family name with another case,” Capt Sporn told The Phuket News. Karma came quick for the name spurning Capt. Sporn/Suporn
  13. Just incorrect info from somebody at the embassy that does not a have a clue about it.
  14. Looks like he maybe annoyed a local who snitched on him. No police work going off there just a random result from chance ... Interpol notice out for him too (probably for a while).
  15. Little update Been in contact with Millenium Auto, they told me BMW MC will come back to Phuket soon (don't hold your breath) I told them i would never buy a BMW if i can't get service where i buy it, period, told them you can get service on most big bike in Phuket, Ducati, Triumph, Kawa, Suzuki, Yamaha, ETC, but not on BMW, i see many GS here and they can’t get service around here, i mean newer BMW's
  16. “Adjust our strategy” or “make a different direction “. That will solve it NOT! What about the vocabulary “ Reform, complete overhaul,new leadership “ ? Never in a million years Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  17. First went there in 1991.... Last time there was 2002.
  18. But i wonder how many "dont live here ,wink wink"
  19. You don't seriously give any credit to the Thai education system? I think this is the result of a bright, self motivated kid with good parents and a thirst for knowledge and competition. He will do well in life.
  20. It's too late Thailand. You had your say back in March. Now live with it!
  21. What a joke, 78 times he is only fined 200 baht, so he will just carry on, doing just as he pleases, he will make the 200 baht back on his first passenger. Wake up you silly sods, fine him 10.000 baht, ban him, problem solved.
  22. Quite right. One of my concerns in this application would be the length of the visit, and the expenditure involved. The ECO will be asking himself why the applicant (and the sponsor, of course) intend only a one week visit. The sponsor is spending a fair amount of money on a one week visit. The applicant is unemployed, so why is she only staying in the UK for a week ? Why not a month, or whatever. These applications are not just about finances, they are also about the credibility of the application. Is it credible that an unemployed applicant, with no (stated) reasons to return to Thailand, would take a one week holiday to the UK ? Put yourself in the ECO's shoes for a minute.
  23. Argument erupted, I tell you Thai women have a way to get under your skin and kick off an argument but no reason to get physical
  24. Yes, don’t wait for both sides of the story now right, I wonder what the woman meant when she said “Phanpraka had filed a report with Pattaya police claiming that she had had a problem with the New Zealander's new woman who had damaged her property”.......sounds more like he was defending himself from a trouble making violent woman.
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