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  2. Taking without permission 1000 Baht Failing to make an effort to return the phone 500 Baht Concealing the said theft 1000 Planning to work as tattoo artist 2000 Baht Dodgy looking hair 555 Baht Contacting the British consulate whilst accused of a criminal offence ( otherwise known as stupidity) 200 Baht Thinking the British consulate staff will assist ( otherwise known as gross stupidity) 2000 Baht The inevitable upon arrest “ God damm it I am British,.... do you not know who I am” ( otherwise known as utter stupidity) 555 Baht Taking the services of a Thai Lawyer, ( who is friends with the prosecution lawyer, judge, arresting officers, local police chief) whatever you have left Baht and if not enough, they suggest you ask a friend to set up a go fund me page..... ENOUGH Baht
  3. Naw Dude, the bottom line is that Trump is what he is. Good at some things, bad at others. He's just a sleazy obnoxious NY businessman with the blue collar schtick no better, no worse than all the other rich dudes we have seen through the ages. History will judge him, not the screeching of his haters which echo the screeching of haters throughout political history anyway. Hell my genteel Aunt Mary, born 1900, educated and totally liberal (in the style of the 30s, which meant reading Vorwarts) had this insane irrational hatred of FDR, to the point of loosing her temper...we would get buzzed and play hey let's get Aunt Marry worked up about the WPA or Sidney Hillman. But I digress Anyway, the Democrats created Trump and Trump supporters, not society qua society. And as long as the Dems move leftward, and treat their opponents as intellectual and moral untermensch, Trumpism will thrive. Whether that is good or bad depends on whether you hate or think.
  4. Why say nobody cared? I am in exactly the same situation as that poor old lady, my wife is my carer, if something serious happened to her, and i was stuck on my bed i would be in trouble. The difference being when i am on my bed i can reach my computer, phone, so i would be able to get help, that poor old lady clearly did not have access to a phone, or was unable to use a mobile phone. Tragic so very tragic, my heart goes out to that lady, hope she gets the care she needs.
  5. Yes they don't have calculators. When it comes to elections I don't believe it matters.
  6. So where is the floating part of this thing? Is that all underwater?
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  8. I have a great life and I never steal anything from anyone (so I won't "get a turn" as you suggested). I have lots of compassion for my fellow human beings, I just don't have ANY compassion for a thief of this caliber. He can afford to come to Thailand for a vacation (so he's not poor). If he was starving and had to steal to eat then I would have showed my compassion and I would have even given him a healthy sum of money to help him out. I don't blame destitute people who live in the slums in 3rd world countries who sometimes have to steal to eat (steal food that is) but this scumbag got off too easy if you ask me. ...and by the way, who's the one doing the whining here? Look in the mirror before you open your fly catcher.
  9. Those ill informed or just damn ignorant slamming NF as a has been. Oh dear they are in for one huge shock https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/six-in-ten-tories-to-vote-for-brexit-party-in-european-elections-bb8j22d9r More than 60 per cent of Conservative Party members will vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the European elections, according to a survey for a leading Tory website. A similar poll showed that a high number of Tory councillors also planned to back their rivals, as the former Ukip leader continued to send shockwaves through Westminster. Last week two polls suggested that Mr Farage’s new party was ahead of the Conservatives and Labour and heading for victory in the European parliament elections next month. Mr Farage said yesterday that the main political parties had underestimated the extent of voters’ anger over the failure to leave the European Union. He added: “A lot of Conservatives are disgusted with what the party has done.” He said that his party would “sweep the board” in the elections three years after the UK voted to leave the EU.
  10. Good God ! Just how much Pigeon S#@t am I eating with my rice ? ( Photo )
  11. Can you explain why it happens ? What is the process that makes it dangerous with alcohol ? Anybody tried or it's just a legend ? Thanks.
  12. I think most these days will find Thailand a lot more expensive than they had anticipated and certainly exchange rates unless you're from the USA will hurt most tourists
  13. @ozmeldo Appreciate the insight. Lots of good stuff there. I'm already well beyond 50k, but I'm going to keep on growing, too. As for my friend, they don't need to work full time to earn a good living (i.e. digital nomad, freelance). If there's something great there for them, they'll consider it. But teaching 40 hours a week in a mall language center for 30-40k probably won't interest them. I've found intriguing corporate English postings that offer $20/hr+, and that might be something they'd want to do part time.
  14. weed was good but i finished it too fast !
  15. I gave personal examples earlier. You chose to ignore them because they don't suit your narrative.
  16. Not sure where they are currently, but it's not difficult to predict where they will end up as they will be applied using the same rules as Thai drivers - and you know what happens on a daily basis.
  17. Xiaomi Yi is the best of the cheap dashcams. Except if you are an idiot who wants to pay expensive for electronic devices that sit under the sun, you should buy this one which is perfectly enough.
  18. You've already accused me of not reading the thread. The OP has already stated he has a Lenovo and the ASUS is secondary, so it looks like you're not reading too well either. Calling me a troll is classic argument ad hominem. I'm wondering how many times in your life you've had egg on your face from being wrong about something where you were adamant you were right.
  19. I know someone who has a bar (in his Thai girlfriend's name of course!) and he does not have a work permit. Theoretically, if he was seen so much as moving a bar stool he could be arrested!
  20. Best post today, Mr Muddle! To many idiots posting here, only yak, yak, endlessly, no matter what topic! Have a beer on me! Cheers!
  21. Well done that man. it was only today I hauled a fallen motor cyclist to some safety with a gaping to the bone foot injury outside a pharmacy as everyone looked on had to get my Mrs to buy a dressing as he was left on the road as cars and huge bus manoeuvred around his head lucky someone cared enough to call an ambulance as I kept his heavily bleeding foot elevated and carried him off the scorching tarmac
  22. As others have pointed out, you cannot be promoted in the Thai military unless both parents are Thai citizens, so you would probably spend your time in the military cutting grass and washing dishes. Also, in the Thai Army you will not get the educational benefits, cheap loans, vocational training that you would get in the Australian Army. I did a bit of research when my stepson turned 18 and went from thinking that it might 'make a man of him' to realizing that enlisting in the Thai military would just be a waste of time.
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