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  2. why not just send him back to France? that would be a much worse punishment than all you mentioned!
  3. Understand. Many of the pro-Brexit voters are people who have not been so lucky in life. Some are real losers, others are looking for an easy way out. What is not more obvious than to run after a Farage and to brag his slogans. Nevertheless, rational politics must try to find solutions to their problems. Unfortunately, the UK governments in the past have failed. Unfortunately, the group of EU opponents does not ask their propagandist mouth-chowers enough concrete questions. Brexit ok, but what happens, when, how exactly after then? Still no plan. That a Boris or a Nigel are in any position to carry out any transactions with depth, expertise and detailed knowledge? They are 100% too lazy for that.
  4. Even knowing which immigration office you will use, no one can say for sure. Without knowing your office, we cannot even advance an educated guess. If the official rules are followed, two months of deposits of 65,000 are enough for a first extension, but I would normally expect the immigration official to want to see some backup documents that suggest you would be able to keep this up long term.
  5. The US Embassy put out a notice that insurance was required for long stays in Thailand without a loot of information. So, I sent them an e-mail explaining the visa/extension of stay system and told them that most of us expats are here on yearly extension of stays originally granted on Non-O visas. I asked them if the insurance requirement applied to these extensions. I asked them not to answer until someone that understood the new requirements researched the question so that we could get a definitive answer. They responded later in the day restating that insurance "will sometime in the future" be required for long stay visas with no mention about yearly extensions. Why should I have expected anything else,as these are the twits the mucked up the Income Affidavit.
  6. A good few days post election and it's still only getting 21.xx. 23 feels like a long way away!
  7. the sovereign govt of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have put in place measures to prevent no deal,iam sure even you are aware of this.
  8. Hence, everything depends on the mood of the IO at the specific office, the IO understanding/knowledge and interpretation of Immigration laws. Good luck figuring all this out...like playing Russian roulette with these IO idiots. The only result I expect, and you noticed is, consistent inconsistency. THat's why agents with BIG brown envelopes get the job done.
  9. Okay, so let's imagine that women actually listen to her and start depriving themselves (because regardless of what this has-been childhood star thinks, I know women who actually enjoy sex) deprive their hubbies and BF's from getting any nooky. How does that initiate a change of law? Does she really expect the men who aren't getting laid to somehow force law makers to help them out? I think this is just a case of someone who lost the spotlight many years ago and is desperate for a moment of fame again.
  10. i think you should invest in business,you never know you might make back the £10-15k brexit has cost you so far,btw is the rate below 40 yet or is it still hanging on by a faaaannnnyys hair
  11. Good question. As I see it You pay TW £1000 from your UK bank to their UK Bank. They knock £10 off for commission TW then send £990 from their UK bank to your nominated bank in Thailand (at which point the conversion is done) Your nominated bank then credits your Thai account. I'm assuming TW don't have a Thai account per se Could be wrong of course.
  12. The question is: What was he using toilet paper for in the Limo?
  13. tusk and co will laff at sackless Boris,he would go to brussels and come back with nothing better than anything may got and "here we go AGAIN" he said live on TV mays deal just needed a little tinkering,so brexiteers dont expect anything suicidal,unless of coarse he was telling more porkies,all makes no difference anyway hard brexit and no deal wont get through parliament,most tories want to remain so a remain leader it shall be,should only take a few months to get A50 revoked,tories might then just get enough votes to see off labour at the GE,leave with a no deal and they are toast.
  14. Social Security should be fine. There are no limits for either inpatient or outpatient coverage with SS. I should be 432 baht a month.
  15. Easy to see them laughing at the idea - old phones make little sense nowadays, regardless of the benefits they had. I still use a decent ten year old Nokia alongside my smartphone, better for basic calls than any phone I've had since. A decade ago it was easy to unlock any phone in MBK and similar places in Bangkok for small money, but maybe they've got too used to big mark-ups in Tukcom now, or they're bereft of expertise there with older phones.
  16. I have never been asked to report my change of residence when I stay in hotels inside Thailand or when I leave the country. I have never notified Immigration upon my return. I have never notified my Leasing company and they never asked me to notify them. I have not had any problems with CW Immigration in Bangkok and have not been questioned one time about a TM30. Guess I have been lucky...
  17. unemployment in the EU is at a 19 year low,pensioners are generally well off across the EU,homelessness is usually a self inflicted thing involving drink/drugs/crime etc,there will always be poorly paid people and always will be but like you say they are home made issues by the individual and barely anything to do with the EU,if anything the EU helps workers with low wages/rights,i will use a term used by the late and great maggie thatcher,moaning minnies is what they are,i prefer to call them failures in life.Hard work never harmed anyone i was taught by my parents.
  18. Amen to that, brother. On the one hand it would of course be good for the kid should you go back to Oz, though going later would keep him connected with Thailand also. It does seem like there's been more of a concerted effort to squeeze out the long-term farang contingent of late... almost as if it's been purposefully made expensive by the knobs currently 'ruining' the place. Visa wise, other than retirement, believe you can get an extension of stay based on parent of Thai kid... All the best
  19. Its one thing to think a thread useless and not comment on it... its a whole other level to think it useless, be critical of the post count and then add your own useless comment to that count !!!... But we don't need to make this stuff up... you'll not let us down with your golden droplets of banality....
  20. I would think you would. Nice report. That's why you see so many comments/suggestions to check your stamps when you get them.
  21. if women will follow her, there is no need anymore for abortion so problem solved itself.
  22. Thai banking regulations are what restricts outward international remittances to only those who qualify to do such. AFAIK, if your don't qualify to do it from a local bank, only Deemoney offers a reciprocal local service akin to transferwise.
  23. I have given a like, but I can not fully agree. Unfortunately, there are many who are not well positioned economically. The division of society is increasing more and more. There is then a set of debris: unemployed, homeless, poorly paid workers performing the simplest tasks, pensioners with minimal pensions, young people with no prospects and nationalists. This is exactly the Group which is activated by the demagogics like Farage. He absorbs their understandable problems. But does not solve the problems ( Farage has no development plan for a better social society - too much work for him and no easy money to take) but focuses dissatisfaction on an easy target. These may be minorities (the Poles who stole our jobs) or/and Institutions like the EU (undemocratic, not elected, superstate, shackles). That many problems are homemade, by bad policies of their own national government, is concealed. The people are played against each other with the scapegoat mesh is no longer perceived.
  24. Expensive imported options: Lantus (Insulin glargine) - long acting. Comes in both prefilled pens but also in mutli dose vial. Imported and expensive. I used to be on Mixtard. 40++ units a day. The middle of last year I was switched over to the Lantas Solostar Pen. It works differently, so they had me start with 8 units in the AM. The pens have 300 units, so you can see how long they last me. I pay 565 per pen. I'm not the one paying for it, but I don't consider that expensive once you factor in the much smaller amount of insulin I need. Terry KKC
  25. Off-topic, troll and posts from questionable sources have been removed along with replies.
  26. One dude posts he has trouble renting his condo..Calls the thread BKK condo collapse and the fools line up driving it to 100 posts. You can not make this s+++ up!!
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