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  2. Is that a 5/15 or 15/45 you cannot upgrade? Many places cannot go above a 15/45.
  3. Today I had an appointment for a needle biopsy at Sriphat, the appointment was made more than two weeks ago. The biopsy will involve admission for 1 night. I arrived this morning at the appointed time, checked in, had blood drawn, and an IV inserted. Then I get a call from the doctor who is to perform the complex biopsy. So sorry he says, I forgot today is a government holiday. Can you come back tomorrow? Such incompetence is unbelievable - makes me think twice about having the procedure done there. I usually go to Bangkok hospital, I guess you get what you pay for.
  4. Some nice things about Rochester but it's a dead city, New York state, shitonna snow, long winters. Not recommended.
  5. So much fuzz for nothing. I have my travel insurance from AXA for 20 euro and that is all I need Gesendet von iPad mit Thaivisa Connect
  6. There are only 25,000 words in the Thai language as compared to about one million in English. So whether renew equals replace or extend the context is on the OA in that short paragraph. On the other hand if all inclusive you have 3 options: insurance , (which could be very creative ie 399000 deduct) agent or plan B
  7. You think people are eating a significant number of wild cattle? And people are unable to control the population of wild cattle? Lame. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Living at a U.K. address, the last time I got Travel Insurance my 6 months were spread over a year, a few days/months etc. If you did make a claim I am sure the first thing the Insurance Company would do is ask for was your Passport. As we know Insurance Companies employ people to investigate claims.
  9. If he is the guy that turned back the boats, good for him. Probably saved hundreds if not thousands of lives by doing so. Even "UN approved refugees" do not have the right to jump the queue. Re the OP, who actually believes in those polls anyway? Load of BS, IMO. They ask a few people and based on those answers claim to know what millions more will vote. Good to see them with the proverbial egg on face though.
  10. TODAY 5/20 41° /27° Partly sunny; very hot
  11. I agree that 92 kph is not the spirit of law enforcement. But if you drove at 89 kph you would be within the law, get no ticket and pay nothing - and it would make no difference to your journey driving time. Most speedsters are persistent offenders and the first paragraph of your post suggests that they make up their own laws. Encouraging those to ignore tickets is irresponsible and certainly doesn't get my support.
  12. The biggest problem in my eyes is that they can reproduce!
  13. Wouldn't any stamp you put in yourself be defacing the passport and technically make it invalid?
  14. Correct. The statement "The requirement applies to all new applicants for one-year non-immigrant O-A visas, and for those applying to “renew” their one-year permits-to-stay, Dr Natthawut Prasertsiripong, Chief of the MoPH Department of Health Service Support said. Makes no sense unless renew means extension now does it?
  15. The current situation with Iran is all on trump. The long term Middle East problems, that's on a lot of us.
  16. That was not the case for us, despite Mrs BM arranging for the supply to our whole road to be renewed and re-routed a couple of years ago (after we had waited for a year), we have been unable to get them to sell us more than 15 amps. This is a real PITA with no resolution in sight.
  17. I reckon he picked the wrong place to reach under the seat for his .38....
  18. Do traffic fines have interest for late payment? If not, I think they should.
  19. With the 32 amp breaker being the main incoming side, will i need to kill power at the pole to change them?
  20. Kasikorn were giving out hello kitty bankbooks/cards. i don't think you had a choice. Sadly discontinued.
  21. ^ He may have thought that the road was a two way road without realising that it was a double lane one way road ?
  22. I got hit by an airborne CBR 150 when driving in my pick up with wifey. This poor bloke gets hit by a car on his motorbike. Unbelievable. TLAV= The Land of Airborne Vehicles. Nothing else matters.
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