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  2. Do you really need a re-hash of the recent episode involving Barr's version of Mueller's report?
  3. in the photo it doesn't have the usual distinctive markings, we got loads in the flooded undeveloped land behind our shop house...harmless and very timid but they can move very quickly when they want to, they usually eat birds and their eggs and cute furry little kitty cats gamboling and unaware...torn limb from limb by powerful prehistoric jaws, etc...
  4. Off topic in the Visa forum. Moved to the forum Teaching in Thailand.
  5. Camaran ran a way... May has her marching orders... Corbyn got a bloody good kicking...
  6. Do tell, just how are Jews behaving differently? Or, for that matter, how do members of other religions act distinctively differently? Not liking is one thing, attacking those one doesn't like is another. And while at it - what is that "reason" you're alluding to - your post doesn't actually say.
  7. That's one hell of a pipe they laid from Jomtien to Patong! Anybody see them do it, or did the night-shift do it?
  8. Full speed. Supposedly valid until the end of the year. But when it comes to Truemove H, that is no guarantee.
  9. Just cementing their pensions. Can't blame them really; if we were born into a corrupt culture and handed the opportunity, we'd probably do the same. Don't make it right, of course; in fact it's a massive downer Thailand continues to get stuffed through the wringer.
  10. You cant get a work permit without all the qualifications. Even if a private school gives you a job with no qualifications, you are still illegal without a work permit
  11. Completely agree with this comment. Sadly most Thai schools are massively ageist and would rather a handsome young man who is probably a terrible teacher than an older guy who could be a much better teacher. Most schools just want token white face to please the parents (same argument applies to Filipinos who are often very good teachers but don’t look the part)
  12. Last night's legends game was the most entertaining game by a United side i have watched in 5 or 6 years. Sign up Stam forthwith
  13. Correct ! but as with many things in Thailand it can vary by Office and Province. In my case it was 80 baht complete with receipt.
  14. You and others seem not to have noticed that the OP went to Savannakhet, not to Vientiane. No matter, but I dislike the accusatory tone of comments here, though, on past experience, they are only to be expected. The OP paid in good faith for a service, which he found wanting. He wrote a letter of complaint which may or may not have an effect. That's about as far as he can go, beyond thoughts turning to Molotov cocktails. Once he has calmed down, not doubt he will chalk it up to experience. Should the OP wish for some solid advice on how to go to Savannakhet independently, cheaply and efficiently, I would be happy to help if he will PM me. It is not difficult, relatively safe, and at the end of it does not result in torrents of smartarse comments and abuse.
  15. Nonsense. People's opinions and votes can change. Why are Brexiteers so scared of asking the people? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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  17. Do you demand the same of say, Muslims? Sikhs? Buddhists? Is this "when in Rome" thing actually applied world wide? Do you actually get it that the Jews, in this instance are locals?
  18. Putin demands release of Russian journalists arrested in Ukraine http://tass.com/politics/1008938 kiril was charged and sentenced , while others just held, no news if or when they were freed
  19. Unless you got PR here, you're just a temporary visitor and I doubt there will be any perks, even if you got non-imm status. Still not an immigrant, just normal cattle class visitor, no matter how many decades here.
  20. I have the BEST landlord,,,, No see him in 10 yrs I fix all or Not..$100 a month with new POOL...Move Soon,,,,,,,,
  21. Ridiculous it may be to a self righteous fareng but this is the facts of teaching in the banana republic that is Thailand. if you are under 40, presentable in appearance and from Britain, America or Australia/NZ you can walk into a ‘decent’ school to teach conversation English. Comparing the necessary skills to medicine is ridiculous as we both know the ability required to teach conversation to a class of 40 children is considerably less than that of anything remotely medical (nursing included!)
  22. You just need to read.." Brussels laid bare " by Marta Andreasson to see the extent of the corruption..back when a certain neil kinnock was an eu commissioner. Remember him..as leader of the labour party..he was going to take the UK away from the eu. Then he jumped head first inti the gravy train. Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  23. Thanks. I forgot to specify that I meant the one in Bangkok, near BTS Sala Daeng.
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