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  2. His only mistake seems to have been not getting the minions to check every minute detail to make sure he's squeaky clean!
  3. I wonder if Chinese tourists will start staying away because of the extra impost. Given their renowned stinginess, it could happen.
  4. It was the only book that the film rights hadn't been secured for already. I watched it on DVD a while back and it was rather confusing. I liked Woody Allen- he played another James Bond in it, I think. They had several James Bonds, if I remember correctly.
  5. Go to a dozen immigration offices and you will 12 different opinions.
  6. So why don't you too? Are you the poster police?
  7. Wow talk about "bloatware" that's huge !!!!
  8. Yes but she, her boss and all their minions believe they are the only ones entitled to do that!
  9. The absence of (adequate) public libraries in Thailand, and in most of Southeast Asia as well, is truly unfortunate.
  10. Having to bring your landlord to Immigration or get the PoA, with some sort of stamps, seems a bit more challenging. What if the landlord lives overseas, and the lease is completed by the Juristic person as the agent, and the rent is paid directly into landlords account in BKK, condo in Phitsanulok, landlord permanent overseas
  11. I know this may be difficult to understand, but immigration offices will be in no way at all involved in the implementation of this insurance requirement. It will be for the embassies and consulates that issue the visas to ascertain that the insurance is in place before they grant the visa.
  12. Does Thailand return a lot of dead tourists? I'm feeling the love and security...
  13. And here is another proof: do you have money? Kill, because then with the money you buy the conscience of the family, GREAT !!!
  14. In actual fact I do have personal experience of the Embassy's service, that's why I have such a strong opinion on the subject. "... that fact you appear not to have any useful knowledge of anything in reality". Such as?
  15. This may assist the OP. http://library.siam-legal.com/thai-law/criminal-code-punishment-sections-28-30-3/
  16. I see it another way - Your rights in a democratic process as residents have been dismissed despite we have not yet ,if ever, established any legitimate end point in our democratic process which gives us any legitimate right to so do. A faux pas maybe but indicative of the cluster #.ck the UK is in.
  17. If you're just interested in sports and TV, it's about 380 Baht P/M.
  18. Rich irony though as all PTP MP's sell their souls to the Big Boss!
  19. I'm lovin' it. For the last 20 years or more UK politicians, particularly Tony B.liar & Co, embraced the influx of migrants from EU and elsewhere. It was all on the presumption that the new voters would vote for Liebour and be pro-EU. Johnny Foreigner voting here for UK MPs and MEPs, stinks of political engineering and vote fraud. But they've screwed it all up with this election. What a hoot!
  20. "The British Embassy the World over are a pitiful excuse for representing UK Nationals abroad and helping where they can. They don't help at all. Even if trade and commerce are involved, they are next to useless". You base that (incorrect) assertion on what rationale? "They would be the very last people I would approach if I needed help". Who would you approach for help in the circumstances that most people would ask the Embassy?
  21. UPDATE: Thanathorn attends opening of parliament along with other newly-elected members By The Nation Dressed in the government uniform, newly-elected members of House of Representatives on Friday attended the ceremony to open parliament. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102537-thanathorn-may-attend-parliament-opening-and-1st-house-meeting/?do=findComment&comment=14174493
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