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  2. If the immigration officer used your re-entry permit you would stamped in until April 17th, 2020. If you asked him not to use the re-entry you would get a 30 day visa exempt entry.
  3. With Copacabana and many other condos being built Jomtien is going from disaster to disaster ! I don’t know how anyone can swim In that water, even before ! Suicidal.
  4. Your post is silly beyond description. Of course social protest can bring about changes. It's happened all across the planet. Didn't you ever notice?
  5. Just joking, Wilson. We like to make and have fun on these threads as we post great music.
  6. My sympathy is with the racers. I was one of them on small bikes when young and I am still one today.
  7. TTT69 ...I think we have to look at these Chinese cities as the most recent form of 'colonization'. Chinese , or any race for that matter , arent allowed to just take 600,000 people , and sail into some country and set up . But if they purport to be "assisting" the host country by building something useful , like a Casino city ( 5555) , that will bring huge amounts of foreign currency into undeveloped areas ( not to mention lining all the pockets of the officials involved ) , then China gets to spread its sphere of influence , it gets use of a new resource , it gets work for its citizens. Ive seen the gambling city being built in the Golden Triangle on the Laos side . ( and ive also seen the massive power cables crossing the Mekong there ) Sadly , Thailand only has one choice re gambling. And that is to start building its own Casinos. If it doesnt , and given the Thais love of gambling , vast amounts of baht will pour across the borders. And vast amounts of foreign currency wont come in...
  8. It's my opinion. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech. Who are you? My dad. It's a expat forum for christs sake. Not Oprah. Sent from my SM-A700FD using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. I got mine for free. No idea what she showed but Mrs E did it all. Now if you asked me about a document for Barclays in UK that was a different story. Eventually got my Yellow translated. Lady shipped it and got it stamped at CW. Been worth it's weight in gold since then.
  10. Actually I didn't mean for this to become a battle between Thailand and the Philippines, but here is 2 cents from me. There is a kind of a medical benefit in the Philippines for those who are on US Medicare. While Medicare still doesn't cover you there (like everywhere else), the Philippines is just a few hours and $200 away from Guam where it does. Not good for a hangnail or emergency but for planned extensive care it is doable. Long stay people can get on the basic Philippine government insurance.
  11. Dates, 65bht for 500gm at YoK and Rimping. That's cheaper than the UK, and they sell them all year round, not just at Xmas.
  12. Thanks Crossy Looks like a dogs breakfast to sort. I've included a diagram to show where the cables go after transformer(30KVA) I think the cable is standard PEA cable 50sq? There are roughly 80 households feeding off the routes. So is this the 2 options. Extend main line(the 2 x 25kva lines)old transformer to here and new transformer.(dotted line) All the pre exsisting routes stay on old transformer and new one for me and further expansion in the future. Or i just replace my meter to house run from 25sq to 185sq and still maybe incur voltage drop from there 550 metre run from transformer. Other options? Roughly talking with PEA serviceman before he was talking about 100K for 30 KVA transformer. Hope i haven't confused things to much.
  13. Not bad, 3000 Baht for your modern house, plus half a rai of land. I pay much more for my house. See pic.[emoji1782] Gesendet von meinem SM-N950F mit Tapatalk
  14. Rimmer

    Key Visa

    A libelous post has been removed. As this topic is ten years old it can also be closed. //CLOSED//
  15. If the child came from europe and booked to return to europe, no problem. It is the child's residence that is important. Where it has lived last, legally for 6 or more months. It is to there that the child must go and any arguement settled in the courts of that country. It is not possible yo legally take the child from it's resident country without the expressed permission of the parent resident/citizen in that country.
  16. Applicants and their dependants must possess a medical insurance coverage from any insurance company that is valid in Malaysia. Applicants aged 50 and above may comply with the financial proof of RM350,000 in liquid assets and off shore income of RM10,000 per month. For certified copy(s) of Current Account submitted as financial proof, applicants must provide the latest 3 months’ statement with each month’s credit balance of RM 350,000. For government pensioners, they can show proof of receiving pension of at least RM 10,000 per month. Open a fixed deposit account of RM 150,000.00. Tis you who are in error. Not I.
  17. Poor Donald, works for free, puts in unbelievable work hours, fights the entrenched swamp of long time gators, and he still can't get a break. Leave Trump alone and lets start nailing $170,000 a year MILLIONAIRES. Give this man a break. We were lucky to still have a country after 8 years of OBUMMER.
  18. You are correct Rob, as usual. It is against the law. But I think the poster might be referring to the selective way in which the law is often enforced. There have been some high profile cases of Western farangs being pulled up for this, AirNB etc. Whereas it seems the Chinese are doing it with condos and villas and a blind eye is being turned. If they set up check-in and check-out facilities, baggage storing, etc they are effectively running an unlicensed hotel, also against the law, and I suspect probably not reporting "guests" to immigration, also a legal requirement. If this has been drawn to the attention of the police, then they should be acting.
  19. Perhaps too embarrassed. too frightened, I merely placed that as a possibility, many sexual assaults go unreported and the fact that it APPEARS ( as the parents did not know and indicates she had no support system) there was no medical support during her pregnancy, indicates that her life leading up to this action was less than ideal.
  20. Some off topic/inappropriate posts removed.
  21. didnt they raise money for this already? now they need 30k again! they should have sold key chain size baby trump to raise the funds but that would be too entrepreneurial for leftist community organizers.
  22. It's not just Trump whose tried the wiping out it's US history they just won't stop. US wanting to control oil & gas is wrong. Since ww2 they've bombed Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Bosnia, Somalia , Kuwait, Iraq, Panama, Libya, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Lebanon, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Peru, Dominican Republic, Belgian Congo, Cuba, Indonesia, Guatemala, Korea, China. Also United States had intervened in 81 foreign elections from the last count of year 2000.
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