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  2. but they were supposed to fix it right then she's special
  3. Why do so many on here in brexit threads find the need to add a cartoon to their posts? It doesn't clarify or explain anything, just shows a very simplistic way of thinking.
  4. In most cases, I think those trying to become fluent in Thai have the intention of spending a lot of time in Thailand in the future. Sometimes, fluent Thai is a prerequisite for getting the job in Thailand they want. Some have girlfriends who they expect to marry in the future, but only after an extended period of staying together to ensure compatibility. Still others expect to retire in Thailand but do not yet qualify for the appropriate visas/extensions.
  5. no mr. bmw will hand out a few envelopes and all will be forgottenor the other driver will be charged with insulting mr. bmw lol
  6. I'm one of those people who only tip for really great service, but when I do, I tip heavily. I had an issue once at a Thai restaurant where I needed to deal with something urgently, but my phone was dead. The waitress let me use her phone and stalled the food until I got back (I had had a couple of drinks already at this point), and ended up being late due to Bangkok traffic. My bill was about 600 but I gave the lady 1000 baht tip, she was over the moon, but would rather give 1000 to someone who deserved it than 50 lots of 20 baht to people who did nothing special. She was rather attractive too. But I agree - tipping in Thailand is really not necessary, but if someone goes out of their way to help me I will make sure that I help them back.
  7. I agree. The vision of those responsible for such things, from top to bottom, is shortsighted and in need of an adjustment. Perhaps this an example of the unqualified, leading the unwilling to direct the uneducated.
  8. Criminals, overstayers, work without permitt ...blah blah blah Remember "Hangover" ??? for making such movies in Hollywood have to pay. The direction was one and then a sharp turn for China.
  9. a globetrotter stated the most beautiful woman on earth is to be found in northern india. otoh i have some friends that told me i wouldnt like india, they wouldnt even debate it, i suspect theres a lot of poverty, begging, hassling, and in your face type of interaction
  10. I guess your American so you say where did the Thais come from.
  11. Like the PMs TV show I note this rubbish is still ranking despite an obvious lack of interest- must be one of the perks to get the name in lights- at least digitally
  12. Imagine if he landed on someone walking down below, 70+ kg landing on someone from that height would break many bones if not killing them.
  13. They are going to auction off a cheap boat shortly that would be ideal for the another ferry from Pattaya to Hau Hin, just make sure you wear a life jacket!!!!!!
  14. Well it could be any one of these. https://www.channel4.com/news/farage-to-be-investigated-by-european-parliament-over-banks-funding-revealed-by-channel-4-news https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-48354209 https://www.indy100.com/article/brexit-party-finances-farage-channel-4-ban-european-elections-eu-8923096 https://pressgazette.co.uk/channel-4-news-blocked-from-brexit-party-events-in-wake-of-nigel-farage-investigation/
  15. Where you in Dads army? Without Big John Wayne , the US of A , would not be civilised , ask tonto.
  16. The U.K population at the 2017 General election voted by 80% for parties that promised in their manifesto to respect and honour the result of the people’s referendum. This of course included voting for M.P who likewise promised the same. I presume that to leave this so called union,would be as catastrophic as when we decided not to accept the Euro, or to suffer the immediate economic disaster that remainers predicted would befall upon our country in 2016, should we vote to leave.
  17. I'm leaning toward Mazuma too. Questions if I may: Are you in the Bkk area? What model do you have? Did you buy from Mazuma directly or Lazada? Can you say more about the contract? Does the 1500pa cover the replacement filters ...? Do you have a name/number at Mazuma who I could talk to re water filters and maintenance contract? Thank you.
  18. Thats an unpleasant thing to suggest and also racist . Saying that "old White people hate Blacks , gay and drug users" and it also suggests that old white people may have deliberately invented the disease . HIV also doesnt "target" Black people , if they are more prone to catching it , thats is becuse of their behavior , rather than their skin colour
  19. Whatever the case, agents will circumvent it within a few days.
  20. I’m sorry I’m confused are you being rejected to India or Columbia? Must be a big decision if you can’t make it in Thailand, LOL. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. An overrated emotion? Sent from my JKM-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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