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  2. Off-topic, troll posts removed along with replies. Meme's, by the way, are not a reply. It's a discussion forum, not a comic book.
  3. I will reply in a more courteous manner to you than you did to me. I didn't read up about it because I stated "As I see it" which infers very little knowledge. The £10 was just an example to make it easier to lay out my calculations. on "reading up about it", it appears TW do have an account in Thailand which begs the question that the OP asked.
  4. It wont last just a blip as usual. next month the Us or the brits will announce a drop in employment rates and the OZ dollar will for no apparent reason fall to its knees again. AS the saying goes when the world sneezes the oz dollar gets the flu
  5. Have a look at my post history. This is the only occasion I've ever posted about Brexit. So, hardly disingenuous. Yes, I would expect that kind of language from the far right. Remainers are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard.
  6. Trump is , right now, announcing that he is using $16B of taxpayers money, yours/mine, to but votes for 2020. He is bailing out the farmers from a situation that he created by his "beautiful" tariff plan. He also says that the $16B will quickly be recovered by the "trillions" of dollars that the US will be getting from the tariffs. What he fails to explain or possibly understand is that China is not paying the tariffs, the US consumer is paying the tarrr4ifs with incresed cost of product, personnel layoffs and business closures. I can't believe people believe his BS!
  7. Because I have always had enough money to pay for my own treatment and didnt need insurance.
  8. to continue: Thailand Live Friday 24 May 2019 https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102433-thailand-live-friday-24-may-2019/
  9. RIP. Bullying is rife in these institutions, as are cover ups. To be fair, not just in Thailand.
  10. should be a piece of cake to get a good deal from a drunken man Boris slurs his words sober more than junker does pisssst
  11. As soon as I read BMW I knew he was in the wrong. Sorry, guys, but you lot are the pits, anywhere in the world. What makes it worse for this clown is he was in an X1, which is a poor man's X3, which is a poor man's X5. lol
  12. [PODCAST] What it’s like to play in a European Cup final with Ex-Spurs defender Gary Stevens Thaivisa.com has teamed up with ex-Spurs and England footballer Gary Stevens for the Final Whistle podcast - a weekly football review show. We’ve got something a little different for you this week. Listen here: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102118-podcast-what-it’s-like-to-play-in-a-european-cup-final-with-ex-spurs-defender-gary-stevens-ep9/
  13. UPDATE: Thai anti-junta politician suspended ahead of the opening of parliament FILE PHOTO: Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, leader of the Future Forward Party attends a news conference to form a "democratic front" in Bangkok, Thailand, March 27, 2019. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun/File Photo BANGKOK (Reuters) - A court in Thailand suspended the leader of an anti-junta political party as a member of parliament on Thursday, a day ahead of the opening of the legislature for the first time since a disputed March 24 election. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102379-urgent-court-to-consider-shares-case-against-thanathorn-suspends-him-from-office/?do=findComment&comment=14171951
  14. Thai expats see incomes soar By The Nation The pay and benefits packages of expatriates in Thailand saw a major increase, with the overall package of an average overseas worker increasing by US$27,917 year on year, according to a new survey. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102411-thai-expats-see-incomes-soar/
  15. Thailand helps Interpol nail child sex predators By THE NATION WITH THE help of local authorities, Interpol has managed to nail several predators who sexually exploited children and produced child pornography for online distribution. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102408-thailand-helps-interpol-nail-child-sex-predators/
  16. neither are you whoops will change the wine to i doubt many brits are supping it at thai prices and 40bt to the mighty quid
  17. No more rare earths for you America. Trump well on his way to his 5th bankruptcy. Outdone himself this time taking down a whole country.
  18. What are you blabbering on about? It ain't rocket science. Does his condo non rental = the collapse of the entire bangkok rental sector or not?
  19. Sometimes even world class resorts need a little photoshop even the dog smells a rat
  20. a 100-200 metre stretch of paris road barely means france is in anarchy,worse things were happening in the UK not too long ago,the UK govt can give British steel a loan so your wrong there,southern med countries are not on the bones of their <deleted>,italy despite just entering a recession is still economically stable,greece recovering nicely from her spending spree,spain,portugal going ok and eire doing just fine with wages/standard of living now higher than the UK,eastern european economies are booming with growth above the western nations,EU jobless rate is at a 19 year low so cannot be that bad unless you want to kid yourself otherwise,they probably laff at the UKs £15k household debt (and rising) before mortgages as terrifying and a bubble about to implode.
  21. Still advertisong on 103 FM..
  22. You are wrong. The money doesn't cross any borders. You have completely failed to understand how the TW system works. Read up about it. PS I just checked how much it would cost for someone to receive £1000 worth of baht in Thailand: I pay £1007 pounds, TW charge £6.85, recipient gets £1000.15 worth of baht @ 40.38 baht to the pound.
  23. https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/journalist/electoral-commission-media-centre/party-and-election-finance-to-keep/arron-banks,-better-for-the-country-and-others-referred-to-the-national-crime-agency-for-multiple-suspected-offences Here's the link.
  24. OP thanks for the post. If it helps some people great and those that interested easy enough to go to the next article. No need to get knotted up over it. Hey anyone hear what happened to the couple that had the pod for living what they thought was International waters....
  25. Thai army - A Few Good Men it is not. Don't let your kids go in, chaps.
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