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  2. Both probably start with Kane on the bench.
  3. That was NOT even indicated in my post, one has to worry about your comprehension or poor attempt at humour
  4. I know I shouldn't ask but, what does it eat?
  5. Obviously things are done differently in your country.
  6. DTAC still works if you have a SIM registered before the 1st of April. Perhaps even beyond. AIS perhaps too if your SIM was registered before the 1st of March, but they have raised the prices. Truemove H seem to have cancelled all of their unlimited data capped packages from the 1st of May. so good only for cheap volume data packs.
  7. Make of that what you will .. The photo suggests that the Vigo has rear end shunted the bike big style which as likely as not was stationary for it to remain embedded in the front of the Toyota like that .. Down to the Vigo driver this .. He needs to hold his hands up and accept responsibility for it ..
  8. 1. For the one year extension you need 400k baht in a Thai bank in your name only or proof of 40k baht income. For the 60 day extension you would not need financial proof or be the legal father of your child. 2. You name no the birth certificate does not make you the legal father. If they are under 7 years old it has to be done via a family court or at a Amphoe if 7 or over. See this topic on the family and children forum. How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father
  9. Biggest Jingjook I ever saw. Hate to disappoint you as I am not expert on lizards but it looks like what the Thai call a 'Hea'..... Suggest you be careful with your pronunciation there!
  10. Always the same with above ground power lines: Wind blows the poles Trees hit the poles or lines, Truck hit them Should I go on? Put it all underground, what is usual in many countries!
  11. Rumor has it that he did not want to waste any of his perfectly good 5.56 ammo on such a pathetic POS! Rumor also has it....that he, the guy carrying the M16, did in fact offer to get some rope from his vehicle, because he saw a perfect tree they could use for a far more fitting way to punish the disgusting little runt...
  12. The arguments against the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use have never had any reasoned justification in my opinion. A great many substances are harmful if too much is consumed. Alcohol is a drug and when used to excess is proven to be harmful yet its legal. It terms of addiction, there is some evidence that cannabis, especially the newer, stronger versions can be addictive/create dependency. Once again, alcohol can also become addictive - hence alcoholics, yet its legal. I believe that countries that ban the use of cannabis for recreational purposes are nothing more than Nanny States - people have choices. There is no evidence that when used in moderation, cannabis is harmful to society and therefore no justification in banning its use. That is not to suggest that all drugs should be legalised - clearly some of the more highly addictive drugs cause severe social problems. A 'crack' addict for example, is very likely to be a mini crime wave - stealing to feed their habit. It is this unjustified fear of legalisation that creates a situation where countries only legalise 'medicinal cannabis' which has had its 'high's' removed. The consequences of this seem to be becoming clear. Its not only Thailand that's reported adverse reactions to medicinal cannabis. It seems clear to me that these adverse effects are more to do with how the drug has been altered. Its about time that governments let us make our own choices about cannabis.
  13. What's Khun Suthep doing in your back garden Seriously though, it's a water monitor. Dtua ngeun dtua yai. Or "hia", which also doubles up as a Thai expletive.
  14. Who actually touted that ? I do recall the Gaurdian saying that opposite
  15. Or those in Laos, though they seem to be drowning in the Mekong or otherwise dying at an alarming rate.
  16. If ever they make a show "The Young Victor", this would make a great episode, OP keep the anecdotes coming and we might end up with a complete first series.
  17. Did you say you were with your girlfriend, who called for you using her phone ? Is she Thai ? Were you all alone’ in the middle of nowhere ? How old are you, and are ou a tourist ?
  18. Theres only one man for the job . Someone give Tommy a shout .............
  19. i understand that the U.S. gov. is offering to euthanize these elderly street people and that will be covered by Medicare. coming attractions.
  20. Hmm...just wondering if those at TMN knew about this and was trying to sabotage the news by putting this article up first this morning: https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/thailand’s-office-workers-branded-coffee-drinking-culture-will-be-a-boom-to-the-local-healthcare-segment Must say that they were cheeky!
  21. Scratching the itch some more? US Security Officials. Not Trade nor Diplomatic.
  22. Like a scene from an old western movie getting the cattle rustlers ready for hanging.
  23. Just a word of warning with these cheap rooms on a monthly rent, the last thing you want is a nasty electric "bill shock" when you checking out and possibly low on funds...
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