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  2. Nongplalai. The north side of the dark side. Lovely.
  3. Apparently they've removed 'gullible' from the dictionary too.
  4. Apologies I can use for work etc. When there’s problem I’m clueless. Dell desktop got the message as picture shows. Tries to fix it and got a message hardsrive not installed. Any suggestions to fix it would be appreciated. A lot of work on it so hopefully can fix it... Thanks
  5. Try your embassy for help. Maby they can arrange something..
  6. My thoughts ..... The number of people applying for OA visas will half. They will move on to 'O' Multi-entry. If applied to 'O' multi-entry visas. Then the number of retirees will fall, and many others will either change to single-entry 'O' visas, tourist visas, Visa exemptions .... Immigration will have a lot more work to do. If you spend 6-9 months a year in Thailand, you do not want to pay insurance for 12 months. I can get travel insurance for about one-third of the price, for a year. Why not just make expats pay into the Public Thai health system, at a similar rate as Thais pay (Haha! no falang price!)
  7. In the long term, be it townhouse, shop house or villa, it is cheaper to rent than buy.
  8. Except sidewalks. ...and scooter parking places.
  9. Personally I am stunned how some people can deny what is so obvious Donald has gotten away with many bad deeds because of wealth if he was a regular guy he would have changed be in prison or dead it’s obvious he isent going to change soooo time will tell and stop being a mark
  10. years ago i was told transfers of any type in the USA above $10,000 were automatically reported to the IRS.
  11. according to consulate in Vancouver, its a Non O-A http://www.thaiconsulatevancouver.ca/retirement-visa/
  12. Yeah, but if the OP's wife ends up renting it out at 7k baht/month...? Try not to conflate real estate prices and practices in the outside world with what is the norm in LOS.
  13. I always come by plane now (from France), the last time I was brought to the office of the officer at Bangkok airport. Regarding my expulsion, It was a refusal to enter Poipet
  14. Curious about what? Are you saying that the DLT refuses to take the thai name from your workpermit and use it with your english name on your DL? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. So your getting surgery to fix the hernias right?
  16. Thats about as useful as tits on a bull
  17. And you know this how? It is fairly clear that this is the case because there are many reports of people entering successfully after being denied entry at Poipet. There are exceptions, but only, as far as I know, where people flew into Bangkok from Siem Reap immediately following the denial, and ran into like minded officials there.
  18. Here's the thing, the law sort of gives us total control over our body. They can't take my blood without my permission (or a Court Order). I don't have to give blood, even if someone's life depends on it. I can say no and there is no consequences. I can watch someone die and not give them blood. No one can take my DNA without my permission. No one can take my organs. Even when I die, I have control over my body and my organs. I can demand to go into the next world with my body intact. All these rights are extended to everyone, except for pregnant women. They are not allowed the basic rights that are granted to everyone else. Let's go all out and demand no abortion, mandatory DNA testing, mandatory blood donation on demand and legal organ harvesting. If you are not willing to give all those rights, what is the justification for withholding the right to chose for women?
  19. Expelled? Is that denied re-entry? Or what?
  20. Sounds like they need to buy more 2nd hand military hardware to battle foreign viruses from invading the country.
  21. My Thai wife passed away 14 years ago in Bangkok. Our oldest luk krung Thai citizen son was 19 at the time. When he turned 20 a few months later he came back from the USA where he was studying in university and we signed three houses over into his name. No problem, easy peasy.
  22. Who told you it is "illegal to earn any money online in Thailand while you are on retirement."?
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