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  2. Because throwing a milkshake at someone is the direct equivalent of the Holocaust, isn't it?
  3. US companies made the Chinese the success they are today. How many US companies actually manufacture the Phones, Tablets, PC's Notebooks that they sell? Perhaps a handful.. Huawei makes decent products, but has not have any real success in the US market. The one thing US Tech companies want from Huawei is their 5G technology.
  4. If I was Pattaya City, I would sue all media such as this one who make it bad tourism advertisement . For reminder, this pollution incident didn't happen in Pattaya City, not even in Pattaya District but in Sattahip District...
  5. Oh bunk. I've had surgery here in a government hospital and the service was better that the service I received at hospitals back in the US. You're statement doesn't hold water, especially in a city like Chiang Mai where the same doctors rotate through the private hospitals and Maharaj government hospital, the only difference being the price you pay. US medical care is far, far from being the best in the world. Thailand's care, even in government hospitals if on par. But! It doesn't force you into bankruptcy like medical care in the US often does, even for those with 'insurance.'
  6. Even opinions need to be backed up with facts and the facts are simple Chinese, Thai, Foreigners they all do short term rents and only a few cases get prosecuted and its not based on skin color despite what the angry white guys seem to think who lost their status.
  7. Depends, are you laundering money for Russians? Paying off Russian loans? Involved in some global criminal enterprise? If so, then yes. That said, financial institutions in the U.S. have a legal obligation to monitor, and report, suspicious activity (SAR, STR). That is unless it involves a high-value "customer" apparently.
  8. Wait for the next big stock mkt crash in the States. Then buy tech shares on nasdaq when they are all on sale. Sit on it and double/ triple your money eventually
  9. I thought the requirement was to submit a TM28 registering a change of address for you, and a TM30 to register an alien staying at the address for the new condo.
  10. Whatever money was received from such a tax would need to be 5 times greater so as to spread out the corruption money envelopes.
  11. Anybody who swim in the sea around pattaya must be crazy. And yes, even i would not walk on the sand. Everything is contaminated but yes, can't be seen: not excisting !
  12. No wastewater solution ? Either you have a proper sewage treatment plant or you don,t. Is Pattaya City finally admitting that they don,t ?
  13. You couldn't be more wrong, as countless other people on this thread and others have explained. Sent from my SM-G930F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Agree. Retired military should have no problem because it is an excellent benefit for retired military. Not sure Thai Immigration knows much about it, but here in Chiangmai, as I understand it, has a contract with Tricare and bills directly for their part. Also, part if the coverage is the benefit is Coverage 100% coverage after the first $3000 of allowable benefit each year. Hope the US Embassy can help educate the Thai Immigration about the Tricare coverage for active and retired military.
  15. Should have, could have, would have. I'm not a security expert and wasn't there. Glad he was not injured.
  16. Lixiana imported here from Switzerland = very expensive... Did you ask your Dr if there is a Thai version ? My Dr will advise. also shows on his PC the price of every Medication even the prices of different Thai Brands, sold in there Pharmacy. Also if you have Not a regular Dr. go into a Thai Pharmacy and ask for the Pharmacist they will speak English, ask if there is a cheaper or a Thai version of Lixiana When I was in Hospital in 2014 they put me on NovoMix 30/70, was expensive..... My Permanent older Dr [Professor of Diabetic] said there was no need for expensive Insulin unless I was wealthy, and for a fraction of the price have been on Mixtard 30/70 for past 4 years.
  17. Ah, the mind bogging intelligentsia have arrived on the topic. Morning folks! Can't find your pair of two left shoes?
  18. Why should he? If you're so thick that you cannot identify a comment (opinion)V's a statement then you need to get out of your chair and walk around for a while!
  19. Last year I did 2 wire transfers at the same time. One for $135K to my account and one for $15K to my wives account. I got a better exchange rate on my money than she did. So I would say it is better to do one large transfer.
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