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  2. Burma is married to China. They are investing so much money in Burma, that they cannot say no to anything at this point. Same with Cambodia. Married to the mob.
  3. I got married in February of this year, the paperwork I am reading says I need to include a copy of my marriage certificate and an updated kor 2 or kor22. My question is do I need the updated kor paper since my marriage is so recent? If so where do I get this? Thanks
  4. that just proves this person is no good with money, DONT< i recently lent 100,000 to a *friend* signed contracts, on 1 MAY she had 70,000 back from a previous business, (i seen the contract) now it would appear the first person is in dispute with her, and will not pay (in fact she is suing her for 400,000 for lost business) so there is me at the back of the queue, for sfa, my debtor say she will sell land to pay me back not holding my breath, no option but to chill out, and see the outcome, oh her pos farang boyfriend has been giving me some verbals, ungrateful bar steward, still i have all the proof, lol
  5. The people are making their displeasure known. The junta, the army and Prayuth are universally despised within Thailand. Especially, by the youth. They have done nothing for this nation, or it's people, in the past five years.
  6. I used to drink Amarit & Kloster back in the day. Sadly those Thai beers are no longer to be found in the LOS. Of the Thai beers mentioned, I drink Chang.
  7. Thanks again. I took out the Verizon sim when I came here two years ago and have had true since then. I think the code capture takes place at the hardware level. I'll look at your link. Yes, I want and have had a recurring plan but I either pay several months in advance or go to a true shop each month to refill. That requires that I call true, get an English speaking Rep, and then hand the phone over to the counter sloths to understand and take my cash. I've grown weary of that ritual and the shop folks don't learn by repetition. The real answer is to learn how to pay a recurring plan on the web every mo th using my Thai bank account. I guess I'll have to invest the time and brain damage soon to do that. Thanks for your gracious help mtls. Sent from my SM-G930V using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Thanks for the info. When I retired at 60, I had been paying into the SSF for 17 years. I went to the SSF head office in Nonthaburi, and the marvellous staff there sorted out all of the paperwork for me so that I could continue to pay in and be covered for medical. That continued for several years when a mistake over which I had no control caused my medical insurance to be cancelled. I am devastated and will be forced to leave Thailand as it is too risky at my age to stay here without coverage. Hence my original post - clutching at straws. So, it's back home soon, possibly never to return as private medical coverage will be beyond my means. Unless there is another alternative. Once again, thanks all, especially ricklev. Cheers. (Don't worry, only ground floor windows in my house -- lol.)
  9. I like Arnos burgers in the moat just down from the north gate Plus you can actually buy good beef to take home too
  10. Dom.Rabb for me..taking much advice from JRM..FARAGE and ... MARTIN HOWE QC Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. Just for your info from my part as well as i know the Head designer, he is Thai and have last 25yrs done designs in Bkk and Ubon and he is Fluent in English and have done many thing's inside BITEC as well in Bkk as well and currently they are constructing houses in Sisaket, Yaso and few more is one the way as far i have heard... Also what happen to many "farangs" is that they need to get translated for many issues and in this case all goes in English and he do lot of changes what ever customer want to build he will make 3d drawing's and all are designed and approved before any construction will start He also told me that they range is 200km radius from ubon town. as far i have seen this is currently on construction and they are actually reply really ok when contacted via they FB page https://www.facebook.com/fiberoptichouse Also all his workers are construction workers and they do build houses all the time and not happen like so many who living in this area as during rice planting time workers are busy with it and house construction will delay those times..they do build from start to finish with out stop. Almost forgot they do reconstruction as well, if have old house and want to get something done in there,, they will do it after they will come and look around first. All Design & Quotations are in ENGLISH.
  12. Once a year i go back to my old home town in the UK ( or is it another land) because its not the same town or people we originally lived with. Apart from that,it costs a fortune to even park ,speed cameras and traffic wardens everywhere , no real food just packet stuff on the shelves( mind you seeing more of that here these days) schools are dumbed down so education standards falling ,everything has to be PC . After my 2 weeks(it used to be 4 or 5) i cant wait to get back here to my home, Would i go back there to live? ,would i poke my eyes out with hot needles?no. Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. I’m 27 Male solo traveler from England, I’ll be heading to Thailand for the 7th time for a 40 day holiday in July, though this year my budget is low, I’ll have around £2300 British pounds to spend on accommodation, food, drink etc .. as my budget is low I think the cheaper option is to stay in one place and chill for a month, I’m not sure where to chill, I love Bangkok but Pattaya is okay too, I want to have fun with the Thai girls but I’ll prefer a non hooker, I guess my budget is too low to be Banging prostitutes everyday. Don’t fancy Phuket, I am not a party guy but I do need nightlife, I want to meet girls, I like nature, cheap Thai food, I want to relax and chill, not sure if Bangkok is best or Pattaya .. what do you guys think ?
  14. You can buy a bottle of Bells scotch whisky here for the same price as a bottle of Montclair crap. I have vowed to never buy wine in Thailand while it is taxed at such ridiculous levels.
  15. A troll post containing a trolling representation of Trump has been removed. And some other troll posts have been removed.
  16. Anytime a judge can block another one of his harebrained schemes, it is a victory for mankind. He is getting alot of pushback, from the judiciary, the congress, and the people. And he deserves all of that repudiation. He will spin it in whatever way he can. That is what he does, and that is who he is. He has no relationship with truth, ethics, spirit, nature, the earth, or morality.
  17. Then you know that he was not drunk. You know that he was not on drugs. You know that he was not going the wrong way. You know that there was no suggestion that he did not have a license to drive that thing. Why should he have paid off the police when he clearly committed no offence?
  18. Just wondering if anyone has used a company called ITA to get an international Driving Permit online. I have checked the reviews and mostly good but there are a couple that say that they are fraudulent documents and don’t stand for anything if you get pulled over. They have a website https://www.e-ita.org/ thanks Richard70au
  19. Has anyone heard anything about what happened to Big Joke and his current status? There seems to have been a very effective attempt keep everything concerning his ‘reign’ out of the public eye and there has been little, if any, discussion or questions asked.
  20. Anybody looking for a luxury room in Ekamai for tomorrow night? I see booking.com have some availabilities at C Condo for tomorrow night: https://www.booking.com/hotel/th/c-ekkamai.html?aid=356980;label=gog235jc-1DCAso3QFCJ2ludGVybHV4LXByZW1pZXItc3VraHVtdml0LTEzLXJlc2lkZW5jZUgzWANo3QGIAQGYATG4AQfIAQzYAQPoAQH4AQKIAgGoAgO4ApacqOcFwAIB;sid=d524be60bd915dc583acb36efc0eb205;checkin=2019-05-27;checkout=2019-05-28;room1=A,A;homd=1;srpvid=c9641baf35a40159;srepoch=1558843015;atlas_src=hp_iw_title https://www.booking.com/hotel/th/c-ekkamai-the-city-never-sleeps.html?aid=356980;label=gog235jc-1DCAso3QFCJ2ludGVybHV4LXByZW1pZXItc3VraHVtdml0LTEzLXJlc2lkZW5jZUgzWANo3QGIAQGYATG4AQfIAQzYAQPoAQH4AQKIAgGoAgO4ApacqOcFwAIB;sid=d524be60bd915dc583acb36efc0eb205;checkin=2019-05-27;checkout=2019-05-28;room1=A,A;homd=1;srpvid=c9641baf35a40159;srepoch=1558843009;atlas_src=hp_iw_title
  21. A lot of talk about thais and their irresposnbile attitude towards money, which is fair enough, however, if this is the case, what is the lending market like in thailand, eg if this attitude is prevalent, if a bank gave a credit card to a thai, than they must know that the chances of defaults are high do they simply have higher interest rates to cover bad debts? do they have a far stricter/harsher bankruptcy/default process? do they only give credit to very credit worthy people? serious question fellows
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