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  2. It's very difficult to be precise about the benefits that result from specific periods of fasting because of the great variability of the biology of individuals and their lifestyles, which is why I don't see much point in calorie counting, and so on. I've read that fasting for 4 to 5 days will be more beneficial for the immune system than shorter periods of fasting, but exactly how much more beneficial is difficult to say. Valter Longo is one research scientist who has investigated this issue. I'll see if I can find some relevant results.
  3. No coments from a couple of one eyed Trump supports that we regularly hear from on this forum who claim Trump is always right and can do no wrong!
  4. That's the problem and then there is the costly useless insurance here. I would not mind at all to a government policy that was 10k per year.
  5. I've been funding my out-patient coverage for 12 years. This isn't the US where a doctor visit and meds will set you back hundreds of dollars or a colonoscopy a few thousand dollars. This is Thailand where those outpatient procedures are 10 times less than the US and completely affordable out of pocket. Anyone who can not afford to pay out-patient care in Thailand out-of-pocket probably can not afford the insurance either once they reach 60 years old.
  6. Every vote has consequences, here these were clear.
  7. Would get pretty uncomfortable sleeping in a camper without air con. How would the air con be powered ?
  8. Can't see one word that is not true in your post. But the Chinese are seen as en-masse of the billions, and we are only pockets from our own perspective countries. Its how they see it inside their Thai box.
  9. Everyone that has an "Extension of Stay" has a visa. Period. The initial Visa granted entry into the country for a temporary period. When that period expired, you applied for an Extension of the temporary stay granted by that visa. NO Visa = NO Extension of Stay. That is why when you get a new passport, Immigration "transfers" the visa (and Extension) from your old passport. The first 2 pages of my current passport are taken up by the stamps needed to "transfer" the Visa (and Extension) from my previous passport to the new one. That is why, at Jomtien, I have to include a photocopy of that page when I renew my Extension as they want to see the VISA (or the transfer stamps). That is why when you apply for a new Extension of Stay, you have to fill in the part that says "Type of Visa" on the form. That is why the Tm.7 form is titled "APPLICATION FOR EXTENSION OF TEMPORARY STAY IN THE KINGDOM". You are applying to extend the temporary stay initially granted by the Visa. The Visa hasn't "expired". The length of stay initially permitted by it has. That is why, if you leave the country without getting a Re-Entry permit - your VISA is voided and as previously mentioned - No Visa=No Extension. That is why if someone is busted and being deported, they (sometimes) note that their VISA was cancelled. They may deny an "Extension of Temporary Stay" but if they are going to deport you, they cancel your VISA. You are not here on an "Extension of Stay". You are here because you have a visa and have been able to extend the stay granted by that Visa.
  10. Hi all; Just for fun, I wrote to the Chinese AirBnB lady (Amanda) who rents out 50 plus units in Bangkok. I posed as a potential customer, but who was worried about the legality of renting a condo for just a few days. She seems well aware that her business is a bit sketchy. Here is her reply' "hello Airbnb is still controversial in Thailand, please note below This is private residential condominium, not a hotel. Therefore, the lobby may write“Airbnb Prohibition”, please rest assured, it’s very safe living here. If anyone asks, just reply that you are my friend and better not to mention Airbnb.All information is strictly confidential! Do not show this guide to any third party,even your friends or building manager. Any problem, please contact me, do not ask neighbors or building manager. Also,do not open the door for strangers."
  11. My new rule: Taken from basketball where playing the ball back across the centre line is penalised. I would give a little more leeway and allow a defender in the back half one kick to get it back into the forward half.(if played back by a teammate from the front half) It is rather boring to see defenders constantly kicking it backwards, often as a time-wasting tactic.
  12. One of the better ones offered for the longstay visa is from Pacific Cross. The cheapest plan for ages 56-60 is 35,795 per year. Around $1,125 US (of course that changes all the time with the exchange rate. https://www.pacificcrosshealth.com/en/health-insurance/longstay-visa/
  13. Many studies have been carried out on the implementation on the death penalties across the world, and it in NO Way reduces crime. Just state sanctioned murder
  14. Divorce or compulsory medical insurance. I'd move to Cambodia, Vietnam or Philippines after doing some recces. I think I'd jump of a high building before I'd even comtemplate returning to UK.
  15. They haven't realized that Anti-Trump hysteria died after the release of the Muller report. The organizers of the protest probably equate Trump with Brexit. Never forget the words of the diabolical Hitler: "All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach"
  16. If you have a Panasonic battery there will be no issues. Other brands might have higher failure rate.
  17. Can you at least offer an estimate or average for the minutes/month question? Are we talking 10, 100, 1000 minutes per month? And the budget question, with a figure (per minute, per month). 1 baht/minute is acceptable? 1,000 baht/month is acceptable? What is your application? Just calling friends and family? Or are you in some sort of business? Do you need people to call you back? I addressed the USA option(s).
  18. Good to see common sense and lack of self interest coming to the fore.Put DEMOCRACY and the country first and get rid of the military. The militaries role is to serve the country not run it.
  19. Hey JohnK, Can I ask if you can increase the size of the font you use for replies? Your small font is hard to read for these old eyes. Thanks
  20. This sort of childlike response along with denying platforms to speak etc. is just intolerant nonsense because you don't like what someone says. Can just imagine the reaction if it was Anna Sudbury being shaked by some Brexiteer shouting "Traitor!" What this moron doesn't realise is that his snowflake intolerant leftie hissy-fit probably only benefits Farage in the end. Used to be a time (which we need to get back to) when people debated others who held different views in order to win over people and their votes instead of this close-minded emotionally unintelligent rubbish we see now.
  21. It was flat all the way to Ayutthya but that's partly why that area is considered to be a basin by some I thought. I just remember it being a bit cooler and many of the temples by it were different. In its own little way it was quite scenic.
  22. Just can't; it must be awful for his family. Midnight Express, warned us 30 year's ago. But then, people are seduced by the big money.
  23. Is this ABS school? Im curious for those who send their kids to blingual school, do the students learn to read and write in English around the 6-8 year olds? My main concern is learning the reading and writing because I think this is the main foundation and from there, your own passion can take you where your interest lay.
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