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  2. Looks like the U-turn was blocked off and not making a "new" one as stated in the OP. Perhaps it was closed by some bright officials?
  3. They must have faith in the leadership, whoever that may be!
  4. Looks good on paper,but I don't see any scooters on the sidewalks....
  5. Agree. I also find it odd that both announced schemes claim to compensate for the same (small) 300M baht loss due to foreigner hospital bills. Could it be they were surprised at the backlash from retirees and decided to hit tourists for the amount instead? Hope springs eternal.
  6. I've eaten other food there and it's quite good. I don't know the name but it's on highway 1 toward Takhli before the new Global house. It's on the right heading toward Takhli. The dual highway has a concrete center divider and it turns to grass about 1-2 Kilometers past the bird sanctuary. When the medium turns to grass it's on the right. The next complex is a brightly painted motor inn and then Global house.
  7. Why do they.......(whatever)? Is the most pointless question in Thailand. If you know they do.......(whatever) you are ahead of the game. If you actually knew why, it would not make any difference anyway.
  8. Great player!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? A good player; yes. But great? Only a handful of great players in the EPL and Sane is not one. Don't want to lose him though. And I've full confidence in Pep to do the right thing if he needs AA (attitude adjustment). But! If he wants to go then thanks, but bye bye.
  9. I'm confused. Are all these bad experiences from people being prescribed the oil? I thought we weren't at that stage yet? Are these just self healers? Anyway 30 drops sounds fun where's the local doc?
  10. Trump warned them to "let it go" and return to looking after the country, Som nom na!
  11. I think the 500k figure was exaggerated. Probably a translation issue. Looks more like 50k when you consider the envelope it was contained in and the bundles counted: https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/crime/1683336/facial-recognition-leads-to-fake-passport-arrest
  12. So medical insurance for tourists is only 100 THB? Wow, that is a good value. What could go wrong?
  13. Not guaranteed tho, he may still be knocked back by IO, even tho he has visa .IO has say over home country in every case.I would choose another airport not CM
  14. You have to of been on extension of stay based upon retirement continuously since October of 1998 and were 60 years old or over at that time. If between the age of 55 and 59 on that date it is 500k baht in the bank.
  15. Vegan/vegetarian activists now pushing their agenda as climate change. Hopefully even the dim-witted will see through the facade and ignore them.
  16. There still is as to the best of my knowledge - I was told it is now incorporated into the airport fees that make up part of your airfare. My apologies UKRULES - I didn't see your post until after I'd posted mine.
  17. I have at least 6 pairs of scissors placed around my house. Hard to open anything without scissors or a knife, even a bag of crisps!!
  18. Just a few years ago, they were still using outhouse type dry toilets complete with maggots and flies. It will take another twenty years for those cavemen to become fully civilized.
  19. Yes, cart before the horse,3 billion baht on 3 submarines that cannot possibly submerge for the whole sea area surrounding Thailand,if they could they would sink on first dive anyway
  20. Hi guys. I'm back from Hanoi and would like to share my experiences. In my opinion, Hanoi is a great place to apply for a Non-Ed visa. Very few people go there, so there's no long queuing up. The officers are very nice. Of course, your paperwork must be in order. This has been my 1st ED visa application and that's what I needed as (copied from HCM consulate website as Hanoi's shows nothing basically): Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months Visa application form completely filled out Recent (4 x 6 cm.) photograph of the applicant Recommendation letter addressed to the Consulate Letter of acceptance from the concerned academic institute/organisation For those wishing to study in a Private institution, an official letter from the Ministry of Education of Thailand, or other sub-authorities concerned, approving the enrollment of foreign students and a copy of registration certificate of the concerned academic institute are required. Foreigners who obtain a non-immigrant visa must possess money or payable document equivalent to not less than Bath 20,000 for a single person and Baht 40,000 for a family. They require a bank statement (last month's is enough) to show proof that one has the funds to support themselves during there studies. Visa fees are payable in USD, e.g. 80 USD for a single-entry Non-ED visa. I didn't' see any requirement for police check from Thailand or applicant's home country but I attached one anyway. Please note that they don't issue Non-O visas to follow spouse (dependent visa) for private education courses. Higher education programmes would probably qualify. The officer said that dependent visas are issued on a case by case basis.
  21. The 100 baht tax on tourists is to pay for - the repatriation of people who die while on holiday ... from flying signs.
  22. Agreed, this is another bomb detector farce. The Thais are too corrupt to buy anything that actually works, and if they did accidentally get something that worked, their staff would be too stupid to operate it.
  23. There's already an exit tax. Years back you had to pay it in cash at the airport. Now they hide it and get the airlines to collect it but it's still there. It was 500 Baht when you paid cash at the tax counter before going through immigration.
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