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  2. Why didn't the executors wait until the dog died naturally, then have it cremated and the remains comixed ? The owners ashes were not going anywhere, could have remained on a shelf for years, or owner buried, then dog buried years later.
  3. Hilarious to complain about "racism" in Thailand. It's part of the culture. Xenophobia and "fear of the other" has always been entrenched here. Nothing you say or do will change that.
  4. 2k baht a day won’t get you much of either!
  5. Stand corrected on the 400k all year round requirements. Regarding number (2), I guess they trust you or the anticipated bill is paltry. When great deal of money is involved (e.g., MRI scans), they'll usually require a proof of payment in advance. In general, it's within their power to eliminate any stiffed bills; a quick change of admittance procedures will see to it. As for (3), it won't be retroactive, rather universal. The new arrangement renders the Non-Imm O-A less appealing for most people, so expect a switch to yearly extensions. That in turn will prompt the Thai carriers to lobby the government for a universal requirement. The writing is on the wall, although only time will tell.
  6. May foolishly chose to fight her snap election on one issue. UKIP were and are a one trick pony. Corbyn, despised and ridiculed my many, especially media, chose to fight the election on all the issues people consider important. Who did best? Suggesting the people who voted to leave, or remain, would vote for any one party, purely based on that party's stance on Brexit is pure sophistry.
  7. If you have your own equipement I think you can do it from Thailand for $2-3K including the flight. I will do it ultralight which means no porter and maybe also camp outside (no tea house for sleeping) not sure yet.
  8. That's to get 50hz, right? I've read that 1500 rpm is "better" but almost always means 10 kVA or more? 3000 rpm seems like a normal "cruising" speed to me but I see where some say that makes a "throw away" product. Is that really a big deal - or hyperbole and maybe not to worry?
  9. This is good advice, there is +300k equity in the condo. It's very safe, but an expensive way to set up, as you have to pay the sales tax twice---once when its placed in the lenders name and again (when) if, the debt is paid its transfers back into her name.
  10. Yes, the russians gave Iran some VA-111 Torpedoes and the Iranians have now developed their own version, the Hoot. but only has a range of 6 miles (10km). also such weapons will leave a massive com trail in the water that will lead right back to the point of launch. Also. Germany developed the Barracuda but never went into production with it, America tested some prototypes but never developed their own, wonder why?
  11. Yes they won't send it to you. Unless you do it via an agent but that cost big time. Normally over twice the price.
  12. I've got a selfie in front of the Matterhorn, it's a jolly good one too! (Probably doesn't count as a selfie as they hadn't invented selfie-sticks back then, had to hand my camera to a stranger)
  13. Agreed, if working girls are not your thing, you can do better in BKK. The only difference budgeting then is accommodation. Although some BKK venues may also charge more. Keep your food bill manageable by eating local food in mall foodcourts, still authentic, more hygienic than the streets. (And you can meet local ladies at the communal tables too). If you're not into bars Pattaya does have other attractions, but you'll pay more to reach them as well, with taxis and grab being the only practical options. In Pattaya, 'nice' girls have a hard time dating vacationers, for obvious reasons. All in all if you're newish to the country, and not into the p4p scene, Bangkok would be my call.
  14. It seems to me that even if you have a properly registered tm30, immigration at CW will still insist on a receipt issued by themelves for your extension based on retirement or other reason. So a visit to desk B and long wait in the queue seems unavoidable. Whether they fine you are not for some unavoidable and unknowable rule violation is another matter.
  15. Yes ... but in order to save the UK taxpayer you could do us all a favour and buy your own orange and stockings and suspenders.
  16. That's the word, discourteous. As a fellow Brit albeit with probably a few years on you I learnt to drive in the '60s. I was taught that manners were important on the road, that as a driver you did all you could to prevent inconveniencing other drivers. One of the things I miss so much here is not being able to signal to other drivers that I am prepared to give way with a flash of the headlights. In so many other countries, not only Thailand, there is no way to show politeness on the roads as the headlamp flash is an aggressive action.
  17. This is the crux of the matter. This entire thread is an exercise in shooting the messenger. It's the stuffed shirts in Whitehall that set the policy and procedures. Rant at them.
  18. I have a Facebook page because it's the only way I can contact some of my friends. I never post any pictures. This website is toxic. I have been moutaineering for 20 years because I enjoy it.
  19. Well, first off, my definition of toxic is actually quite broader than yours. You say, "it means poison harmful something that could kill you.". I say that any substance you ingest that has a repeatable negative effect that can lead to a chronic impaired state is "toxic" If you do not believe that sugar is addictive and which will lead to greater and greater use, then I guess I can see why you think it won't eventually lead to death, but there is a lot of research in the last ten years or so that is making a strong case that sugar is indeed addictive. You make a good case that many people do not exceed a tolerable amount of sugar in their diet, but many people do, and for them, irregardless of whether or not addiction is the cause of their increased consumption, the hormonal changes associated with excessive sugar are very real. Do you agree or not with my original posted comment that consuming too much added sugar over long periods of time also can affect the natural balance of hormones that drive critical functions in the body?
  20. My wife works for a big international company here.... let's just say the one very responsible for one of the most important projects in Bangkok and is in charge for organizing visas, hotels, accommodations and transfers for overseas staff/engineers/whatever. Let's just say that almost everyone flies economy class (which they pay for themselves and have to ask for a refund), stays in basic branded hotel rooms like Sheraton (breakfast included) and paying for international schools is only reserved for the most valued company members who absolutely have to bring their family on a long term basis. No one gets chauffeured around. If they have to, the company will provide them with their own vehicle to be picked up. Health insurance is good, though. Even my Thai wife gets decent one and she even gets pension, so I assume this must be the most costly part of the "benefits".
  21. Yes indeed, since it's demise civil rights and standards of living took a nosedive .
  22. No it hasn't. The majority who voted in the referendum, by a relatively small margin, advised the government they wanted to leave the EU. But how, on what terms, and when? Those things were for parliament to investigate, debate and vote on. May buggered it up with a cunning plan to "deliver" her idea of Bexit via executive decision and in her anxiety to do it invoked Article 50 without a clue that the Supreme Court would finally stop her delusions. She then made it worse with her snap election which cost her the Tory majority and angered many in her party. Corbyn, former lover Abbot and Marxist McDonnell have just spent all their time trying for force a GE so they can implement their cherished socialist state ideas, and oversee the destruction of the UK they hate. And all because clown Cameron wanted to unite the Tories and spike defections to UKIP. Now people can see what the choices are, and judge the impact, against how things have also changed in the nearly 3 years since the referendum, they deserve another opportunity to advice parliament of their wishes.
  23. Anyone who gets into this type of financial trouble is unlikely to repay any loan. if you are happy to give the money as a gift, so be it, but if you need the money best pass on the opportunity.
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