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  2. when??? They should NOT be on sidewalks as WE ALL know....but who gives a **it about LAWS in this country??
  3. Hi, Any recommendation for a company in Chiang Mai to move house content with container to NZ ?
  4. Congratulations, Thailand! Every country gets deserves to be ruled by the best of its nation Mai bpen rai na krub
  5. 1. So this election was not rigged and the EC is honest and not biased. There isn't any analyst that considers it not to be rigged. Even in the yellow ' The Nation' it has been largely displayed and discussed. Please show us a source stating that this election was clean and fair. 2. The puppet senate gives a majority to Prayuth in any case. So the choice for future PPP allies was either to remain in the opposition or get some ministry seats by rallying PPP. There was absolutely no chance for the opposition to the Junta to get 375 votes. 3. The slump has been caused by The Junta. GDP forecasts published at the end of 2013 by the IMF, World Bank and BOT were predicting a 4 to 5% growth rate in 2014. The Junta made it close to zero.
  6. Cannot comment on this agency or this particular story, but one time many years ago I went on one of these organised visa runs and it was a total disaster. The driving was ok, but everything else about it was a disaster. The website of that firm which no longer exists promised all sorts of assistance but none was offered. Some people who were on the visa run had never done a visa run before and didn't know what to do. I mean they were totally clueless! They were completely lost and had to helped and told what they had to do. It should be remember that not everyone who goes on these organised visa runs is a member of ThaiVisa or has been on a visa run before. Crossing borders in a part of the world you're not familiar with can be confusing for those who haven't travelled widely. I do think that in some cases, these visa run companies don't take their duty of care seriously - I mean this generally and not necessarily to which ever visa run company this fellow went with.
  7. Went this morning with all my paperwork. Quickly got denied. First they said we were not a valid marriage yet need to be married 6 months before filing. Then next reason I'm on a multiple non o Visa until February 2020, can't apply until less than 30 days left on the Visa. They said in the meantime just leave every 90 days. Next my bank account is only 3 months old needs to be at least 6 months old. Next they won't accept that i have foreign monthly income even though i had 3 foreign monthly transfers into my bank account until i show them either an embassy letter which the United States no longer supplies or letters from Veterans Affairs and Social Security. I have those two papers here but the VA one is dated from December and I don't get a new one until next December or unless my award goes up. I'm thinking they might have an issue with that. For the bank and monthly income she said it would be easier if I just put 400k baht into my thai bank account. Before I would do that though I'd just buy the elite Visa. The immigration officer was a young woman. All of my other documents were ok. Now not sure if I will continue with the multiple entry non o visas or try again in January.
  8. Hi All I have 2 half Thai kids with my ex Girlfirend ie NEVER married. We have legitimised our children in the local Thai court a few years ago. The Ex has applied for Sole Custody, I'm prepared to agree to Dual Custody, or failing that I will Counter Sue for Sole Custody and my lawyers believe I have a stronger case than hers. We have a Court Mediation session in a month, so I've just been doing some research on TV. BTW Yes I do have (expensive) lawyers working on my case and attending the Court sessions. I read in one of the threads from a few years back : "The court prefers a lump sum payment for child support rather than monthly payments." Is this really the case, how do the Courts expect a Father to come up with (upto 20 years) on payments in one go ? In the same thread it was also mention if things were not settled in Mediation the case could go on for years ? Can Anyone give me there advice or actually experiences on the above 2 points ? And any details of their time at the Mediation session would be nice to know too... Cheers Best Cliffy....
  9. Good opportunity to use the planes while domestic travel is down?
  10. I guess I should of said off to the police station pokey for 3 nights, so close. The wife didn't press charges so he was just taught a lesson, his been behaving himself for the time being.
  11. PM: Govt accelerates solutions to people’s problems BANGKOK, 27 May 2019 (NNT) - The Prime Minister has reiterated that the government has implemented solutions to the problems of people in the community, despite the transition period. He pointed out that the prices of palm oil and rubber have gradually gone up thanks to the government measures. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1103026-pm-prayut-govt-accelerates-solutions-to-people’s-problems/
  12. I thought a chinese man went for a swim and realized he couldn't, even with the floating poop/
  13. We were always taught as kids that fireworks can maim and kill, but by drowning ? only in Thailand
  14. You are certainly entitled to you opinion, and while I agree a lot of people (D and R) may not have known being born in the US was not a requirement, I don’t know anyone that took the birther thing seriously. I know CNN would get a bunch of nut-sacks lined up for the camera, but I do not think they truly represent the Republican Party.
  15. PM: Govt accelerates solutions to people’s problems BANGKOK, 27 May 2019 (NNT) - The Prime Minister has reiterated that the government has implemented solutions to the problems of people in the community, despite the transition period. He pointed out that the prices of palm oil and rubber have gradually gone up thanks to the government measures. Deputy Government Spokesman Lt. Gen. Weerachon Sukhonthapathiphak disclosed today that Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha has closely followed up on the issue of the agricultural crop price slump, especially the prices of palm oil and rubber. The price of palm fruit has gradually increased to 2.15-2.60 baht per kilogram from 1.80 baht per kilogram, as a result of the government’s measures to solve the problem; such as by using palm oil to generate electricity at Bangpakong Power Plant, reducing the price of biodiesel B20 by five baht per liter and promoting the use of palm oil for cooking through sales at Blue Flag Pracharat shops. Meanwhile, the Deputy Government Spokesman said the price of third-class smoked rubber sheet is now 53.63 baht per kilogram which is higher than in the previous period. This year, the government will invite entrepreneurs to reduce rubber exports voluntarily according to an agreement with neighboring countries, in order to increase rubber prices. The government has also urged various agencies to use rubber as a material in the construction of roads around the countr, to help lessen the quantity of rubber held in stock. The prime minister emphasized that despite the transition period, the government has not refrained from taking action in response to the difficulties of farmers and the general public. The government will seriously and continually expedite and follow up on solutions to every problem. However, some issues require more time to solve because they are complicated. -- © Copyright nnt 2019-05-27 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  16. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/ton-tawan-caraway-seed-30g-dry-grocery-cooking-ingredients-seasoning-deliver-by-lotus-dealer-i333126197-s643102710.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.3.7e3c3e40PnOOOc&search=1
  17. Maybe now, but not after Brexit, when they'll be competing for supplies. It'll be like the 70's Heath government with fuel rationing and electricity cuts, except it would be over a large range of goods that are just not readily available. Wait and see...
  18. So we would expect a little bit more than 500 baht fine and three wais. Add the personal injuries. Cost of cleaning up. Undisclosed materials on the ships manifest. $$$$$$
  19. I have been using Nord for a while but for the last month or so, the speeds to the USA servers has been horrible. It could just be their success has been too much for them to handle. Their price is great but if it doesn't get fixed I will switch.
  20. There is a Indian/Thai guy in the wararotmarket,close to the never working escalator,who sells all kinds of herbs and spices.
  21. Statistics showing a fabricated truth. The Tories and Labour all supported Brexit in their manifestos. Add them up with the Brexit party and the claim in the title is rubbished. You can always count on the Guardian newspaper for the spin.
  22. A) Do you have any dimensional data to support your statements ? B) Thought I recognized you, is your nick name "Donkey Dick" by any chance ?
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