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  2. You are lucky to have escaped with your life. Letting a drunk driver drive you around is insane and downright dumb. I'd have beat his ass before Letting him behind the wheel again, even if I had to crawl home.
  3. A post containing an offensive reference to the former PM has been removed: 8.) You will not post disruptive or inflammatory messages, vulgarities, obscenities or profanities.
  4. Within Thailand it really makes no difference,but the global optics are very damaging..
  5. No, the moon has many small craters, Iran will have only a single massive one.
  6. Ideas to reverse the decline !! First thing is stop all this stupid nonsense of teachers going to useless seminars, when they should be teaching. Teachers scouring the internet, looking for something to go to so they get a few days away, all expenses paid.... Crazy nonsense. Stop the corruption of filling teaching posts by who gives the most money under the table. When you have teachers who know absolutely nothing about anything outside of Thailand, what chance is there for children to learn.
  7. Purely because of the great social inequality. We all know exactly who stands on the side of the yellows and military, and who lines up behind the reds and 'democracy'. A society so driven apart by social inequality, where justice depends solely on your status and where status is just granted because of your birth or wealth, is never going to be a happy place. The lack of human rights, freedoms and real justice will keep people fighting for ever.
  8. But dident Donald say he was the most transparent president in history lol what a farce all thease people supporting a rip off con man over the institutions that have kept this country safe over the years all I have to do is replay Donald’s greatest hits here is a few blabbing state secrets to the Russians in the Oval Office attacking pows and gold star family’s attacking children and allies helensky and on and on no wonder America is keeping a close eye on this fiasco of an administration
  9. Thailand has a mafia of men-in-brown who studiously ignore their motto of 'To Serve and Protect' and the law in favour of self-interest/self-enrichment - check out Pattaya taximeters. That's not a police force in my opinion.
  10. Sabastian, I don't think Thailand is the place for you .....
  11. I wonder what will happen , if theres some French, French people caught who joined I.S. Jean-Pierre Poirot or whatever , would the French Government then seek to get the death penalty over turned if he was French, French ?
  12. What a joke. Thailand surf fest. I have surfed all my life. I have been in the surf industry as a professional all my life. I have lived in phuket in part for past 12 years. Why phuket, because its close to indonesia where there are thousands of miles of epic surfing .But the 1 thing i have never bothered to do is surf in phuket. Not once in 12 years. What a bunch of kooks Silly tat
  13. Thailand is a kinda like one vast Potemkin village. All they have ever learned to do is to inhabit a faked stage set-to nominally adhere to some Western standards-whilst smiling and waving at the bosses as they float by..
  14. You may consider expanding on your statement with a personal experience or verifiable reports of such things that have happened. Unsubstanciated statements are typical of the scare mongering and the negative mindset that prevails in so many responses to a story that has a positive side to it.
  15. I dont see this as a total failure. It will be good to see Prayuth in this unfriendly environment, surrounded by old style politicians and having his views discussed and trashed. This will be a very uncomfortable exercise for him, questioned, laughed at and fighting for survival rather than being a total dictator. How long before he blows up?
  16. I would guess that my machine came with about 3m and 4m cables, the earth clamp and rod clamp ends are very easy to replace but the machine ends look to be rather different and may not be at all simple and maybe impossible. Welding cable it easy to find. How easy it or sensible it would be to join a cable I can't comment on.
  17. Who said that disliking the junta is to like Thaksin?
  18. The very same human rights groups who watch civilization being stripped away from European towns and cities. Unfortunately taking the moral high ground does not work when dealing with animals, as we are slowly but surely and tragically discovering throughout Europe right now. Only a firm and uncompromising response keeps the rest of us safe, this is the same for extremists of any cause or religious group.
  19. A befitting end to people who had no mercy on anyone, least of all children, the elderly and the innocents, i just wish that more will follow unlike other countries who prison similar men for life of free food and accommodation and even get a degree in jail...
  20. Good job. Khun Prayuth Chan O Cha has done alot over the past 4 years with numerous projects being fast tracked and many in tender phase. More infrustructure being constructed now than what has been done in the last ten years. BTS extension, airport rail link, china-thai HSRP, DonMuang,BKK,Utopia HSRL, Northern Thailand Highway expansion, Phitsanulok-Indo China Multi highway upgrade. Official statistics recently released by the Ministry of Finance of Thailand indicate that the Thai economy performed substantially better during the first quarter. GDP growth in the first quarter of this year reached 4.8 percent, which is the highest in 5 years. This has in part been fueled by a strong 6 percent rise in the export of goods and services as well as an increase in both private sector and public sector investment, registering 3.1 percent and 4 percent respectively. The Ministry of Commerce also announced that Thai exports grew by 11 percent, which is the highest rate in 7 years. Various international institutions share the same positive outlook on Thailand. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected that the kingdom’s strong growth is expected to continue well into 2019. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) recently revised upwards its projected growth estimates for Thailand, the only country in Southeast Asia to receive this distinction.
  21. It can get more expensive. My first visa run via land border, I made the mistake to use Poipet. And I did my research but was not a member of this website. Since they did not let me come back the same day I had to find an hotel. Then the next day I wasted 1h when they put me aside for questioning. When they eventually let me throught and I needed to find a bus nobody could speak English or understand my Thai. I eventually called my ex and learned the bus station was moved. It was an interesting experience since I'm still fit and young but was way more expensive than the Visa run service. I used the same visa service twice since then and it has been much faster, easier and cheaper than doing it myself. If someone is using a minivan to Laos from BKK then it's probably cheaper and faster via a visa service. The last time I tried to do it myself to Laos via airplane, I was denied on my way back in DMK. I eventually crossed at Nong Kai but yet again it got way more expensive and I risked being deported to Canada. Now doing it myself again in HMC but I'm now married (getting non-O and not SETV) and now I know which land border to use on my way back. Hopefully it will be easy this time.
  22. The Thai education system is nothing but a farce to pretend it gives students an education. They have no knowledge of the world, history nor ability to think and analyse. The average university graduate wouldnt pass a year 10 exam in a western high school.
  23. Snitch is the wrong word. If you live in the west and you have a noisy neighbour, you call the police and it is addressed. Nobody would call you a snitch, they'd probably be thankful
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