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  2. If a confidence motion is lost then the Government is obliged to resign or seek a dissolution of Parliament and call a General Election. Although this is a convention, there is no law which requires that the Government resigns. However, it is very unlikely that one would not as such event would most probably cause uproar if it were to occur. Modern practice shows dissolution rather than resignation to be the result of a defeat. The government is only obliged to resign if it loses a confidence vote, although a significant defeat on a major issue may lead to a confidence motion.
  3. Flew into Cambodia from KL once on Air Asia. The various fees cost more than the RT ticket. This is just another excuse to pull more money from tourists. Good for the officials, good for Benz and BMW dealers.
  4. Yes, very helpful thank you TV. For many years I have been travelling to Chiang Mai twice a year for roughly 12 week stints Sept-Nov and Jan-March. (My home is in the UK.) So the Non-Immigrant O-A Multiple entry visa is ideal for me. I always have a high quality comprehensive international travel insurance in place. My questions are 'how and when can I know that this particular insurance policy is acceptable to the Thai/CM authorities?' and 'Is there a risk that I won't know for sure until I arrive at the Chiang Mai Immigration desk?'
  5. No, that's Kellyanne's job, to clean up his poopy. Today Mrs Conway said Ms Pelosi regarded her as her maid. No she's not her maid, but rather DT's nurse maid. Know your place, Mrs Corpse Bride!
  6. Hey, the Thais wanted the Chinese in their country. Now they will have their head spinning with this stuff. Enjoy yourself fellas.
  7. https://legalclenstore.com/ buy clenbuterol
  8. It has everything to do with the man in the street - You [the man in the street] surely care that the government and authorities are doing everything they can to ensure your safety and that the roads are not full of drunks driving dangerously. A brutal question for which I apologise in advance: How much would be enough to appease you if your Wife or Child were to be killed by a drunk driver? Is 42 million baht enough, or would you rather that past cases have been dealt with so severely that the guy 'could've' killed your family chose to not to drink and drive. As BestB has mentioned, enforcing the laws and applying strict and unwavering penalties will not stop everyone, but it would make a huge dent in Thailands extremely damning RTA and Road Death statistics.
  9. And does this trigger a general election , or just another person to become PM ?
  10. Corbyn can call for a no confidence vote in the government, and there are many Tory MP's that will vote against their own government rather than allow a "no deal" Brexit to happen. That means a "snap" General Election and no more Tory government. It's not as straightforward as you think. I think we are looking at a referendum ... remain or no deal. It's the only way of avoiding a GE.
  11. parliament can always call a vote of no confidence if they don't like what the PM is doing
  12. Why do you think it would cover any of it? It won't cover 1baht of your expenses.
  13. Booked my flight to thailand with HOP2 from skyscanner last night, got my e-ticket today. I've never gotten an e-ticket before. I'm about to apply for my tourist visa to the DC embassy. For my flight documents that they want, do I just print out the PDF e-ticket and thats all I need? Do I need to give my invoice too? Or is there anything else I need for the proof of having paid for the flight?
  14. charging Bt30,000 for diarrhoea Why would anybody pay to get diarrhea? I got in Thailand lots of times and didn't have to pay for. Didn't want it either, it just happens.
  15. They come out of the box with all kinds of Baidu apps and background processes. It don't get any buggier...
  16. Thats quite a sobering thought... its a lot of people still drinking and driving in the UK. There are 32.9 Million Drivers in the UK - 85,000 of them caught for DUI. Thats 0.26% which is about 1 in every 400 drivers caught for DUI. I agree that its most likely triple that number - perhaps more. So it could be argued that 1% of UK's drivers drive under the influence of Alcohol. I suspect that even if the penalties were higher, the stat wouldn't improve by much. There has to be some psychological term for those who believe they won't get caught. Penalties and Laws work for the majority of the population - but not everyone will follow them. At some point a sort of equilibrium is reached - in the UK it could be that 99% of people follow the law, the other 1% believe the law doesn't apply to them - I'm not sure if this is a national trait or a human trait. How many of Thailands drivers drive under the influence? I'd hazard a guess at about 30% in the City areas and about 50% in the country. Thailand has a long way to go - and strict and unavoidable penalties a would make a difference - there may still be a percentage of people in Thailand who, like in the UK (and other countries), think they can get away with it - but that doesn't make stronger penalties and laws ineffective.
  17. No problem, many foreigners have it. It's a pretty basic savings account so why not?
  18. Having listened to a lot of today's discussions, I'm now able to clarify something that has confused a lot of people, myself included. The questions: 1. If a Brexiteer PM is installed (presumably Boris), how can they talk about a no deal exit when there is not the parliamentary arithmetic to support no deal? 2. Can Parliament stop the PM from sitting on his/her hands and running down the clock to 31st Oct? As I now understand it, Theresa May chose to have that series of votes in Parliament about blocking no deal, 2nd ref etc. She didn't need to do that. Also when Parliament then voted for the UK to apply for an extension, apparently that was not a binding vote so May was not obliged to take that to the EU. So in other words it seems if a true Brexiteer becomes PM and says that our default position is no deal, we will leave with no deal on 31st Oct unless something better is negotiated. Unless I'm wrong that's very bad news for remainers!
  19. I know he's not a US citizen, and he is travelling in another country, but I wonder what happens when the US Secret Service steps in. There is always the question if this money is even real, not sure the RTP would even know that...
  20. City analysts today saying a "no deal" Brexit will leave the pound crushed, and the inflation that follows will push the UK into recession ... and that's just for starters, the disruption and EU legal challenges that follow will add to the mix ... all Corbyn has to do is sit back and watch the mess unfold. Add to that Farage splitting the Tory vote and it's looking more and more likely that Corbyn is a shoe-in. And God help us all. You thought you were getting Singapore, and you'll end up with Venezuela.
  21. Yeah, why not show up when you need major surgery, 100 baht and the world is right again......LOL
  22. I have a feeling that Huawei will be a different story. Their phones aren't bad, but they won't be able to compete with buggy software.
  23. Urology Doc wanted to stick a tube with a camera up my knob to check if I have Urethral Stricture, I declined for now, also declined antibiotics, I’ll see what the MRI shows if anything, if nothing shows then I’ll probably do the Urethral Stricture tube up the knob test. One step at a time. Sneezing makes things worse for me, hay fever season is coming soon, bad times. Learning to relax and meditate is a good idea. Keep fighting.
  24. anyway the WTO was mostly about Western countries being allowed to sell their high tech wares to poorer countries in exchange for letting them export some of their agricultural and mineral resources back. Japan and Korea led the the tech charge, and now that the West can't dominate the tech market anymore, we will witness a comeback of protectionism.
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