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  3. What a journey it has been. It is so sad that my Mom's stay in Thailand must come to an end. My 77 year old mother has stage 6 Alzheimer's and can no longer care for herself. The unfortunate truth is, that American Citizens who have no substantial savings or assets, basically have no options for long term care. Neither insurance nor the government will pay for it. This is why we moved my Mom to Thailand. My husband and I had already made the move ourselves to check things out for her and us as well. When we found that Thailand was a great solution, we initially got my daughter to fly with Mom to Thailand, and we rented a house large enough for all of us. We hired caretakers, and were hoping that would be a good situation for everyone. But it was not. The "dream" vs the "reality" is a harsh lesson. Mom needs someone to talk to and interact with during all of her waking hours. She literally has the mentality of a 2 year old at this point, and cannot understand why her daughter is trying to be her Mom. She wakes up at 3am demanding to be fed. She will leave the property and get lost (this did happen). Fortunately, a kind couple found her and brought her home. Eventually, we found Care Resort in Chiang Mai! It offers 24/7, luxury care for her for a fraction of the price it would cost in the USA, and we were thrilled! She had a private room and bath. Yoga class, cooking classes, Thai classes, filed trips all over Chiang Mai, shopping sprees, and hair dressing whenever she wanted. You can see in the photo below how happy she is. All is well, but then comes the massive changes in immigration requirements, and everything come tumbling down. Since we are paying for a large portion of her care, we considered it "income" for her. The financial statements from the Embassy provided proof of her "income". Everything was great. She was happy. Care Resort employs many Thai staff, which improves the Thai economy. Mom does not make 65k baht per month, nor does she have 800k to let sit in a bank account, because my husband and I pay the overage for her care. Her Alzheimer's led to bad decisions, which left her penniless ... except for her social security income (pension). You would think that this would be ok, because the cost of Care Resort is over 80,000 baht per month, right!? But NO! Nothing we could do would work to satisfy the new requirements. If we show our income for her extension of stay, then we are short! It's so sad that Thailand is not thinking through the ripple effect of these changes. Care Resort is now in dire straights. Thai staff will no longer have jobs, and who knows what will happen in the long run? My husband and I have now spent the past several months finding alternatives for my Mom. We were thankful that we found an alternative care facility in the Philippines, but getting this done and arranging my Mom's move has been a nightmare. I will be escorting her out of Thailand permanently Tuesday, and if this keeps up, we may follow. We are very careful to follow the letter of the law regarding immigration practices here. But now we are so disheartened and disappointed that Thailand government is not appreciating nor recognizing what upstanding citizens bring to this beautiful country.
  4. Where do you get off, Steve100 is as true blue as you can get em from what I have read from his posts, yes that's right, you must be one of those TVF who are only interested in having a go without substantiating anything, that and must be a Pom ?. If you have ever read one of the original posters many posts in other forums as well as this one, you would become familiar with who he is, what his assets are and what family support he has in place, but no, you know nothing and I am wasting my time with another one of those TVF members who knows nothing, suffice to say I am off to provide advice to those who ask for it, substantiated of course, as opposed to giving advice that is straight out of one's mouth unsubstantiated. Next !
  5. Is the title document a chanote (Nor Sor 4), or is it a Nor Sor 3 Gor, or a Nor Sor 3? There are different levels of title deed, with a chanote being the strongest claim to ownership, and other title deeds having slightly less certain claims to ownership. For example, with an NS3 title deed there is probably no dispute who the owner is, however the exact boundary of the land will be subject to change after a Land Office survey. Such a survey can add or take away a small quantity of land from the title deed once laser measuring tools are used. Often it's not the small variation on the title deed which is a problem; the problem might be that your boundary fence now sits 20 centimeters on your neighbours land. In extreme cases it can mean a part of your building is now situated on your neighbours (newly granted) property. As a result of these uncertainties some buyers will not touch anything that is not chanote. They simply don't want to buy a headache when there are better options. Some people will buy land with NS3 and NS3G title deeds though. You don't have to upgrade your title, and you don't need a new survey. It's not a must. That being said, the company I work for bought about 30 million Baht of NS3 land. They went through the upgrade process and they found out there were severe issues with the land, namely that there was real concern that the land had been illegally cleared from forest land some 30+ years earlier. If that is proved to be the case then the land will be seized and they will be holding a 30 million baht loss.
  6. Yes it's untidy if it's not in a unified position, wear a jock strap with lots of air-holes in it.
  7. Agreed. If yer missus is willing and you both agree to whatever you've acquired being split amicably then it's a 20 minute process at the Amphur in Thailand.
  8. i went back for 2 weeks for my mother's funeral at the beginning of May. She lived in a lovely house overlooking the sea near Penzance in Cornwall. It's literally 5 mins walk to the beach. Cornwall is wonderful, lots of things to see and scenic coastal path walks. Even found a beach with seals basking! I realized I was hopelessly out of touch with modern trends when I saw a small trailer selling food at the top of the beach. ' Pies and chips', I told my friend, 'forget it'. Totally wrong, there were 3 tasty dishes of humus, a curry and something else. The vendor was from eastern Europe and we soon got chatting to a Pole with a large dog at our table. Yes, I'm a Remainer, though I understand problems of unchecked immigration. The Thais have got it right imo in that I can't buy land in Thailand. But the weather was brutal. A cold wind meant folks were wrapped up and hurried from one place to the next. Once you've lived in Thailand for a while and you're used to street life day and night with vendors here, there and everywhere, people talking, chatting and laughing, just sitting outside, then the lonely, deserted streets of the UK just seem like a graveyard. And then there's the regulations: the bus driver ordered a Japanese student with a hot drink to immediately discard it or get off the bus. The same driver stopped the bus and warned us to do up our seat belts or face a 60 pound fine if the police did a spot check. A trainee bus driver was severely reprimanded by the official overseeing him for stopping the bus for me to get on 10 yards beyond the bus stop. Vibrancy, as someone said, and that's it! Thailand has it and the UK doesn't. To paraphrase: if it ain't got that swing, it don't mean a thing
  9. I think you don't undestand how doing business / tax works (at least in most countries). Usually you need to have your business registered somewhere to be allowed to do business. Proabably right now you have some kind of personal business registered in Turkey?
  10. She has dark skin and smaller tits than me, I'm not ready to die just yet.
  11. A great deal depends on your earning power if you were to return to Oz and have skills that are saleable. My point is that the reason why everything in Oz is so expensive is because all the workers - of all kinds - are paid so much! The 'minimum wage' is AUD720 a week (≃ $37K pa). If your taxable income is less than $67K, you get a 'low income' tax offset. The median f/t earnings is $82500 ... and so on. Without that kind of earning power, life back in Oz would be pretty tough.
  12. Complain about how small her tits are to get back at her, or how dark her skin is, see how that goes
  13. The French make a rustic sausage like that, I think they use barely washed intestine for the skins, and you can taste and smell that cowshit tang. No thanks! Back on topic, The Dukes chain have never disappointed, and not only with burgers. Service can be patchy at the Night Market branch but the rest are ok. I've been at least once a month for several years. To eat those monsters, you can break it down with cutlery, but its more fun to grab that sonofaburger, so tight it compresses, then just faceplant it. I let the juices dribble all over the fries like a condiment. It's messy, it's childlike, and... YOLO lads!
  14. Jealously rules in that nasty selfish city . Snitches... it always comes to bite you back tho Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  15. I had no idea they had footpaths in Thailand. I thought they were motor cycle only, express ways and parking areas. .
  16. I share the same wishes Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. It's not even big! It's just that she reckons she can see it all the time! I don't want to reduce the length which seems very normal to me. It's the girth which she seems to complain about the most - I am not willing to undergo surgery just because she doesn't want other people to be able to see the outline of my genitals when wearing shorts.
  18. The chicken gets delivered on Wednesday. If you're still eating it by the following Tuesday you're likely to spend most of the day on the hong nahm, exacerbating any back issues you may have.
  19. The "thinly-veiled I pack a large lunch" post of the week award goes to...
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