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  2. Why? "The missus" should see that even in the West money doesn't grow on trees. Smart Thai women are aware of this.
  3. Every foreign tourist to Thailand set to be charged 100 baht insurance fee Every foreign tourist to Thailand set to be charged 100 baht insurance - money for emergencies and return of the dead. Thai media has reported that the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports is proposing that every foreign tourist visiting Thailand should be charged an insurance and life insurance fee. BECTERO reported that this was likely to be about 100 baht per trip and come in within the next six months. The money would be used to insure tourists and stop Thai taxpayers forking out for tourists' emergency medical treatment and the repatriation of people who die while on holiday. This, they said, is costing the country 300 million baht a year. The media said that exactly how much tourists are to be charged is being debated. They referred to Japan's "Sayonara Tax" that levies a charge of 1,000 yen or 300 baht on Japanese and foreigners leaving the country. Whether Thailand would adopt a charge for tourists coming in or leaving was still to be decided. BECTERO conjectured that if the fee was 100 baht this would give the government 3.8 billion baht based on 38 million visitors a year. This would be used for the Thai authorities to insure all tourists. And solve the 300 million baht problem of Thais paying via their taxes for emergency treatment and repatriation of the dead. Source: BECTERO -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-05-24 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  4. Ask the women that are protesting lol I know you know better lol
  5. One of the family with .38 blasting the back of his skull away is more fitting for this piece of rich Thai trash.
  6. I live in Phuket and for the past two months my electricity usage has shot up from an average of 600 units/month to 800. Both a/c units professionally cleaned every 6 months and no extra usage on any electrical items. House cool so no fans needed, only use a/c for sleeping. Weird
  7. I asked my wife if she thought the dummies hanged there for people to slow down in the curve, but she said no. People will think they are ghosts and drive even faster away!
  8. Probate will grant you the house. However Thai law specifies that a foreigner cannot own the land. The land office will give you 12 months to sell. The will of your wife must specify that you are both administrator and beneficiary. This is very important. With this in place it may be possible to leave it in the name of the administrator for many years.In effect do not do the land office process. That could just leave you with the problem of -what happens to the house post your demise
  9. Not entirely correct. A red plate car cannot be taken out of the province without permission from the DLT. So prior to leaving the province you would need to ask for permission from the DLT. After gaining permission, the DLT will stamp your one entry of leaving the province. Except for plates from Bangkok. Those do not need permission from the DLT to travel outside Bangkok. However, this rule is rarely enforced.
  10. He's not enquiring about Health Insurance, but a Medical certificate that a couple of Immigration offices request as part of a retirement extension application. @delgarcon Which office do you use?
  11. You are correct to a point. IMO "God" does not intervene in the lives of men. Everything men do "in the name of God" is of their own creation. So, while "God" is the excuse, they are NOT doing what "God" wants. However, if the way to heaven is as detailed in the Bible, I doubt any of us are going there.
  12. Somewhat true—countries get the leaders they deserve. Too many Americans stayed home on election day, too many were taken in by Trump’s lies, too many voted on one “religious” issue of abortion when the bible says nothing on the matter, too many voted third party to send some kind of Quixotic message that nobody really got, etc. But also important are the facts that election day isn’t a holiday and too many Americans are so badly off, they cannot miss a day’s work, felons and ex felons can’t vote, many states have made it hard for minorities and students to vote, media often misinforms rather than informs. Much of this has happened and persists and is not rectified because too many citizens aren’t being citizens and thus failing to stay engaged. This allows corporate-bought politicians to make their lives harder (as a side effect of making their donors’ lives easier) causing them to have even less time and energy to be engaged citizens, and the vicious spiral perpetuates itself.
  13. You're not the only one. About all Westerners from the Eurozone living in Thailand get slightly expropriated by the Western cental banks' policy (ECB e.g.) of quantitative easing. Quantitative easing of Western fiat currencies in countries that have turned from producers to consumers for decades. This is the century of Asia, so take the decline of the West with a smile and make the best out of it.
  14. Lets take a calculated guess, immigration officers ? . No big joke.
  15. More condescension & nothing in support of your earlier claim? My point here is very clear. Thank you for helping me expose your agenda to the rest of the board.
  16. What on earth are you talking about? 1. Brexit is the default legal position since parliament enacted article 50. It is written into law. 2. The UK does not have a written constitution. 3. The vote for May as PM was implemented, she's been the PM since July 2016 in case you hadn't noticed.
  17. No need for "as well" - let them hunt each other. I do not go with the poachers do it because they are poor and starving, they do not kill the elephants and rhinos for meat, they do it for greed. Suppose if one wants to shoot poachers one could join the British army, only problem is elephants can not tell friend from foe...
  18. I strongly disagree Donald lost the popular vote and more people realize what a fraud he is the problem is getting rid of him.and to tgir Donald earned the anger and revulsion every bit if it with interest
  19. Not required for retirement extensions. Required for OA visas in home countries. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  20. This is a good suggestion as moving the non return to the outlet also protects the pump from mains pressure which often rises well above the pumps operating pressure.
  21. It was a rhetorical and facetious question meant to highlight, or low-light, the government's actual intent in this case. No New York Times Co. v. United States case planned I imagine. BTW, I am not a huge Assange fan, but try to keep to my principles even when trying not to throw up in my mouth.
  22. Made my 90 day report at CW on Tuesday 21st May 2019, nothing about requiring TM30 from the I/O.
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