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  2. I wonder if this sewage pipe was in the construction plans approved by the local authorities.
  3. If you don't like the BBC, try the Telegraph... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/05/27/won-uks-european-elections-leave-remain/ While the Brexit Party was the clear individual winner in the UK's European elections, picking up a third of the national vote, straightforwardly pro-Brexit parties were actually out-polled by those who are arguing for a second referendum. The Lib Dems, Greens, Plaid Cymru and Change UK - all backers of a second referendum - collectively gained the support of 40.3 per cent of voters in England and Wales, against no-dealers Ukip and the Brexit Party's combined 36.7 per cent.
  4. I think it's Frangipani? Try looking it up on Google.
  5. What do the mods have to say about members offering to send photos of their members by PM? This guy is obviously an exhibitionist and this is a BS topic.
  6. Samui had some massive ones, like something outfits Jurassic park....superstition, throw a five baht coin, if lands on the creature make a wish
  7. I thought the trip was to Savannaketh? Anyway - I never used any visa service and tried always to find my way by myself - except Visa Agents in Cambodia - Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, And - I travel - when possible myself or by plane.
  8. Your first step would be to apply for a Tax ID in Thailand, since this is a condition to apply for this certificate In order to apply for a Tax ID you must have taxable income e.g. a Job in TH with work permit. If you dont have a job or other taxable income/business you can apply for a TIN by the way of investing some money in a bank account for which the bank will deduct some withholding tax. The next year you can ask the Thai Revenue Department to refund you this withholding tax by a tax declaration. To be able to make a Tax declaration you will need to apply for a Tax ID. This is how i received my Thai Tax ID this year, but i did not filled a Tax declaration for the refund of the withholding tax because it was only little THB and not worth the effort. So if you are in the position to apply for a Tax ID and you stay longe than 180 days in Thailand, then you just have to fill a tax declaration and can apply for a Certificate of Rsidence from the Thai Revenue Department accoring to their own website
  9. Do you think they will give a rats arse about your complaint No food may have been a blessing in disguise As for his drinking, you could have called the cops or said something at the border, instead of just sitting there like a lost sheep
  10. Its not a case of giving 20 years in a lump. Its making a capital offer to finish with it. This happens with many issues, "payoff" if you like, it also illiminates the occurences of cases defaulting further down the line etc. What happens is the greed takes over, they see the lump sum rub their hands together and thats that, and there is little intention of actually using it for what it was intended. Just a way of getting the money, which as you know, is all that seems to matter to many.
  11. If in person may require TM30 also. Not required by mail in or online at the moment.
  12. So let's hear your explanation of how the universe came from a nonexistent magic man God thing which resides where and does what and you know this how??? Puh-leeze! Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist anyway, NOT a cosmological physicist. For a book which is way beyond Bible class, Lawrence Krauss wrote A Universe From Nothing. Or try some Neil deGrasse Tyson. But certainly read or listen to Dawkins' Greatest Show On Earth. It's excellent.
  13. Hard Brexiteers love making things up or the lazy ones copying from nutter websites that do.
  14. Because nobody in their right mind wants to enter Abu Dhabi, unless they have to!
  15. I discounted nobody, I merely shared a news story showing the %s won by openly Pro/Con Brexit parties - I don't think anybody believes that the Tory's & Labour are clearly one way or the other, or something would have managed to get through parliament (even if it was No Deal). Rumblings are that Labour might contest any GE on a Remain card (or at least a 2nd referendum card), would that make it 54.5 to remain? Who knows, the only thing we do know are the percentages for the openly/overtly Pro/Con Brexit parties.
  16. Not quite true. The law states the House Master, the owner, or the occupier are equally responsible. The House Master is defined under law, means any persons who is the chief possessor of a house , whether in the capacity of owner , tenant , or in any other capacity whatsoever. The online system which was predominately for Hotels and Guest houses to report the arrival of foreigners has been expanded to allow Private residential homes to file online. Furthermore it allows Thais or Foreigners alike to now register.
  17. Can you buy beer in Starbucks? Sent from my SM-A700FD using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. No you tell it as you see it ... you are making up a story around your views .
  19. A Muslim has 3 loves 1 the woman for the children 2 the goat for the hot sex 3 the camel is the true love
  20. I had to do a double take at the photos. I thought Someone had broken in to my condo
  21. Try clicking on the link and notice the first few paragraphs.
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