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  2. I am appalled that Germany, noted for its liberal views, should attack a non violent protest movement that targets a racist supremacist apartheid regime. It has worked in the past and will ultimately do so again, especially when countries adopt the same principle in the form of sanctions. Germany will find itself on the wrong side of history. Boycott is one a the few ways one can effectively and peacefully demonstrate one's disgust at the unjust way Israel treats Palestinians. No-one in the thread has yet mentioned a single instance of anti-semitism that BDS supposedly promotes.
  3. Yep, because none of them would be cooking with it and only brilliant foreigners such as you know about the drops. It's not like it's been used here for a few hundred years or anything by the "dopeheads" (sic).
  4. A well-organized group in possession of sufficient resources can do that quite easily even on a resistant person. One person can do, too, provided the other one is inclined towards being enslaved. Not everyone is born "anarchist"
  5. My old lady was on about another rail behind the one already there ( I know what she means as I have had them before ) so the blackout and the curtain each have their own rail. I’ve held off on this idea because will involve new supports for the rail, maybe drilling new holes and before you know it you are repainting the whole room !! [emoji849] How do the ones you are talking about fasten to the rail ?
  6. Another puritanical hypocrite. You start your piece by saying "No, they are the same" then end it with the question "how many hookers in the west tell their family" !!! Well if they were the same then your question would be answered.
  7. Just charge a hundred baht per airline ticket and all that stuff he complains about is paid for. No one would bat an eye about 100 baht per international ticket, but i guess their advanced thailand 4.0 IT systems would break together with such an advanced calculation. Or maybe just offset it against the 2 TRILLION BAHT thailand makes every year from tourists and stop whining: https://www.kasikornbank.com/international-business/en/Thailand/IndustryBusiness/Pages/201901_Thailand_TourismOutlook19.aspx
  8. Well done young man and all the very best for a bright and successful future.
  9. But he is a one trick pony - the Brexit Party has been shown wanting when it came to policies other than Brexit. As there are surely supporters from across the political spectrum, how do you think he will manage to keep them all united behind him if he achieves their single shared goal? Take away Brexit and he has nothing to offer the country.
  10. Pity, polls show different. https://whatukthinks.org/eu/questions/if-a-second-eu-referendum-were-held-today-how-would-you-vote/ If there was another referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, how would you vote_ – What UK Thinks_ EU.html
  11. The Iranians had steadfastly refused to release the hostages while Carter was president. They publicly stated that they viewed Reagan as less of a threat to them. This viewpoint was validated when Reagan, through Olly North and McFarland, secretly sold them missiles and aircraft parts during the Iran-Contra affair.
  12. Time for this unneeded topic to be closed since there are 3 or 4 topics on page one of the Thailand news forum running. The discussion can be continued on one of them. This topic now
  13. I realize in most Western cultures we are accustomed to hearing “complaints” or suggestions in how to improve or what is wrong. Many Thais look at us “farangs” as hotheads when we get angry... but at least they hear the truth. Meanwhile in Thai cultures it is frowned upon to make suggestions or to complain. “Saving Face” is a big factor of them never improving; for, you never know what is wrong with your business or customer service. And it is a “sin” to say anything to your senior boss or manager. -So I do not expect this country to make great strides in improving itself.
  14. Thanks I will do Sub Q injections, but not sure how much?
  15. Assuming the electric ones are higher up, cut all the lower ones! They'll only replace the ones needed
  16. Yes this the main reason why it has become so public and drawn out. Qantas are the ARBs main and largest sponsor and their CEO is gay. So he is stamping his foot. I have read a lot off people that say they are gay saying that they don't care what he said.
  17. Perfectly summed up! The tax revenues that Pattaya brings in warrants the latest sewage plant technology available ! But the only sewage are those running the sewer of the Pattaya government Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. 80cm fall over 4 metres aint a lot, it was past the limit for cement tiles according to manufacturers and I didnt want to do it and then have leaks in driving rain.
  19. Position Sent from my SM-A700FD using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  20. The Fat Lady has yet to reach for the Listerine..... (Wishful thinking but Miller did it) http://robintilbrook.blogspot.com/
  21. Roof pitch would have meant much longer columns and at 4+ metres they were awkward enough and heavy enough as they are the LARGE diameter ones. Its only a garage albeit 12mX 4m, I like the steel and being lightweight also helps with construction, dont have to go crazy with roof steel.
  22. If its only a beef equivalent then there is no urgency in Thailand as their beef intake is problably lower than a British Lamb intake.
  23. Do not defrag a SSD, thats only for mechanical drives. Download CCleaner and run it, then download malwarebytes and run it, youll be fine.
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