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  2. It will be considered your first extension since you have entered the country with a new non-o visa. The extensions you did in the past do not count.
  3. Both valid arguments, but who’s going to employ such a useless f@ckwit?
  4. Condo offices dont do rentals how would they know if I have a condo for rent with an agent up the street. The developer may own and rent condos but still nothing to do with the condo office. Its not like rental condos have a big R painted on the door. My wife manages 8 rental properties, advertises on websites, signs a lease, gives the tenant a key, all without the condo office knowing anything about it. All the condo office knows is the condo is occupied, it could be the owner, the owners friend or a tenant found on a website. I am sure there are condo blocks with unsold developer condos but unless you work for the developer, you wouldn't have a clue the percentage.
  5. From the Somerset Capital website contact us page. https://somersetcapital.com/contact-us/ 612 Wheelers Farms Road. Milford, CT 06461 (877) 282-9922 (203) 301-3253 info@somersetcapital.com Somehow I don't think that is an address in Eire though I could be wrong. There 8 separate groups within Somerset Capital and some posters are saying that Somerset Capital has moved lock, stock and Barrel to Eire. I think not. However if you really want to know the truth try contacting these people. They are sure too know if anybody does. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/companies-house https://www.gov.uk/get-information-about-a-company If you Remainers do that and find out, please post the information on TVF.
  6. Annie Donaldson, also subpoenaed, was Don MCGahn's CoS and was said to keep very, very detailed notes. Her note-taking abilities were documented in the Mueller Report some 65 times. Some compare her to Rosemary Woods, but without the eraser, and many in the trump orbit fear what she can and will testify to. READ: Annie Donaldson Writes in Trump Notes: ‘Is This the Beginning of the End?’ Much to Trump’s dismay, the notes of Annie Donaldson, chief of staff to former White House Counsel Don McGahn, were quoted 65 times in Mueller’s report. In fact, they served as much of the foundation for Mueller’s inquiry into whether Trump obstructed justice. “Just in the middle of another Russia Fiasco,” Donaldson wrote in March 2017, quoting McGahn. “POTUS in panic/chaos,” Donaldson wrote. “Need binders to put in front of POTUS. All things related to Russia.” The president was “beside himself … getting hotter and hotter, get rid?” Donaldson recorded. Trump apparently felt that Comey “made [him] look like a fool.” https://secondnexus.com/news/annie-donaldson-notes-mueller-report/
  7. Dairy products are not really part of the Thai food program, nor should they. Cheese, milk, yoghurt, cream, butter ... all western food which brings a whole host of issues and problems as humans are not naturally designed to eat this kind of stuff. My wife doesn't touch dairy products at all, she says its Falang food!
  8. No it was not. It was about the right of self determination for the UK people.
  9. Simply untrue. They have closed production programs at MUIC, Silpakorn, Thammasat. The only worthy of anything right now is Bangkok University.
  10. An absolute idiot, thinks driving a stupid BMW and he has right of way wherever he goes, take his license away and make him walk for a while, then re-apply for a license test
  11. It's better to keep a mailing address with a freind in the USA. I've been gone 8 years.. Never gotten such a letter. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. I wish I'd have more time to look around we still got all four and should anybody be interested, please feel free to drop me a message. These puppies are really fun pure, having Husky blood makes them a bit different to ordinary puppies. As "IsaanAussie" has already posted they love to chase duckings, they're kids. Thanks for the message from a gentleman, I've sent you a private message. If you make a decision, I'll hold him/her for you. I'm not saying they're sweet because I wanna get rid of them, they're so nice that they became part of our family. But with two adult dogs, a bit stressful. And I've got a fulltime job to do. That's what they look like now. Can't hold still for a second... Kind regards,
  13. Sounds like he has a mental problem. No one would/should steal a smartphone and run, obviously he would have been caught, Illegal entry also. There is probably more to his story that will not be reported. He will be introduced to the Thai penal system with time away and deported but it might have been his intention. He may have problems in France and he unwittingly thinks the French Embassy will help him. He may have run out of money and thought his only option was arrest, detention and deportation. He will have time to think and realize his stupid behaviour before returning to France. Admittedly my hypothesis may be very wrong but........!
  14. I assume the OA visa is basically the retirement extension? I have been away from the board are you saying that it is now also required to have insurance for your retirement extension?
  15. For Immigration, the biometric scanners would put an end to this advantage - assuming the existing system doesn't tie your passports by name/DOB, anyway. But as far as obtaining additional SETVs at Consulates, yes, 2 passports are helpful, as they only (currently) look at what is visible in the passport submitted with the Visa-application.
  16. The agents are IOs , or work closely with IOs for the mutual benefit of all. if cheap Charles and skinflint don't want to use them then they don't understand Asia.
  17. R.I.P .... guess it's not only happening in Thailand
  18. Hi, I am Passakorn from Muang Thai Life company. As you were looking for reliable and decent healthcare in Thailand, may I provide you some health insurance from my company. This plan could be one of your alternatives to selecting a potential health insurance. This policy starts from 20 MB coverage to 100MB. Should you inquire any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Tel 0907138104 Line ID : passakorn.path Health insurance for 62 .pdf
  19. As an update to my original post, it now looks like the Facebook post I referred to may have been overly dramatic. It now seems Chaengwattana will accept TM30 applications without the owner or landlord being present and there is no requirement for a Power of Attorney. It seems very hit or miss, as some people seem to get away without even being asked for a TM30! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  20. https://www.un.org/press/en/2019/ga12146.doc.htm-0 Looks like U.K. territory is under attack …...more explaining's by the link... Spain may start dreaming about Gibraltar again ….
  21. I think they'll be protests as the majority of Bangkok people voted for him. It's about time the opposition parties show the junta they won't be a push over and just lie down. No come on Bangkok, rise up and support Thanathorn.
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