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  2. In my neck of the woods, full-time "sitters" cost about $25 USD per hour. Not sure if Alzheimer's patients are more. But add that to maybe $4,000 USD per month or more for a room/meals/showers & dressing assistance PLUS maybe $1,600 for a higher care level. There may be Medicaid assistance for those who are disabled and have no money. Or they will take all you have and go from there. I should have had my Mom rob a 7-11 back when she was still driving her car at age 86 or so.
  3. If you think Snowy is quality craft beer then I have something to tell you: YOU HAVE BEEN IN THAILAND FOR WAY TOO LONG
  4. the 3 or 4 sensible answers you got all said to cover it up. are you taking a poll or something? now it seems like you are being the pain in the arse.... probably more figuratively than literally.
  5. Maybe one or a group of the relatives will buy it and take it out into deep water and sink it.
  6. This is who the law states is responsible: Section 38 : The house – master , the owner or the possessor of the residence , or the hotel manager where the alien , receiving permission to stay temporary in the Kingdom has stayed , must notify the competent official of the Immigration Office located in the same area with that hours , dwelling place or hotel, within 24 hours from the time of arrival of the alien concerned. Section 4. In this Act, “ House Master ” means any persons who is the chief possessor of a house , whether in the capacity of owner , tenant , or in any other capacity whatsoever , in accordance with the law on people act. Maybe the Thai Elite office should read the law. Not at CW, but I've always filed myself at two other offices, using signed copies of the landlords Tabien Baan and ID card. I've now registered to use the online system, all in English, using a copy of my Passport, Tabien Baan and Thai ID card, selecting 'occupier of the residence and received a username and password to login. If foreigners had no responsibility to file a TM30, why would Immigration allow foreigners to register online. There are many absent landlords, living abroad or in other Provinces who would have no idea of your exits/re-entries back into Thailand, unless you advised them every time and they were registered to file it online.
  7. there is no support for the middle ground - just look at TM's deal - both sides hated it All the hatred that was stirred up in the press has polarized people on one side or the other.
  8. Note to self: Do not keep Buddha shrine with burning incense sticks in boot of car.
  9. 9 months is a long "holiday" ! Do you sell kebabs ?
  10. Posts reported and removed. Twitter is not an accurate source, it may be interesting, but not enough to continue to copy and paste multiple times. Other trolling, off-topic posts and those violating Fair Use Policy have been removed.
  11. Actually I was thinking of the Cambodian street vendors
  12. Just have your bank do a wire transfer to your U S account. I am pretty sure Bangkok Bank has a limit of 50,000 BHAT a day.
  13. Janis recorded some of her best stuff after the split with Big Brother, better arrangements and etc...but most of her 'iconic' numbers were recorded with them... heard them in concert in 1968 and Big Brother was just some background noise with badly tuned guitars...Janis' voice soared above...
  14. If trust is not an issue......... then there should be no problem having her go to the land office BEFORE you loan the money and put it in your name NOW,.........BEFORE u loan because I have a better chance of getting pregnant than her signing it over to you AFTER.........she cant pay you
  15. Real bullshit. For me Thailand is the most boring country of all SE Asia. Even the food is boring, Malaysia and Indonesia offer much better food. Big bureaucracy for immigrants, much too much police, and everywhere. In Malaysia you get a stamp in the passport, you can stay 3 months, that's it. The only bad thing in Malaysia is, that beer is too expensive. Indonesia is also very good once you not go to tourist ghettos like Bali. Excellent food. Vietnam has good food, beautiful landscapes and women and cheep beer and is safer then Thailand.
  16. Paranoia? Mandatory health insurance for expats is likely to come in the future, and how can you plan for retirement in Thailand when insurance is nearly unobtainable once you hit normal retirement age of 65-70?
  17. Liz Cheney: Strzok-Page texts sound ‘like a coup,’ could be ‘treason’ https://www.foxnews.com/politics/liz-cheney-strzok-page-texts-sound-like-a-coup-could-be-treason
  18. As the fire was on board a container ship, and appears to involve containers some of which may not loaded or off load at this port should it not be the responsibility of the ship's captain and his officers to: Initiate fire fighting Identify the container(s) involved, their contents and hazards Identify any hazards to firefighters Inform the the port authority of any contamination risk
  19. Remember the war on drugs, where 2500 people got killed without a trail?
  20. Europe is expensive in July/ August , cheapest long haul prices are 6 -8 weeks before flying , most comprehensive comparison site is skyscanner in my opinion. I live in the UK so always get good deals flying from London to Bangkok. Not much difference going in May or early December. With a single stopover in the Middle East ( 2 -3 hours ) £380 - £430 return . Direct ( strongly favour EVA over Thai ) £480 - £550.
  21. NEVER. EVER. DO THIS~!! They will tell u ANYTHING and promise you EVERYTHING........then when they cant repay.........,they could not care less about YOU. YOU are setting yourself up for a problem. No matter what you have in writing, do not expectanypolice help.........its a civil case, they will not do anything. DO NOT LOAN TO ANYONE~!!!
  22. You voted for a racist, women grab them by the pussy, not paying people for there work guy. Get a grip
  23. Unfortunately, you are wrong and this is part of the point. That people make decisions based on misinformation. In fact, you can get around it by making a loan to the company, which is exactly what occurred recently. A £120,000,000 loan from the British taxpayers. https://www.ft.com/content/1d8ffaaa-7d6d-11e9-81d2-f785092ab560 But they needed more and the government refused. Not the EU, but Her Majesty's government. As to blaming the EU, look at the discussion between Nigel Farage and Vince Cable on the matter recently; https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1130501/British-steel-Nigel-Farage-Brexit-Party-EU-Brexit-insolvency-liquidation So this is my point. Too much misinformation by those with an agenda. Dividing the people and making us weak.
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