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  2. Oh yes of course..."Reefer Madness" is the problem. And this from the country where I was told not to eat chicken if I have a bad back.......and particularly not on a Tuesday!!
  3. Would you prefer "entitled" to be there? Either way, there was no proscription to defy.
  4. I quoted the article that I was told to read by another poster. That poster gave a link which was supposed to clear up the "on" or "applying" issue. I did not independently go to an out of date article. I was merely replying to that particular poster's link.
  5. Not the E.U.'s problem ….but a general election or referendum ...yes that would be a moral reason for a another extension , not changing 1 PM for another PM
  6. I always laugh when I read people blaming electoral results (that they don't like) on Russia . It takes a blind belief in 'our' politicians (that they support) to believe this kind of tripe!
  7. If you're just a grumpy old git why do you even post?
  8. Because FIFA are as corrupt as they come as history shows and clearly the South Sudan President didn't "share" his good fortune with certain FIFA corporate officials perhaps
  9. Wait-times of 2 plus weeks for Bangkok seems the norm recently. I know someone waiting 9 days so far. Not sure what you can do? Take a number and wait. Try calling, no one picking up. Suspect the trainees are swamped? Are you under some deadline?
  10. Thais wont read anything and safety is not a word they know.
  11. That was one scary bike ride - skillful but scary Well done that "Big Bike" man
  12. When you arrive at Swampy there will be a TE rep meeting you at the gate. They escort you to the express entry lane in Immigration. It is in a separate area from the main Immigration queues. When I arrived there was noone else there. I sat down while the TE rep and the Immigration Officer sorted out the visa and added it to my passport. I don't think it is very likely to be rejected at that point, it's not like you are at the mercy of the main Immigration queue as to which IO you get and if they are having a bad day.
  13. If you are having difficulty voiding or having problems with retention a ct scan of the prostate and the tube test you mentioned (RU) is the best way to diagnose the problem. The mri is not a bad idea either considering the cycling injury. If all else fails for about the same price most people sink into a month long excursion into thailand you can probably get feeling better at the pt place I mentioned. I'm going to the us embassy with a one year thai visa, 400k baht in the thai bank, two doctors letters, photos of us in the house, and my 90 percent disability letter. I hope they'll grant the visa so we can go to the doc in america where my insurance will pay for everything. I really need to go now. I also have an internal hemherroid the size of a ping pong ball. I'm blocked on both fronts. Horrible.
  14. I had assumed all produce in SEA is soaked in "banned in the west" pesticides. This is great news if correct. Where did you learn this, or can you provide a link. What about the quality of produce in Vietnam? As far as AQI, I thought the countries surrounding Thailand have bad air as well during the burning season.
  15. Actually it does, because it would be almost impossible for a new PM to rectify the utter chaos the government has made with Brexit to date in the extension time left. Had there been some leeway, it could have been possible to reach a consensus of opinion, but now opinions are polarised, like the two main parties - and on this forum topic. As I posted above, Sir Graham Brady, out of all the candidates for May's post, would be the most likely to succeed, IMO.
  16. It's obvious that in hectic war situations people have to make ad-hoc life and death decisions. And sometimes they decide to do something that in the hindsight maybe they should not have done. I think nobody can blame soldiers to make sometimes the "wrong" decisions under pressure. But then there are some so called soldiers who deliberately torture or maim or kill innocent people who are no risk to them or their fellow soldiers. They shouldn't do that and they should be punished if they do it.
  17. Kool. Have you been able to login, create a new password (this is the first step after receiving approval with the temporary password) and complete a report?
  18. Fish does smell and has a lot of small bones, hence I never eat seafood.
  19. If he was in custody in the USA he would have been waterboarded by now.
  20. "Oh"...I forgot! What lends to this is that a person got nailed attempting to gain entry into Thailand. and those 'others' who somehow skirted the system are where? No doubt that people circumvent the system, however focus on your beaches....the taxis....and all the "things' that turn tourists off. Then possibly your priorities will be re-prioritized. Of course, the "things' that attract many to Thailand.........errr........ "somehow' it's ok. Just like the <deleted> elephant abusers who solicit tourists. A country is based upon its overall "record" and Thailand - I assure you is near the bottom.
  21. Thailand does not allow competition in its beer market. The result is all beers are over-taxed and over-priced, the general quality of the mass market is abysmal and the range of choice is appallingly bad. It is a joke. When faced with no other choice, I will drink Singha.
  22. "There are plenty remainers who would prefer to set their own rules on who comes into the country ... but accept freedom of movement" ??? Not sure how this works, but perhaps you are thinking of posters like grouse who hate all moslems?
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