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  2. But in Northern Thailand vehicles aren't the problem, it's the farmers burning fields, and hilltribes burning forests. Concentrating your forces on 3% of the problem is madness, if you can't restrict the 97%. In some ways you are as blinkered as the Thais.
  3. Thank you for this very useful advice! I am saving this information for a trip closer to the end of the year, lining up with the ideal time to be in Chiang Mai. I am willing to take a gamble on CNX if it is better than BKK. I have been here for years in and out on tourist visas. If the worst case scenario would be denial of entry and return to Yangon, and if that is not particularly likely, it may be worth a try. What I do not want is to be detained or sent back to my home country, the US, which is why I have stopped entering through BKK in favor of land borders. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. I am wondering if the geniuses who came up with this idea realise maintenance costs on a Benz are 2-3 times that of a Toyota, Honda etc.
  5. Blame the bloggers/vloggers with their one strategic photo and trash fake articles. You are correct though, a lot of true tourists from the west rarely come back here. Only the men looking for honey It's hard to beat a trip to CA or SA. Truly beautiful beaches, jungle, mountains, wildlife compared to thailand. My statistics are; 100% happy with the reduction in chinese; 100% don't care about the thai economy.
  6. i think we are expecting too much , he could not tie his own bootlaces..
  7. Well they ask them as they’re leaving obviously duh
  8. Yes thailand rentals always come complimentary with a concrete mattress.
  9. http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/base.php?page=faq Number 2. I thought the fine for the TM30 was 800 baht? Is it possibile that the fine for your friend was confused with a late 90day reporting (2000baht)?
  10. Would anyone please point out any Chinese person in the photo above that has a smile on their face? I can't see one! They look so miserable...….
  11. What a ridiculous bunch of crap! Thailand has shown that it should not be allowed to have or even talk about something as important to the medical world as cannabis. If anybody in the world actually listened to or respected "Thai experts", Thailand could set the civilized progress of cannabis-based medicine back decades through the ignorance and paranoia of those with power and authority. Fortunately, the intelligent members of the global community know the dismal state of the Thai education system and the amount of trust the average Thai has in unproven folklore and anecdotal information, never seeking the truth or a reasonable understanding of the world. If any place on the planet can screw up the use of such a safe and beneficial substance, it's Thailand. Always an amazing place, but rarely for good reasons.
  12. The Philippines does, indeed, have unusual regulations with respect to their citizens wishing to travel abroad. For Philippine tourists, these are most likely to affect young women. See, for instance, http://immigration.gov.ph/faqs/travel-req There are much more stringent requirements for those planning to take up overseas employment.
  13. Pure curiosity,I do not like giving anyone more personal information than I have to.Just cannot see a need if they were not taken on entry
  14. As YouTube have seemed fit to bombard me with these videos I might as well share [emoji51] Actually, this is a favourite of mine, Deep Purple-Lazy
  15. I think it's a good time to air this one; https://twitter.com/i/status/1132229042516692993
  16. The only Thai numbers which i know without looking it up on Google are 1111 (government hotline) and 1155 (tourist police), in case of an accident i would choose the tourist police number, they should be able to call an ambulance. Most of the time when i'm going anywhere it's together with my girlfriend who is a nurse and has a few months emergency room / ambulance experience, so if we were the first at the scene she would be supposed to help.
  17. So a kind of revoking A50 in another naming and so all stay like it is ... The longer this Brexit thing last the more it seems to become complicated
  18. And can probably translate the original much better than Google. However, my argument remains the same. This thread started with a translated interview with immigration. From that interview alone, people were saying that everything is now perfectly clear. From that article alone, that is not true. I simply pointed out the inconsistencies in the particular article in the OP. An official translation of the statement from MOPH would go a long way in resolving the issue.
  19. papa watch many videos at 2x speed. It's great. Like 'backhoe breaks beaver dam'
  20. Very few eu supporters are federalists..are you honestly telling me that the majority of eu supporters do not know the end game of the brussels clique...ie..a united states of europe. Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. By coincidence I was just watching the Brit guitar dudes review of Thick as a brick and he talks about how the album came to be after Aqualung, interesting stuff.
  22. captain jack was a failure whilst trashing Thailand..typical loser. He left because he didn't bother to read up on health insurance before a life changing move. Went back to USA and then SA and ran back home again. He is where he needs to be and thats the USA
  23. Never try to explain what will happen in the future. The future doesn't exist.
  24. A permanent extension / or Bonkers declare war on Europe . We aint seen nothing yet , tighten your belts expats.
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