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  2. I had ToT for many years until recently. Always got a paper bill. During last months I paid via their "TOT easy life" app. I saw that you can apply for e-bill but no automatic change.
  3. I wonder what your wife is thinking when you tell her what to do in her country.
  4. Ok to clear some things up not sure why I am saying this as it does not really help with the question I asked. When I come to Thailand I was not really expecting to stay as long as I did that is why I did not get a TV from my home country. I was going to go to other places eg cambodia, vietnam maybe also the philippines. But I got sort of lazy and was enjoying my time in Thailand. The visa I got at the times I got them suited me at the time. Could I have done things better maybe but we are now where we are. I am sure in my original post I said if I got a new passport it would not clear my history with Immigration but would allow me to get new Tourist Visa. The reason for new passport is because they have stamped me. From what I can see I will never be able to get another Tourist Visa using this passport even if I wait 6 or 12 months. Where is my money coming from. Well if you read my original post you will see I told immigration that my uk company has allowed me to travel and is still paying me. This was not a lie I still get paid each month by my UK company. If I do go down the new passport route then like someone has mentioned if I carry on doing the same then I will have the same problems. So I am going to need to change how often I am in Thailand. What is the best way to still be allowed to come to Thailand on TV without getting rejected or stamped. 3 months Thailand then how long in another country? When looking at applying for new passport it said 10 week so if it takes this long I should have the new passport by November so in time for Christmas in Thailand so this is probably the option I am going to take. Just need to sort out my visa in Cambodia first. Thanks again for all your help. Mark.
  5. Witherspoons on Soi Bukhao just around from LK Metro. Not quite a pub atmosphere. The sportsman over on Soi 13/2? Queen Victoria Pub on Soi 6. The Quaint little Buther's Arm Pub on Soi Bukhao has closed and is now some sort of Burger place
  6. And on top of that the seafood is all <deleted>, raised in rivers even when they are salt water fish. Good seafood (i mean steaks without bones like cod-fillet) is very expensive in Thailand...westerners don't need no bones/skin/tails/heads....just a nice fillet is what they want...and in Europe that doesn't cost more than a decent steak.
  7. รายได้ดี เชียร์บอลสนุกใจ แทงบอลออนไลน์ จ่ายตรงเวลา www.ufa23.com
  8. A "warm" welcome in "SIberia". I get it. It's like a joke, right? Why not stick with the original slogan "All Russian criminals welcome!"?
  9. Because this statement alone reflects a common sense business approach that requires forward planning, and conservation. A skill that at times is severely lacking in the land of smiles.
  10. C'mon bois, penguins are growing middle class and millionaires untapped market. Very classy as well, always in tailored suits
  11. Indeed, his was a totally ridiculous and irrelevant comment. Doesn't understand the difference between a Clean Install and a Factory Restore. But yet has the gall to appear here and try to lecture those who do.
  12. Not sure exactly how many years of my life I have been drinking alcohol. My father said on my 14th birthday that I was old enough to have ' a couple'. Little did he know. Even when I was a baby I am not sure if I was deprived from alcohol as, like I found out later, my mother wasn't a member of the black stockings. Did I get it in with the nipple, a spoon or by the glass, I couldn't care less. I love alcohol that's it. When I am offered a drink I use to say "okay as long as it tickles". Then people start complaining how much I drink and those pharisees never mention my thirst. So, OP is my buddy here. Never know when our paths will cross but we'll have a lot of drinks, bombastic talks and sliding elegantly down our bar stools. Still standing, LOL, let's have it.
  13. Just to clarify, I just checked again in the app, there is a place to "register for e-bill" and they email it to you if you request it. You can then print that off etc.
  14. They better do it as Japan, give the refund in the shop before the customer pays....just deduct it from the bill....
  15. The answer dont retire here..... its is most stupid insane process.. Thailand kindergarten
  16. For O-X visa it has to be one of deveral Thai based policies, all expensive and poor value. O-A visa rules have not yet been annoynced. At present can still get O-A without it. There was mention in the press that international policies would be accepted but nothing is sure until the rules come into effect. These are retirement visas. If married to a a Thai national you can instead get a regular O visa and extend it annually (or enter on tourist visa and convert to O then extend). No mention so far of insurance requirement for that. You certainly should still have insurance but you're free to shop around for best value. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. How have they breached the declaration? You will be roughly the twentieth person who has said that and I have asked. i In the unlikely event that you answer, you will be the first.
  18. even overnight at koh kong via Trat. hated that border though, tea money demanded every time I went through there. is the other one in chantaburi closed now ?
  19. Driving between Khon Kaen and Udon yesterday I noticed a sign in the median that was posted in English and Thai that micro sleeps can kill or words similar. Never seen a sign like that before in Thailand oh well just another one that will be ignored. It did make me think I should let the missus drive on second thoughts that could have proved more dangerous.
  20. Seen many expats like him ! When the money stops they should just go home and regroup and then come again . Pattaya flying club is full of people like that sadly . Also I wouldn’t feel sorry the the issarn girls you speak of , they are also trying to do the same thing but get ripped off through their greed .
  21. He came, he saw, He talked a lot of rubbish and told others people to fix the problem, like he always does !
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