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  2. These questions are just getting more an more bizarre... I now have a question on what languages my son speaks - I just don't understand how that's relevant to my wife's visa application... O.o
  3. No. No, it's the responsibility of the place you stay. If you are sure they lodged a TM30 it "might" be wise to report when you get back to your normal place of abode (landlords responsibility mainly but personally, I'd get sorted to do it myself if I was worried about it) but again, if not going to have to deal with Immi no big deal (unlikely to get caught in a raid and if you do a paltry fine). Also depends on where you are and if your local Immi is currently enforcing or not (just looked back and yours is CW so it is enforcing them). Grab the app and get set up (link posted multiple times on here, do a quick search) Get set up on the website (link posted multiple times on here, do a quick search) Send it by mail (again, do a quick search, link to form and explanation of process has been posted from memory) Do it in person at your local Immi From what you've stated on here, personally I wouldn't worry about it. Sounds like you're in and out often enough to not see much of CW. If you need to go for an extension or whatever, just get a TM30 sorted before you go.
  4. Well done Will,another year on top. And to Gazman for bringing up the rear.
  5. You are completely wrong, I am merely a happy customer. I have no other link to the company. I have no link to any other company, I am retired.
  6. Dude I almost bought it here last year. It was weird because I wasn't scared about it I was just......detached. We are all gonna go but I'm with you, quick and fast while doing something I enjoy. My momma is hitting 90, millions of dollars she can't or won't spend, all she can do now is watch the boobtube and feel the aches and pains. She traveled all over the world up till about 10 years ago, first class. Now...the same thing every day, broken up by Dr visits....sit in the chair. While I guess every day is a good day when ya wake up, sometimes I wonder....
  7. GDP per cap is a very deceiving measure. Thailand is high up on the inequity list of countries. A few very rich with most poor. Median wealth per adult in US dollars is only $1085. That ranks 132 which is truely shamefull. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_wealth_per_adult
  8. I live in the Rayong area and the scale of the investment into road upgrading and modification is truly enormous... The entire area from Klaeng to Pattaya to Bangkok to Chachangseo is one massive road works. To my untrained eye much of it looks like useless or superfluous work (knocking down already existing bridges and extending them by 200 meters for no apparent benefit, underpasses that are hard to imagine adding and benefit. What they all have in common isn’t being large scale EXPENSIVE projects where smaller and cheaper more effective projects may of been better suited. One cannot help but feel that all of this roadwork is purely a vehicle for corruption. I cannot see any other reason or below benfit. Houses, hotels and shopfronts are springing up absolutely everywhere as well as new homeware stores and car showrooms. It is a real “build it and they will come” approach. i know Teflon Thailand always seems to bumble along but you do really need to see the full extent of what isn’t happening on the eastern seaboard. They had better come.....because if they don’t then we are headed for 1997 again in my my opionion
  9. OP, good advice above however if its a regular 5 month only (per yr) I can't see why not just stick to existing pattern. Obtain setv then extend. After that go border for visa exempt entry. Can extend that. A variation would fly to los ve and plan on short trip to Saigon to obtain setv. Good consulate, not busy. Also being UK your entitled to 15 day visa exempt. You Thai gf also. Just a suggestion.
  10. They have all this money for roads, but dump sewage in ocean, and cannot put garbage bins on streets. Stupid!
  11. 500 th managed game 4 poch and i presume co... NO strikers on the bench .. thats a bit of a wori..
  12. Will he be holding confessionals in Pattaya...………..short time /long time?
  13. Watched it tonight and enjoyed it...........but IMO you will now have to watch the original as in many respects "it is a different movie" and Steve McQueen is outstanding, and Dustin Hoffman's character is a "ratso-esque" (a la Midnight Cowboy) persona; both great acting parts. Then let me know what you think!!
  14. Medical insurance is not required for either an O or O-A visa. It would help you get better answers if you told us what country you are from. Also what country are you in now? Everything you need to know should be available on the website of the Thai Consulate in your home country. You should look at that first and then ask questions if you still have them.
  15. Petrol bombs and bricks. Morons....and Hong Kong as a whole will face the consequences for the actions of those who can’t abide to peaceful protest.
  16. Don’t worry when Donald is shown the door in 2020 the new potus will work hard to undo the damage Donald has created yes we here in America will have to eat a lot of crow so be it it’s better than this for us and the world as far as Boris you brits can get rid of a failed pm easyer than us with our system correct?
  17. Understand - I come from a farming community where even if a person was not popular you would not see them struggle, if you had the means to assist, I guess it kinds stays with you. I have on a few occasions helped people out in the village when they appeared to need an extra hand, as we did in the UK, a truck load of straw would attract the local youth to help unload, never did me any harm in the UK or Thailand, and yes often reciprocated. For sure differing lifestyles require differing approaches
  18. Been thinking about that lately. I'm from the US. I shutter to think about dieing there in a old folks home. Hopefully I will go quick while traveling
  19. The last photo looks like the area got hit by a flood. Could that be? Also our area got hit a couple of years ago and you could see such hills of garbage everywhere. But not for long.
  20. But kids at schools might do English projects covering the topic and the used material later lands somewhere. Laughable, but it's too crass. The teachers aren't educated enough to know the problems, how could they teach their students something they have no idea of?
  21. I think you have hit it on the head! I admire your bravery to speak up! Have you ever considered the Chi-coms are being mislead to believe by Mr. Trump's opposition, that His, is a 4 year term and they have been told to wait him out by the globalist? Judging by the Cicomms reactions to Americas tariffs, its obvious imop
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