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  2. Thats very selfish are irresponsible behavior , at your age you dont need to be too concerned about getting a STD , but, you really should think about other people and infecting them
  3. I get what you are saying but using the description "human rights" is downplaying the importance of the world wide human right struggles. Has nothing to do with finding a seat at a mall. A better description would be of a "convenience for humans" like a toilet or trash can.
  4. Isn't there a law against copying an entire article to make a one sentence comment? And another one against driving on the walkways?
  5. And this was in response to the Embassy's "Heads UP"? Thank you for the warning. Most Yanks are well aware that Uncle Sam, and Medicare and Medicaid, don't extend to the expat community. Even the socialist countries with "medical coverage for all" don't have such coverage reaching offshore. So, malibukid, what's your point? You didn't have enough wherewithal in your career to amass a health plan -- so Uncle Sam need be your nanny? Please pretend you're a Canadian when out in the public....
  6. That confirms the color issue is sediment and quite efficiently removed by filters. Before I installed a bore and pump we had same issue. Then we had a 3 stage cartridge system. In the first two I used the 5 micron followed by the 1 micron and in the 3rd a carbon. Problem was that the filters clogged quickly. To offset the cost of constant replacement I resorted to "peeling the filters a few times and putting another 1 micron in place of the carbon. The water was clear but never did I trust it for more than washing laundry etc. due to concerns sediment filters do nothing to remove chemical pollutants. Nearby a German expat has used to sand tower system mentioned plus a reverse osmosis system which feeds into a large stainless steel tank. He drinks that water with no issues. There are many options but the drawback to small systems is the capacity for household general consumption. My eventual choice was to go to a deep bore which luckily is clean but has a moderate lime content. No problem for general household use apart from lime scaling in the toilets and showers. But I still buy drinking water.
  7. Just for interest Joe I checked with the lady who pre checks the documents at the IO retirement desk at Jomtien. I explained I would have 9 or 10 transfers this year and she showed me the bank letter that another poster has published. I said that shows 12 transfers and I will not. She said the total must be 800,000 or more. It will be but obviously that is not correct by the new rules this year.
  8. Any paperwork that is not easily faked that shows you have the requisite money. Either Thai or foreign bank accounts are fine (if paranoid, the latter possibly better).
  9. Soooo, he's got the EU establishment worried. GREAT NEWS. Go Farage, go. Sock it too them.
  10. Residents that prepare templates electronically at home should note that Samui's TM7 (annual extn) and TM8 (re-entry permit) are slightly different from the online versions therefore you will be expected to peel off your photos and complete their version by hand. To save yourself any problems I suggest picking up copies of their version a few days beforehand or during a 90 day report so that you can complete them at home rather than trying to elbow your way onto the (6' x 2') surface where others are doing same. The only other change is that payment is at the desk at the point of applying (it used to be afterwards) and passports are available the following week (used to be the same day). Embassy letters (issued by the four that discontinued the service on 01 Jan) are being honoured. HTH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An Idiots Guide to the Retirement Extension process at Samui Immigration Office. A factual first-hand account aimed at dispelling some of the myths that have arisen in recent months. 1. Prepare a double sided TM 7 including photo. Sign and date it on the day you apply. 2. Print and sign the Bio Page, entry page and all previous pages of passport since your visa was issued/entered the Kingdom. Do same re your departure card (TM6). 2 sets are needed if applying for re-entry permit (double sided TM8 plus photo) too. 3. Print a Satellite Map with GPS coordinates and an arrow to your house. An A4 sheet showing a Satellite image (top) with a map (below) has been accepted for my last 6 extensions. 4. Print copies of your Rental agreement, House book & Landlords ID. 5. Include any further financial proof that has cropped up of late. 6. Copy all pages of your bank book and add them to your file. Have the book with you incase asked to show it. 7. Include an original doctor’s letter from a hospital. Thai Inter provides them in 15 mins @THB 250. 8. The correct fee is THB 1,900 plus an additional THB 1k or 3.8k if applying for single/multiple re-entry permit. 9. The office opens @0830hrs but is quite uncomfortable until the aircon kicks in therefore it’s advisable not to arrive too early. 1045hrs is fine and you’ll be out before midday & given a date in which to return the following week to collect your passport. Other Considerations - TM7 TM8 Templates: Samui IO’s templates differ slightly from the ones downloaded from the main office in Bkk & completed electronically therefore it’s advisable to pick some up a few days beforehand & complete them by hand at home. - Data/Security: It is advisable to redact or otherwise protect some of the above documents, particularly passports and bank books. CROSSING them as per a cheque isn’t ideal but may reduce the chances of your data proving useful to 3rd parties. - Creature Comforts: A small bag containing 2 clipboards, a pen & a glue-stick makes all the difference, as does a bottle of water. 1 Clipboard contained my completed application while the other contained any spares I felt might be necessary. None were needed this year. - There is ample parking behind the building. The road has been concreted. - Passports are returned a week later. Applicants are given a ‘raffle ticket’ in lieu of a receipt. Eva 22 May 2019
  11. So this is supposed to be her bold new deal. It's not a deal with the EU, only a 'deal' with Liebour to try and garner enough of their votes to get her WAB through parliament. According to Corbyn's quote he and his MPs have seen through it and won't support her. According to some reports, fewer Tory MPs will support her than the last two times she pulled her trick. So her Surrender Treaty will be voted down a fourth time; no capitulated exit; no second referendum. By Monday's EU results announcement the Brexit Party will have decimated the others, again in democratic polls. They won't dare try to revoke Article 50. Unless the EU gives way with some concessions (also possible after eurosceptic decimation) they have nothing else to offer. Roll on our slow slide exit by default No Deal.
  12. right and we can see many red plates in the night all over Thailand... " nor out of the designated original Province? " I heard about that but I'm not sure if it's exact .
  13. The "Anti-Money Laundering Office" is not intending to sell any of those condos, the prices are higher than the advertising price for brand new units. Are they intending to embezzle them ? Technically not laundering I guess...
  14. I think the changes are more to do with the change in government, extremist military style regimes aren't usually good places in which to live, for foreigners or locals. Can't blame the increasing smog on Prayut though.
  15. go for an apple fast or some other mild type of vege and/or fruit fast
  16. Water situation at Na Jomtien Beach improving PATTAYA:--Following the public outcry over the discharge of untreated wastewater directly into the sea at Na Jomtien Beach in Sattahip district, officials say the situation has gradually improved as the water has become less murky in the last few days. However, a foul smell can still be noticed along the beach. On Sunday, the Deputy District Chief of Sattahip, Wanchat Wannapram, said his district office coordinated with relevant agencies in Pattaya to bring in more pump trucks to remove the wastewater, which will be treated. Wanchat said the district office will consider closing the sluice gate and inspecting the wastewater being released by buildings in the area. Read more: https://www.pattayamail.com/featured/water-situation-at-na-jomtien-beach-improving-255473 -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-05-22--
  17. I hate a video when a printed list is much more suitable for what is after all just a list of actions. This type of video is just money making clickbait.
  18. Actually if you are only concerned about being called back to the states on short notice for an emergency only I don’t that just depends on your situation that’s a tough call. I don’t know if you could afford to leave maybe some of your income in the states and only bring some of it into Thailand. That’s what we do but we have 3 separate sources of income my military retirement pay after 21 years of service, my wife’s Social Security, and my VA pension rated at 100% disabled. So we leave my military retirement pay and my wife’s Social Security in our US bank and save it and I only transfer my VA pension income into my Thai bank. But I don’t know about your situation if Social Security is your only source of income that’s a tough one to call. I originally read your post wrong I thought you spent a lot of time in the states but apparently you are concerned about having to go back home for a family emergency. I can still understand that concern vrs. income. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  19. Poor Ruth - the sole thrust of her EU election campaign in Scotland to date has been 'No more divisive referendums', and what does her boss go and do but propose another divisive referendum! Does anyone still want to argue that her star is in the ascension?
  20. Worth every penny. If the beggars won't let us leave, we'll destroy the whole rotten edifice from within. No wonder those Brussels a++holes are twitching!
  21. It really dissapoints me that this rate is so low, I want so many of the drivers in my way to meet their well deserved karmic justice that 7 k won't cut it - perhaps if I give some money to the local temple and some computer games that number will rise to the full Buddhist retribution I would expect.
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