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  2. strange though, there are places you can rent by the hour.
  3. Thanks. There are a lot of apps and options for smart phones. I need something like a mobile calling card with a call back number. Looking into the global option mentioned here, something like mytello, then all the other threads (time consuming.)
  4. You do know that up until he declared his intention to run as a politician Thanathorn was head of the Thai Summit group, a company that his family owns and had revenues of 80 billion baht in 2017? Are you seriously questioning where he could have come up with 3.5 million USD?
  5. Interestingly yesterday on BBC they talked about the 20 most corruput countries Cambodia was number 20 Thailand did not get a mention
  6. LOL rij we have a nucleus of young players with likely two or three joining this summer. Its far from the end.
  7. No one treat Thailand like Russia, of course you will be comparing your home country to Thailand, it is normal I think. But it was 6th page of this topic and no answer what actually Thai Law says about it
  8. I had a quick squint at airbnb ads for my condo, and didn't find any, although I think there is one that is being used for that purpose. But I do recognise some of the other condos, but cleverly the advertisers position their property incorrectly on Google map, (presumably to avoid detection). One in Piya Sathorn, on Suan Phlu, is positioned on Google map next to the Sukhothai Hotel.
  9. I expect you're married to a hiso Chinese lady, speak Thai fluently, & very wealthy.
  10. Kidnapping is kindnapping so it has to do with Thai law. Beleive Thailand is even party to the parental kidnapping treaty. But even if Thai immigration does nothing, Europe is more than 10 hours away. Enough time to prepare the arrest at arrival. Thai imigration does sometimes check if permisison is given before a child is allowedd to enter. Besides, a phone call to the airline might also result in the child beeing denied boarding.
  11. Your sure got your moneys worth from that old sprocket Papa 555 and a very reasonable cost of replacement.
  12. another Brexit ! sorry, i do not like jokes about accidents or deaths. couldn't resist (nobody's perfect)
  13. Thank you for all your replies guys. That is why I asked the question, because it still does not seem to be clear how to sell a motorbike, even though it has been discussed to many times. When the time comes, I will do it on my last non-imm visa to be on the safe side.
  14. No matter how good your acting technique there is an art to auditioning, to finding the deeper material within the script. Join Method Acting to discover and grow the various parts of your ability, while developing your acting. For more information, visit: 16 Heneage St London E1 5LJ or Call us at: +44 20 7622 9742 Source: Find out more https://www.methodacting.co.uk
  15. Yes but nothing is being done about it. .......who said they were powerless to stop it. The police will turn a blind eye.
  16. https://www.th.emb-japan.go.jp/en/consular/visa1.htm
  17. Some office will do them earlier with a good reason and showing a ticket out of the country.
  18. Huh? Seriously <deleted> are you talking about? Israel never ethnically cleansed anyone. Total Palestinian deaths by Israeli forces over the last 100 years amounts to less than 50,000 - with almost all of it happening during wars instigated by them (Palestinians and/or neighboring countries). Israel has never proactively declared war on anyone, and only defended itself when attacked.
  19. I do not understand the fuss. Cars can be banned. People are still able to drive, no matter what is "banned".
  20. My school last week received a written notice from PKK MOE that the student visa system (foreigners studying Thai) has completely changed. As explained to me, the confidential notice regarding new national rules (as interpreted by the provincial authority) has limited Thai language study to 13 months, with increased hour and syllabus requirements for beginner (3 months), intermediate (4 months) and advanced (6 months). A further three month extension may be available after the initial 13 months. My school was informed orally that there would be no visas beyond 16 months of study. Furthermore, you must exit the country for each new visa; no more one year visa with three month renewals. All the above is subject to further meetings with stake holders and internal negotiations. What is going on in Chiang Mai and Bangkok with student visas? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello people, I'm Indian. recieved documents from my company in thailand. got 90 days non b visa single entry and have work permit now. my company is telling me i need to go to india every 90 days and apply for new non b visa. some of indian people in thailand they were telling me i dont need to go india. i can go to immigration and extend my visa 90 day visa. i dont know what to do?should i go to india or apply for extension in immigration.if yes what are the docs will i require?
  22. I'm just quoting the experts. Plus a little bit of common sense! Can't I have an opinion? You have certainly made yours clear! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  23. 2 shitty cars with useless incompetent drivers, competing about who will be first at the next traffic light... Brains as big as trumpy's dick
  24. I know the German Honorary Consul personally and regarding his own words, he's not allowed to do that for non-Germans. You need to apply at your embassy.
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