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  2. Thus graph is not depicting metabolic rate; it shows oxidation rate of macronutrients (I.e.: where the body is deriving energy and how much is being used to maintain homeostasis). The take-away is that ketones and stored fat minimize protein catabolism after about 72 hours. Note that the body will always be in a homeostatic state as long as there is ample fat reserves to allow ketone bodies to be produced...except for the initial period of a fast when ketones have yet to ramp up. Thus, if the body is in a homeostatic state, resting metabolic rate will be unaffected by the fast. This is a scientific certainty. If you google around you can find plenty of valid studies that support this.
  3. Try finding safe vegetables here I mean pesticide wise. I am sure you read the newspaper articles that sometimes pop up here on Thaivisa. I am taking frozen vegetables from makro to hopefully avoid the problem. But mainly I buy my own meat and veggies and make my own food.
  4. I will. They actually have a new test centre behind Makro. I went in there thinking they could advise me but apparently it's only for driving tests and you still have to go to the old centre for applications. I live a bit away from there and ironically I don't have transport at the moment but next time I'm in Mae Sot I'll investigate. Thanks.
  5. Look at the visa in the photo on Page 1 in the OP. Says "O-A". If you don't have that one of those, then you likely have a single entry Non-O, good for 90-days then extendable thereafter.
  6. It's not petty. What you said is wrong. A Non-O for reason of Retirement is a visa that you get abroad (outside Thailand), usually in your home country (same O-A) but probably also available in some other countries. An extension for reason of Retirement is something you get in Thailand and requires you have a O-A or O visa.
  7. I forgot to pay bill a couple of years ago. I woke up one morning to no power, my fault I know, but it didn't even get to the second bill or even a warning,, the <deleted> just walked up to the poll early one morning and removed the power meter !!!! I called the wife and she then called them and paid the bill and they had the meter back within an hour of the call, I gather it happens a lot . Off topic I know but one of the many hard lessons one has to learn when living in the LOS.
  8. 3. I am referring to clubs outside of Manchester, but in Greater Manchester. Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Wigan and Oldham. Well done Salford and Stockport on their promotions; Bury too, though they are deep in financial trouble. 1. When I was working I would occasionally meet with all the boroughs making up GM. There is a resentment that Manchester take the lead and presume all others will sing to their tune. Personally, I love the city of Manchester; I was there last year for the bombing anniversary commemorations. I am visiting in July and will pay another visit. Bolton is poor by comparison; a dump in many parts; but it is home and does have some redeeming features. 2. Perhaps the area should have been named differently, maybe SELNEC like the old busses. Recently I was chatting to an older chap in a pub in Patts and he told me he was from Cheshire. "Wherabouts?" I asked. Stalybridge. Must say I had practically forgotten it had been in Cheshire. He hadn't and I will never forget I am from Lancashire.
  9. the end is nigh for the Remainers....long live Leaving....
  10. Know what you mean . The loss of my 'baby' whippet (on top of the loss of one of my much loved soi dogs) after a two year 'fight' to extend their lives, left me devastated and depressed. I'm still trying (and failing) to recover from the horror of those two years or so.
  11. You are very, very unlikely to be arrested for earning money online whilst in Thailand provided there are no Thai interactions, no Thai customers (if you have customers) and no Thai Baht movements. If you are staying using tourist visas or visa exempts, then at some point you will be denied another visa or denied entry. Remember, this is not the West. Any question starting, "Is it legal in Thailand to...." depends upon the whim of the officer whose decision it is and the direction of the wind. If the [political / financial / social / Facebook] winds change, then the law changes with it. The important question is not, "Is it legal..." but "Who will I call when I need to?"
  12. Who said i cant afford insurance,? Not me i just do not want to pay 70 or 80k a year for something that is of no use .i prefere to pay for my own hospital visits. Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. From yesterday. Been many like it before. https://money.usnews.com/money/retirement/baby-boomers/articles/the-10-best-places-to-retire-in-asia Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. I’m thinking the complete opposite: that May and all the brexiteers are all scared sh*tless of another vote because they know they’re going to loose it this time. Will of the people, my arse.
  15. Forgive me, please, for not reading all 29 pages of this thread but what is the difference between O and O-A? I have O issued in my home country followed by extensions based on retirement. Thanks for your help.
  16. Work seven days a week for minimum wage and be looked down on by your fellow citizens or work for a couple of hours each night for 100k a month fo, keep face in the village with a new house, wear nice clothes and have nice things, and be respected by society. Tough choice...
  17. That's why Disney films like this one are so insidious I imagine you would say
  18. Only one 30 day extension of a visa exempt entry can be applied for per entry. He could do a border hop to Laos from Mukdahan to get a new 30 day entry.
  19. Think the smog has affected the brain. "one of the worlds most popular cities" ? . Chaing Mai does not even come into the reckoning on this list of best cities. Where is your evidenc ? https://www.timeout.com/things-to-do/best-cities-in-the-world
  20. Interestingly, I thought prostitution was technically illegal in Thailand!!
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