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  2. Only when the government channels Donald.
  3. so the answer to my question is no there are no gold shops in Thailand that accept crypto ?
  4. Hi guys! My company wants me to get my Non-B Visa in Singapore. It's my first ever Non-B but I already have several stamps of tourist visa AND an Ed Visa (i canceled it after the first three months) on my passport. Would it be a problem? I'm quite worried about the approval of my Non-B in Singapore and getting back in Thailand as well
  5. Then you should fact check before posting. I went to a fee paying Private Grammar School. An example of current day fees... http://www.pghs.co.uk/admissions/school-fees/ Do not comprehend why anyone would waste their time voting for Farage.
  6. Flanker??? There is no such position in football
  7. President Obama made a point of releasing his tax returns on or before the annual filing deadline in April each year. That's what leaders do. For the record, this law has been on the books since 1924.
  8. 2 biggest killers of batteries are vibration and low electrolyte levels, first won't be a problem, check electrolyte levels make sure the level is above the plates, once the plates are exposed they deteriorate very quickly, disconnect earth lead.
  9. 53 vs 37? If we apply the half his age plus 7 rule then she at 37 is too old.
  10. Hey its SE Asia man and nothing surprises me. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/780582/monkey-killer-rampage-deaths-india
  11. I'm off to vote. Read this article this morning. I thought some of the brothers might be interested No European election ever deflects the EU deep state one inch from its rigid course The election of 170 part-time dilettantes from the Eurosceptic Left and Right might shake up French or Italian politics. It will change absolutely nothing in the governing structure of the EU................. Nigel Farage, France’s Marine Le Pen, and Italy’s Beppe Grillo, and Greece’s Syriza (before it was co-opted) all levered gains in the 2014 elections into uprisings of sorts in their own countries, but they did not deflect the EU juggernaut one inch from its rigid, imperial, integrationist course. Not even Brexit has done that. Au contraire. https://flipboard.com/@TheTelegraph/no-european-election-ever-deflects-the-eu-deep-state-one-inch-from-its-rigid-cou/a-riAcFs5WQbOxX9g6pZY5_A%3Aa%3A3199678-0406f1f410/co.uk
  12. Nothing - Children under 16 (15 and younger) cannot be charged or penalized for overstay. However, being exempt from a fine / penalty does not mean they do not need a visa - thus, its still best to obtain the correct visa for them... either through their School or as a dependent etc.. unless you are just having a long holiday in which case, obtain a tourist visa.
  13. You have the right to inspect the condo on the morning of the day of transfer to make sure everything is ok. If he hasn't removed his stuff, don't do the transfer. Do not believe him if he says he will do it after the transfer. Once he has his money, that is the last you will see of him.
  14. Tour groups and their greed pimped Kho Lan to death, that beat down old hoe ain't ever coming back..
  15. Just need the US to annex CTW. But too late. The Chinese have already done that.
  16. In a reliant German newspaper I have read that the EU is not entitled by law to ask for the 39 billions, especially if there isn't any Brexit-deal. But, but, but ….. there is a „small problem“ for GB. Let me explain by the well know group of card-players. A group of 18 card-players sitting in the pub, playing and drinking beer. Playing together for 2 hours, one man ordered a beer for all. After some time, he left the group without paying the bill. The club members couldn't do anything to convince him for doing his duty. Some years later the poor debtor knocked on the club's door: please let me be a member again, this club is so great. Then one member asked him: „Did you forget what happened when you had left our club??? Before we think about taking you back, please PAY your debt including interest. And don't forget you will not receive the same preferences as before!“ Isn't that an example of what would happen with GB after leaving the EU-club? There is a big probability that GB once again will knock on the EU door.
  17. Karen worker killed at Samut Sakhon temple By The Nation An unidentified Karen worker was found beaten to death at a temple in Samut Sakhon’s Ban Praew district on Thursday morning. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102329-karen-worker-killed-at-samut-sakhon-temple/
  18. They are not a representative of Thai Visa. I certainly would not do anything until I saw something official from immigration. If any change is done it would not go into effect retroactively.
  19. I will arrive on June 11th and depart on August 8th. Then arrive again on December 4th and depart on February 27th. I was just looking at the multi-entry tourist visa but it costs £150 in London, there can't be many people for whom this is good value? Am I right in thinking I can arrive on visa exempt June 11th and then extend for 30 days and then get a tourist visa before arriving in December and again extend for 30 days? Total cost THB 1,900 + £30 + THB 1,900.?
  20. Karen worker killed at Samut Sakhon temple By The Nation An unidentified Karen worker was found beaten to death at a temple in Samut Sakhon’s Ban Praew district on Thursday morning. Ban Praew police were alerted at 7.30am that a body had been found in front of a toilet room of Wat Thamma Chedi. The man, who appeared to be around 25 years old, had several serious wounds on his head. Pol Lt Col Ritthichaipakorn Damrongitthisakul, commander of the Ban Praew police station, said that another Karen worker had been injured earlier and was sent to the district hospital. He said that a construction contractor hired five Karen workers for painting work but three had disappeared and the contractor could not be contacted. A monk told police that he woke up at 4am to clean the dinning room and found an injured man so he asked a motorcyclist to send him to the district hospital. He did not know that another worker had been killed in front of the toilet room. Ritthichaipakorn said police suspected that the three workers who disappeared had injured and killed the two others following a quarrel. He said police would interrogate the injured worker when his condition improves. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30369869 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-05-23 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  21. People blaming VAR always makes me laugh, Video technology doesn't make a decision and is their to assist officials, it's the officials that make a decision and in the A League officials are generally some of the worst iv'e seen so blame the officials not the technology.
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