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  2. Because you can count on Trump to honor US military commitments?
  3. They must be nice places as that is actually expensive for one month on Soi B. Mostly LB and working girls will be your neighbors. Hope you are OK with that.
  4. Does it matter,if it is a one trick pony? It’s by far the most pressing issue in British politics. Sort it out and then we can return to the normal issues, be it First pass the post or Proportional representation.
  5. Wasnt there a certain Thai man cycling naked in Germany once. I believe he got shot in the 'arris.
  6. Some troll posts and replies have been removed.. Please use discretion in your references to the government. Phrases which can be considered as anti-coup will be removed. Referring to Thailand or the government as a dictatorship, military dictatorship or other such terms will be removed:
  7. Your blaming Americans for Nazi horrific policies? That's a new one. Do they teach that in German schools?
  8. Exactly why i said kooks. What i am is a old dude who has built well over 100,000 surfboards over a 40 year carrer and for some of the best surfers in the world and i need not defend my virtue as a surfer. But thailand has nothing to offer any surfer. Of any age. Thailand has many good things going for it. But surf is not one.
  9. Tops at Central Festival. Got mine there about 4 months ago in the dried spices section. Nice and fragrant, use them in my morning German potato pancakes.
  10. It's 212.93 baht. No point in quoting sans VAT since you have to pay it. If you are using it continuously, you are paying over 920 baht per month. Would be a lot cheaper to use the 90 day package if it still works; 1391 baht for 90 days; *104*598#
  11. The first inkling would include many I know if judging by what they write. Could be a slippery slope.
  12. Sorry to hear of the family ordeal. sadly governments are heartless for the most part. Australia is a great example. I hope your Philippines move will prove a haven for your dear old mum.
  13. Thank you to people who have replied to the question. To others: I haven't asked how to find a cheap flight, and how can you think that you know anything better than me ? 55555+ I am asking what is YOUR experience, what was YOUR cheapest flight. Any other reply is not welcome.
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  15. Well , whilst I understand your patriotism of course you are aware that the vote for an Independent Scotland last time was more clearly cut in terms of % against than the UK vote was to leave the EU. Irrespective of that my thoughts are that the people generally have woken up to the lies of Brexit and it will not happen. An independent Scotland should be left up to the Scots to determine and if the vote (if there is another one) goes against you next time round by the same % will you finally accept the will of your own people ?
  16. Any time I am having a problem going to sleep, I listen to Richard Dawkins attempt to explain how something came from nothing. Instead of listening to this moron or other like minded individuals, please listen to a few of Ravi Zacharias interviews or speaking engagements. You can find plenty of them on YouTube.
  17. Im not telling you for any specific reason, so no, I obviously am not saying that qualifies me to be a teacher. A complete wrong presumtion from yourself. But again, thanks!
  18. To be honest, he's talking about domestic prices that because of government manipulation has no semblance to much lower global prices.
  19. Very misleading. Not surprising as it's from the BBC. Only 3 parties were set up specifically for the single issue of leaving / staying in the EU. Those are the Brexit Party, UKIP and Change UK. Those other so called 'anti-Brexit parties have multiple agendas. For example, there will be people who voted Green who don't give a stuff about the EU issue, but just want to save the planet. Likewise there are people who always vote SNP simply because they hate the English and want independence. This election has absolutely disproved the myth pedalled by remainers that the majority in the UK now want to remain. Imagine how much time and money could have been wasted on a 2nd referendum only to get the same result.
  20. The defense put up by the Nazis at Nuremberg was that euthanasia for the mentally ill had also been recommended by many American doctors in the 1930's
  21. You can keep, primary residence Personal property and household belongings One motor vehicle Life insurance with a face value under $1,500 Up to $1,500 in funds set aside for burial Certain burial arrangements such as pre-need burial agreements Assets held in specific kinds of trusts. See “Trusts” for more information about how a trust can affect your eligibility for Medicaid.
  22. I think maybe he was too good for the RTP, and that is no big joke.
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