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  2. Don’t forget to put that orange in your mouth Max.
  3. Did you loudly object to the first referendum? Or only when it did not produce the result you wanted and smugly expected? If the second vote went against you would you insist on a third?
  4. Would be interesting to know which industries they surveyed. the net salary (after taxes) seems to be in Line with the payments in the hotel business for qualified people in department head positions (which would be a little bit more senior than mid-level). But the benefits (according to the graph similar to the salary) are very, very hard to find in hotels - you are lucky, if you get a small housing allowance - the international schools, driver, maid, etc are a thing of the past for the "mid-level" expat in the hospitality industry. Maybe large manufacturing companies still send people abroad, but even in my wife's company (large US insurance) they no longer move staff for extended periods on these nice expat packages (mostly 3-months assignments now)
  5. Rain season is normally worse in the south so that’s why I think it’s better to stay central like Bangkok or Pattaya, also I feel comfortable in Bangkok and Pattaya, I know what to expect, I know what fun I can have, if I book a months stay in Krabi and hate it then my holiday is ruined, yes that’s the disadvantage with Pattaya, it’s mostly hookers and bars, of course I can stay there and not participate in that stuff, and I have managed to get lucky twice (free sex) in Pattaya but your right it’s rare, won’t happen often. Anything can happen in Thailand, that’s what I’ve come to know over the years.
  6. No matter what Thailand will gain from this trade war or they will at least try to tell that fairytale to the ignorant public
  7. Ukraine has been holding Russian journalists for at least 2 years. From memory 6 or 7 people and refusing to release them. not that it has anything to do with a matter at hand but shows Ukraine is not an innocent party but actively showing aggression towards Russia as well
  8. lol sounds like you are well into withdrawl symptoms time for a hit lol
  9. replied like a true blind adherent to false doctrine. we can all have an opinion and rubbish the opposite view. Now, I will just put the kettle on, it's about that time again, before the shakes and sweats start
  10. In normal dosage.. yes. Not saying that you should take spoon fulls of sugar as it could give an insulin spike. But normal dosage not too bad. Guzzling cans of coca cola .. bad idea. I mean in excess I believe sugar is bad. I don't believe sugar to be any more harmful than other stuff in normal dosage. The bad things I see about sugar are (empty calories, and could spike your blood sugar real fast). Both not good but certainly not toxic. I cut most of the sugar, never even had sugar in my tea. Only sugar I sometimes get is from a blackcurrant syrup that I take with a bottle of soda (the stuff they sell in 711) once every few days. I believe in a balanced diet of mainly unprocessed food. I also believe it won't kill you if you add sugar to your tea if you should like it. I doubt it is toxic at all in normal dosage. I get ticked off by alarmist who overstate their point and use animal studies at higher dosages then normal to prove their case.
  11. Check into a hotel/guesthouse for a week and use their address. Surprised your agent didn't suggest that, or sign you up as living with him/her.
  12. I doubt the DUP would vote with IRA sympathiser Corbyn, though stranger things have happened. But they are unlikely to join him in stopping a no deal exit.
  13. 90 day reporting online doesn't seem to be working today 26 May 2019. The page is not found and attempting via the immigration web site page also produces page not found.
  14. have met and talked to the man, was surprised at his openess and attitude towards his fellow thais. From what I saw personally he should be ok if he stands up to his own values, far better than any ptp or pro junta/army people
  15. curious as to where his CC's and mobile were .... Thai GF ???? rip.
  16. Good point. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. I know why it is, and I happen to like that particular drug thanks. And I don't believe that in conservative amounts it's at all bad for most people. As usual with most things health related, contradictory research can be quoted to support both positions.
  18. The public didn't vote for a hard Brexit at all. Parliament has carried out the advice of the small majority of the people by taking the advisory referendum result and exploring all the option of leaving and trying to decide on one that is in the best interests of all - not just a few hard Brexiters. They failed. Mainly because all the hard Breiters, like Johnson have never actually put forward their vaunted "plan B' - largely because it doesn't exit, they're inept, and don't have the wit to put one together. May made things worse by scheming to get the PM role and then push through her likely crap watered down deal by executive decision and then getting stuffed at a snap election when that failed. She thought become PM, invoke Article 50, push through a deal using the PR - easy peazy lemon squeezy! And hey presto the Tories have delivered "Brexit" and become united and all fuzzy again. She failed miserably, misjudged things continuously and then stubbornly refused to change or go. If Johnson or any of the other stooges tries, on becoming PM, to simple run the clock down and leave with no deal on 31.10 they are likely to face massive opposition, form within parliament and outside. People are fed up with all the lies, self interest and politicizing. If it boils down to leave with no deal or remain with the deal we have, that choice must be again put to the people to advise parliament of their wishes. Because the current parliament is no longer credible or capable of deciding. Farage - the dubious dictator of the Brexit Party a champion of democracy? Your're having a laugh! He only likes his own opinions and the sound of his own mouth! He couldn't get on with others in UKIP which was run like a political party. So he set the Brexit Party up as a limited company, himself as autocratic boss. And dopes make contributions to this too!
  19. Go to krabi pattaya is built around hookers, alcohol and pissing money... same for patong in phuket so go elsewhere.... try krabi or railay beach or parts of phuket outside patong.... you will have a small chance of finding any non working girls in pattaya with an interest in dating...
  20. This Ukraine/Russia incident is so far removed from Guantanamo it is only possible to connect the two by water and imagination.
  21. I think the Ancient Egyptians had a better functioning society and moral values in general that the 'enlightened' Americans of today.
  22. Been there, done that. Drinking coffee in moderation is a wonderful thing. If you don't want to, then don't. This isn't a health topic.
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