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  2. and of course we don't know they didn't have HIV or AIDS or whatever before they came to Thailand.... the reason alcohol is not banned......drunk guys get AIDS, lessons the population, good for the Earth. not many good decisions made while drunk. 99.9% of all guys i talked to in Thailand talk about AIDS. That's a pretty crazy statistic if you think about it. everyone knows they are playing with their lives, but i guess bored. anyhow, be safe out there
  3. I don’t come on this site often, I read an article once as to what a Thai needs to do when a Falange passes away here. Not that I am planning to do so in the short term, but organizing a local will and I wanted that information for my wife to assist, should it be required. Can anyone assist, or advise, please. Thanks in advance.
  4. I deny that....I don't need smack, crack or coke and I prefer to roll my own!
  5. Strange that the voice in my head kept telling me I was a wa$$er. Now I can't see much
  6. Nobody believes your project fear last time round and not this time.
  7. I bought the bike in October 2017 from my neighbor's wife after her husband's passing. The bike was bought brand new in 2013 and only had 4 kilometers, yes 4 kilometers on the odometer when I purchased it hence the low mileage. The tires were 4 years old at the time I purchased it, but they still had the new tire paint and rubber tits on them. They have less than 2000 kilometers on them now, but my reason for replacing them was due to their age, now 5 1/2 years old, although they still look to be in perfect condition as the bike has always been parked in an enclosed garage, first his and then my garage. I could probably still use them, but I think I would prefer to replace them as a safety measure. Plus, I have heard nothing, but negative comments about the original equipment IRC Road Winner tires. The IRC iz-s Super Sport 99 tires he is selling were manufactured in 2018, but the Michelin Pilot Streets were manufactured in 2017. I'm kind of leaning towards the IRC's, but haven't ruled out an alternative; still searching and looking for recommendations. Thanks,
  8. Leatherneck, I would gladly report any details re: BC/BS and their acceptance at immigration but I won't have to renew my extension until Feb. 2020 so I guess you will already have the details. Thanks for your input. If you have the time please keep me (us) appraised of the situation.
  9. ... guessing the 3500/3600 includes mounting & balancing. Top quality work, which they stand behind. papa has bought many tires (15-20) there. Don't forget to tip.
  10. Red buses (and tuk tuks) often drive like they own the road and don't give a <deleted> about other drivers. They pollute like there's no tomorrow. If you are a naive tourist, they will try to cheat you more often than not. Exactly what kind of sympathy should I have for their reduced income?
  11. My only symptom was not being able to pee at all. After a week with a catheter, out 2 days, then another 2 weeks with a catheter, out 9 days now, hopefully I won't need anything but the drugs which are actually good, as I feel a bit pissed every morning without the alcohol. 2x very pretty young female nurse, 1x slightly gay looking male nurse.
  12. anyone else noticed the grass em up phonelines are useless for taxis and traffic offenders, similarly with the polluters
  13. Send both of them to Los Angeles or Chicago so they can do like the lunatics there do, resort to fighting or shooting guns at each other....
  14. Perhaps if you’d paid more attention at school you’d have a few more options.
  15. You must be unlucky then as, touch wood, central/north Pattaya only recent cuts were when they were doing something along 3rd Road with the power lines - and that was some months ago.
  16. LOL. It's usually a male nurse doing catheterisations on male patients while they are awake. You must have been born lucky.
  17. l would have my mate call him.book a fake appointment and grab hold if the water monitor and l would leave the room until money in my hands that day or there would be many accidents
  18. Have a look in this thread, it's certainly not beyond a competent DIYer but some knowledge of electrics is really needed. Alternatively Global (and other places) sell generators that are "auto start ready" along with the transfer switches. One imagines that they also provide an installation service
  19. If it failed due to the sediment, then you should consider options to filter (or settle) before the main holding tank.
  20. This is life lesson I learned many years ago in my teens no intention to be patronising, I have many preconceived ideas about the locals don't lend money unless you are prepared to never see it again anything can happen over 24 hours and in some instances you teach someone a valuable lesson in attaining things they want if you had not lent 5 k this person would have learnt that in future they should either act responsibly or have 5 k sitting at hand in case something happens you may have just encouraged their dependency on family members instead of learning responsibility for self and ones own actions
  21. Ah, if sharp-tongued old Pat would stand for political office. He's got a far greater grasp of how the world works than most of the morons currently cluttering up the Commons benches.
  22. Thais need to slow down, or even stop to look, only compounds the backed up traffic problems..
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